Day 1🏆 - The Game Of "Trolls" Challenge! Win a sweet 100%Upvote + SBD for your hard work!

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As some may know, I was the host of the @bellyrub challenge, and as much as I love @bellyrub for Yall, they made some changes and I'm more than heartbroken for closing it up(At least for now). Please check the details on @bellyrub blog!



"If opportunity doesn't knock, build a door. - Milton Berle

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Lolz, I mean you should take this opportunity that I'm giving you!

I try to build tunnels so the "b$%&h" could just roll in anytime, lolz. We minnow fish need all the help we can get. As a huge supporter of minnow community I had to come with something else, new challenge, to reward all of you hard workers who make @steemit a better place every day, by posting cool things! And I'm here to see that everyday! Why the GOT? I wanna see @steemit trolls change their ways, if they like money so much, lolz.

The Game Of "Trolls" Challenge

Simple as always!

1 - Work hard on your post

2 - Work hard on your post

3 - Work hard on your post

:) UPVOTE THIS POST, and leave a link to your post in the comment section! Every day I will pick at least "5 posts" that I like the most and give them my upvote, 100% Juice Power(3k+SP for now) + 0.200SBD will be sent to every winning post, directly to your wallet, sweet! NO SPAM PLEASE! Will try my best to do it in the 24hours period, but please, wait and gimme 48hours to do so!

You could save the SBD or use it for @booster account out there and get that extra $$$ on your post, but what would I recommend is that you put it in POWER UP! EVERYTIME! This helps STEEM/SBD as a currency, it helps @steemit as a company and it helps all of us Steemians who you like, so we could get that juicy upvote from you 2!

ALSO ANY @dolphin or @whale please, feel free to leave your post in the comment section, as I think it would be fun and it would bring some much needed attention to the challenge, with a big name around.

The rules will change, but only for the better! Yeah!

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Will try to make this post funny every time, lolz...

trolls challneg.png

DQmZ9mkwRvVYcd4kxHoQd28Uovuhrf2dHjnmY7qiZmHUStk_1680x8400 (1).jpg


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Welcome! lolz:)


thx, greetings from Belgium

I'll just post my latest article as an Entry... I'll try to make tomorrow's Entry better:

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Sure as you wish, no prob, work hard ;))

See you soon;)

Your logo is wonderful Ahmed.

Thanks, it took long hours making it.... and I didn't make it all from scratch.

Sad to see Belly Rub go, but this challenge is great too. Thanks for the advice to put the SBD in Power Up and why that is so important. I didn't know how to make my voting power worth more and now thanks to you, I do. I just bought some Steem Voting Power! Thanks again and best wishes with your new challenge! :)

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No prob! If you need any help in the future stop by any time!

Also just made this a few hours ago:

It might help you even more;)

Ty for kind words and good luck:*

Thanks! I just read your post and it was great. It helped me a lot. Thanks again! :)


GREAT glad to hear that!:))

Keep steemin!

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Will do! ;)

ty for coming to the challenge!


And welcome!


congrats on 150 ones since I see in the link;)

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great! No prob!




Cool challenge!!!
Here is my post :)

Ohh yeah, been wondering where are you :)




nice , and i follow you

Ok mine is not my usual ..slacking and navigating a bit today but it had good sentiment : here we go

No prob will check it out as long as its not SPAM! :P

TY for your entry;)



I cant post atm, my isp is trolling me right now. 12hours no connection. They say their internet service is no1 in my country, they say...and they are the only isp in here. My mobile connection is better lol

lolz :) what can I say, hope to see you back "online" soon:))

very good , and i follow you

Ty dear:)



lolz lets see it:)

Ty for your entry!

One post per challenge :))

Pick one, first one or ?

Let me know soon ;)

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:)) cool will do today;)

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