5 Best Responses to Dan Bilzerian's Poloniex Tweet

in funny •  last year

Even @DanBilzerian is in #crypto. And like many others, he had his fair share of problems with the exchanges. And since gloating over the misfortunes of other people is kinda fun, I tried to find 5 of the funniest responses to his tweet...

5th Place - @Muad-dib

Muad'dib‏: Im linked with Polo. Send me your private keys so they can recognise your transactions and I'll 100% get your money bro.

4th Place

CryptoGainz: You have no power here!

3rd Place - @Gary-Wood

UnbeknownSteemScamer: When companies say they treat all customers the same well at least @Poloniex means it.

2nd Place

Darth Trader: @SatoshiTrader @Poloniex  I am altering the deal.  Pray I do not alter it further.

1st Place

Cryptonator1337: Meanwhile at Poloniex HQ

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