Puns from Vinnie's Pizzeria (Part 3 of 700)

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 The ones that get at least a smile make it in the list! :D 

For a glimpse...here's a video of one of their pizzas (the one with topped with little pizzas): 


Similar to my episodic posts (posters, images, tweets...) I am going to aim for between 5-10 entries per post. 

(See the comments below for embedded links & images for each  item. You can even vote for this post as a whole, or each of the puns  individually. I'll know how much you're laughing along with me!)

21.) Night of the Living Ched (Now I'd like to consider putting some sort of hot sauce in my baked mac!)

22.) Phantomato....

23.) The official condiment: Dijon

24.) The Dark...Al Dente?

25.) Steaks to unite Americans....?

26.) 'Herb' my enthusiasm? Yes please! 

27.) Unsteakable? (Joss Whedon might like that reference too!)

28.) One serious snack please!

29.) Pizza Seed

30.) A pun evolution during a hot day.

How did I find their Instagram feed? If I remember correctly, I was on Tumblr looking for FNL related  posts. Then found one with Coach Taylor  (TBA for Instagram link!).    


 Do you have favourites? You can add them as a link in the comments Here is my bookmark for the next entry.  Alternately... Feedback is welcome here....or via a Tweet.    

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