Providing Free Photos For Editorial Use On Steem — Update #47, Selection #44 — Icicles

Greetings, Everyone!

Coming with another update to the gallery of free images for editorial use on the Steem blockchain. See the link.

Those conditions apply only to what was specified. Please, learn more about the project.

And since people are still asking, mentioning me like in "image by @manoldonchev" is fine.

Including a link to the source like this: words in [] followed by a link in (), no intervals/spaces between the two types of brackets, that would make you feel safer in regards to other blockchain entities.

My latest contribution:

New images uploaded.








If you like what I'm doing and you wish to support the initiative, consider backing me. That will improve both quantity and quality. And the frequency of the uploads, of course.

Also, there are files for print and/or for commercial use as rewards. For personal use like desktops or wall decoration, too.

Some more basic tutorials also coming,

after the first one about Exposure,

and the second one about Depth of Field.

Other recent tutorials:

How To Keep Only One Thing Colored

Knowledge Or The Wrong Way — about shooting bolts of lightning

Sometimes The Idea Is Everything — a motivational lesson

Enjoy the rest of the gallery which now contains more than 460 images.

Please, visit the gallery linked above for more!


Manol Donchev

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One of my favorite! <3

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Thanks, Favorite One! <3

Awesome project!

Thanks for providing value for the community :)


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Nice photos. Look like drips of water👍😄

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Some great photos; thanks for making them available for everyone to use. It's been a long time since I saw icicles like that. They look quite menacing!

Different view with different angel shots, you make it so wonderful and attractive.

Beautiful breathtaking pictures!! 💕

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Beautiful photographs and very interesting subject. Very good for expanding our resources when working at steemit

Wonderful job!
Thank you for sharing, bro.

Very lovely icicle photos 😊😊😊

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Oh man! Those Icicle shots are magnificent.
Well done my friend!

Thank you for the photos @manoldonchev, we don't get much ice down in San Antonio Texas 😁


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Awesome work, I will definitely be utilizing these. Thanks! This is an awesome project. I'd much rather send people to a fellow steem photographer than a random licence free site.

Thanks! I know it's underdeveloped yet, there's lots to be done in terms of usability. But I am taking a step at a time.

Nice batch of images! I still think it's great you're supplying them to the community at large.

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Thank you, people :)

Nice, I need some photography about the cool weather. Excellent photography once again @manoldonchev

Amazing icicles, @manoldonchev! You do such beautiful work. I love the pictures where only the foreground is in focus.

Simply beautiful, all of them! Perfect!

Hi @manoldonchev, very nice photos. Number 6 is my favorite, icicle decorating the tree with snow in the background.

These pictures are amazing. I love those icecles. got some good ones myself when I lived in the states. I was so impressed at how entire trees froze and collapse by the weight of the ice.
This is a greta thing you're doing providing high quality images for people to use. Very commendable

Very kind of you to offer your photos up for use on steemit. Chilling pictures there, and the droplets in mid air are timeless in black and white.

How very kind and generous of you! I will be taking in the photography lessons - something I really want to learn now! Thanks for doing this!

Thanks for stopping by! I'd like to find the time and proceed with the lessons. Keywords or things people want to know could be nice to have.

I want to know how to capture pictures of the stars. I figured out for taking pictures of the moon with the special setting on my Canon Powershot SX 60SH but I haven't quite figured out to take photos of the stars. Also tips for close ups of birds in flight.

Well, both are quite hard to do and require lots of practice. I think I can write about that when I feel ready.

Beautiful winter pictures @manoldonchev of the icicles and the snow. Thanks for sharing.

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Howdy sir manoldonchev! That's a great idea, well done!

Really neat photos! Nice project as well!

I like the falling drops!

Thank you so much! These, like all of your photos, are stunning.

Oh these are beautiful @manoldonchev! This is so kind of you to share your beautiful artwork :)

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