The Big Green (Or How To Keep Only One Thing Colored) — People Photography by Worldcapture — Week #46 Entry

Greetings, people, photographers, and people-photographers!


Sofia, this current season.

The neighborhood next door. Lol, can a neighborhood be next door? I mean the one I get to when I walk through the wild along that tram line starting passing below my block of flats. Heading east until I reach that next part of the city. We live on the rim, yes. But that does not mean you won't notice people downtown carrying big vegetables. They do it there, too.

I am quite happy with how this image turned out. The veggie right in front of the face of the person, hiding the elderly lady's identity. The right moment of stepping over the iron rail. The purposeful stride...So close to Henri-Cartier Bresson's concept of The Decisive Moment. Nothing much decided here but the imminent fate of the veggie.

Aperture F 4, ISO 400, Shutter Speed 1/400 sec, Focal Distance 200 mm.

A general rule of thumb when shooting with zoom lenses: take the number of millimeters of focal distance and put twice that number under the line of your Shutter Speed just to be sure that the image is stable. In this case, 2x200 = 400, so Shutter Speed is 1/400.

Well, some people say 1.5x and others say 1x. I trust my hand to be stable enough at 1x but when I can double that, there's no reason for me not to. After doubling it, then I can think of reducing the ISO value.

To get only a selected part of the image in color, I do the following: I crop the image as I want it to be and then I save it in color. I then reopen the new one and turn it Black and White. I switch to the History Brush tool and paint the previous state of the image in (i.e. the colored state). Only where you want a certain color to be filled back into the whole picture. That's the way I prefer doing it. Others would most likely use masks and selections. That depends. On how precise you need to be and what the difficulty level of the planned tasks seems to be. For a small image for a blog should be easy enough to paint some history back.

Otherwise, this is 2019.

But for the design of the blurred cars in the background, it could have been 1950 Sofia and we wouldn't be able to tell.

This is my entry for the Peoplephotography challenge by @worldcapture, week 46.

Visit the competition post for the ever amazing collection of people photographs.

Good luck and have fun!



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Those are some huge leeks. I bet they would make a great soup. Thanks for explaining this technique. I always thought it was done using some kind of app.

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Lol! I love this! :D I still can't tell if this is real or not :D Is it? Hahahhaha

Yeah, man, thanks. This is the color version:


Those are natural plants? :D

Sure, some almost casual celery or something of the family

That's quite a big veggie...

I thought that I'm looking at a prepared scene for the photo, because it just looks like some scene in ancient movies or drama...but yeah, as you said, the car gave it away. Still looks amazing though, can't believe that a place like this still exists.

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Beautiful photography

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