Share2Steem Fundition update 3 : backend optimization, delegations to new users and team presentation

Welcome to the 3rd Update of the Share2Steem Campaign powered by @Fundition.
In this post, we will speak about the latest updates made by the Share2Steem team and give a preview of what is to come.
You will also find some statistics, useful links and instructions on how to delegate to us or support the project via our Fundition Campaign.

These last days were important for us, as @algo.coder made a lot of changes under the hood, for the cause. Not a huge change for users (except the little bugs encountered) as they won't see it, but it's a game changer for us, as it will allow easier improvements in the future.

  • Compartmentalization of every feature : allowing modifications on one component without impacting the others.
  • Scalability : Code has been rewritten, database has been rethinked, to be more compatible with our growing users base. Other improvements are underway in this matter.
  • Easier updates : With every feature now being independent from each other, it allows to make modifications on one much easier, and without any downtime on the other services.
  • Easier tests for new features : Same thing, we can now implement a new feature in BETA, take the time to test it without compromizing the good functioning of the other features (sandboxing).

In the matter of bugs generated by these changes (all have been fixed by now):

  • Curation Pool was down for a day and a half,
  • Curation Trail was functioning but didn't appear in the "Posts Made" section of the Statistics page. That is now solved but for two days, some votes weren't counted as coming from the Share2Steem trails (and won't ever be),
  • Scoring : There were some problems with the scoring system, with some items not being credited.

The main goal of Share2Steem is to onboard new members and introduce them to both the world of cryptocurrencies and the Steem blockchain, whether they are totally novice or already crypto-enthusiasts. In the previous update, we announced that the first step, consisting in being able to create Steem accounts, had been achieved thanks to Steem's HF20, which allows dApps to create accounts more easily, and @oracle-d and its API, which makes this feature available to us in world's premiere (and now @dtaste is also using it).

Today we are announcing the second step in this process, which is the creation of an automatic delegation algorithm to newly created accounts. Indeed, any new account requires an initial delegation, otherwise the interactions allowed by the default RCs are reduced to their strict minimum, making the account barely usable. The delegation from Share2Steem will allow new accounts to not be restricted in the case of a normal use.

This delegation will be proportional to the owner's score and capped at 15 SP. This amount ensures a sufficient minimum usability without allowing spam (Assuming that our SP is sufficient to keep up with the flow of new users). Then, as the author receives more and more rewards, this delegation is reduced (and once reduced, the current amount becomes the new maximum delegation amount, to ensure people will power up their rewards, or that at least, if they don't, their delegation is still reduced of the amount of rewards they got) until he becomes the full owner of his SP. But we also thought about the accounts that could be abandoned along the way. Of course, we hope that there will be as few as possible. To not waste Steem Power on these, an account that has been inactive for more than 30 days will have its delegation withdrawn (whether on Steem or on our application).
The delegation is made after the first post through Share2Steem has been made by the newcomer.

In summary, newcomers to Share2Steem will be fully able to use their account and immediately start earning rewards. This will allow us to move on to phase 2 of the project: external recruitment. We will now focus on this aspect, through publication campaigns on traditional social networks, and by reaching to accounts with some influence, thus triggering a snowball effect. This should also be fueled by the referral program, dear to many crypto-enthusiasts, especially on Twitter. This will also be reinforced by direct contact with the most influential accounts on certain topics, such as cryptocurrencies, passive income, etc.

Thus, the curve of new members, which has already shown a good progression over the first two months, should see an increase in its growing rate, as should the curve of single authors and the number of daily posts.

We also informed you during the previous update that the team was growing with the arrival of moderators on our Discord server, but it would be unfair not to introduce you to all those who help us on a daily basis, whether in moderation, brainstorming, or communication through their articles and comments on Steemit, in order to spread the word:

The moderators

@jaynie, who will also be the voice of our upcoming commercial,
@aaronleang, who makes excellent tutorials for Share2Steem,
@joannewong, @itharagaian, @alaikaabdullah, who are there to assist users in their native language on the Discord, among other things.
They all greatly contribute to the good atmosphere on the Discord server.

The brainstormers

Most of them are present since the beginning, their ideas and suggestions have been of great help to us and have largely contributed to what Share2Steem is today and what it will become in the future, so they occupy a special place among us :
@onepercentbetter, @wehmoen, @bitrocker2020, @cardboard, @dynamicrypto, @patrickulrich, @taskmaster4450, @xemurai.

We would also like to thank all the members and delegators who have actively supported us since the beginning or later on. Their support is invaluable, and we warmly thank them for spreading the word on social networks and on Steemit. We will not mention names, for fear of forgetting any, but we are sure they will recognize themselves. So thank you, sincerely, for your help and implication. This means a lot to us !

As always, a little preview of the upcoming updates. The order reflects the prioritization of the tasks, but not the time the updates will be made (as some don't take much time, whereas other can take much longer to be deployed).

1) Reworking of the Front-End
Now that the back-end is finished, a technical reworking of the front-end will be made, with a change in the routing system, a better link-tracking system for us to be able to measure the impact of each of our promotional campaigns. The current website will become the "Dashboard" / member space, and a new home page will be made for welcoming external traffic, with a FAQ, explaination of the project,... As for now, someone who is a stranger to Steem might be a bit lost and unable to understand what we do and what we are.

2) Achievements (UI)
The dedicated page for Achievements on the website will be put in place, indicating your current level, your progression towards next level and the reward associated.

3) Working on translations
With the recruitement of moderators for the Discord channel, we will be able to offer translations on our website, to identify the visitor's location and translate the website accordingly.

4) New supported social networks
We are constantly working on supporting new social networks from which you'll be able to cross-post to the Steem blockchain via Share2Steem. Next ones on the list are Blog sites (WordPress, Blogger, etc.), Reddit and Facebook.

5) Users' suggestions
And of course, as always, we will implement updates depending on users' suggestions and our own ideas as they come. We will also continue bug-tracking and fixing.

The ones that are already planned but not yet implemented:

  • The possibility to redirect the delegation score of an account to another (other) account(s). Some people delegate to us but only post from secondary accounts, so the benefit they should gain from delegating to us is lost. Suggestion by @evildido
  • Improving the Twitter integration of @musicoin. Suggestion by @lorenzopistolesi
  • Make the default title better and more SEO compatible. Instead of a generic title (XXX's Instagram Feed : YYYY/MM/DD), an excerpt of the post will be fetched to be the title (For Twitter and Instagram). Custom title will still override everything (the title put into square brackets), but this system will replace the current default title one. Suggestion by @anothersteemi
  • Add a hot APR statistic to further encourage delegations. For now the APR we communicate about is a cold one (only what you receive in daily payouts) but that doesn't take into account the upvotes you could get from Share2Steem and the trails if you're also an active user of the app (with the increase in score a delegation brings). In this case, the APR is much higher, and we want to make that fact known. Suggestion by @anothersteemi
  • Allow users to sponsor us with SBI and create a new item in the leaderboad score to make this sponsorship rewarded. Suggestion by @albatar
  • Adding the possibility for users to add benefactors to their posts made via Share2Steem. Suggestion by @ericwilson.
  • Better statistics on Posts Made and on Affiliates. Suggestion by @onepercentbetter

We are proud to count 1 226 members.
These members posted 8 393 messages from social networks generating 4 471.93 $ in payouts.

Share2Steem application is ranked #13 in number of posts.

Source : Share2Steem Internal Statistics, posts made by the different Steem applications (excluding comments)

@share2steem account has 29 319 Steem Power, and our 100% upvote is currently worth 0.72 $.

Source : Share2Steem Internal Statistics

Delegators get up to 25% APR ! But also a bonus in the Leaderboard, implying bigger daily upvotes by @share2steem and the Curation Trails.

50 SP100 SP200 SP500 SP1000 SP2000 SP5000 SP

Want to delegate more (or less) ? Just copy and paste the link below, taking care to change the amout of SP you want to delegate at the end of the URL :

Or go to and use the delegation tool on the front page !

Guide To Setup Share2Steem with Instagram by @AaronLeang
Guide To Setup Share2Steem with Twitter by @AaronLeang

If you have any questions, suggestions, or simply want to encourage us, feel free to come to Discord !

Let's go !

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It was quite interesting to read about all what's new or comin'


Thanks ! You guess that's not finished !

Absolutely LOVE this team of peeps!!! A little nervous, but simultaneously SUPER EXCITED to do the voice prompt for the ad hehehehe....

I am SO proud to be a part of such a forward thinking, productive team!


It's a pleasure !


Really looking forward to seeing the ad AND listening to your voice @jaynie. What a wonderful project to be involved with. ♥︎♥︎⚖️♥︎♥︎


Thank you so much hon :)

I am brand new to ShareToSteem. I already have a plugin that puts my Wordpress posts on steemit, but a LinkedIn to steemit is about all I have left for needs since your website/service is doing Medium, YouTube, and Twitter.

I hope it's not a bug, or something I did when I added some javascript on my linked accounts settings, but I did a few tweets and I am not seeing anything immediately on steemit or So please advise. I am @Madstudios30620 on twitter.

I've seen a few steemit projects that just didn't work, I hope that is not the case here.

Anyways, upvote my reply somebody, that's the only way I am going to get steemit-wealthy.

AND, please advise. Has anyone else tried this Share2Steem with success? It looks like we'll be getting in on the ground floor.


Hi ! Your JS script might cause some problems but we will see when the cross-posting happens.
The problem is that you didn't put the hashtag #share2steem in your tweet (you put share2steem without the hashtag). That's why it didn't cross-post.

If you want you have an option (Go on the website, Social Networks tab, click on your social network account), at the end you will have the choice between posting Tweets with the hashtag or all tweets - even without the hashtag - this change needs an hour to be effective.


I'm just an idiot. I do this sort of crap all the time! Thanks for the quick follow-up!


Breaking NEWS! Nope, javascript code doesn't work on steemit. I should have believed the docs I read, but there was talk from some steemians who thought it might be a good idea. NOW we know.


OK, doesn't really surprise me...
Glad you could make S2S work, and for the script not working, sorry, but we can't do anything about it :(

This post has been included in today's SOS Daily News - a digest of all you need to know about the State of Steem.

Better titles from tweets - a huge YES :)


Just started with Steem2Share and loving it so far. Looking forward with great enthusiasm to the FB integration.


Seems FB integration interests lots of people. Don't know why... ^^


It's the biggest social media network in the world. Lots of potential to get the word out about Steemit on FB.


It was a joke. ;-)


Got me. :))


I'm not so sure bringing facebookers in is a good idea. Huge yes, but can you imagine all the trash posted on Facebook flowing into steemit land? That, and as a developer, Facebook wants you to use their code or system, then breaks it a month later or a year later with no notice. Approach with caution.

I can confirm it is working. But steemit has always confused me.
1> Explain the delegate part for us newbies
2> On your website it says "Rewards are not given by Share2Steem but are generated through inflation on the Steem Blockchain. You will be able to get these rewards using an interface to the Steem Blockchain." Does this mean like the wallet function on steemit? If not, then what?
3> Are there any limits on what can be shared to steem, such as so many tweets how often, and text and pics work, I can confirm that, but I tried a short video and so far nothing. Also, obviously on Medium you have to write an article, how about comments on other people's articles. On YouTube, obviously you have to upload a video, but what about likes or when you add something to a playlist?

This is positively one of the top greatest things to happen in the cryptosphere in 2018. Great work! Through you I also discoverd and - I feel more cryptowealthy already!

About the delegation, I'm ready to 'donate' but the amounts shown and how it all works I don't have a clue. I only have so many RP too and I don't want to wreck my steemit.

I'm sure there are many others here who know not enough about witnesses and delegate and RP and the people who come from the world of twitter,linkedin,youtube, and facebook are going to be clueless. Can you explain a little bit more, or point us in the direction of some crypto educational material a grandmother will be able to grasp?

For as vast a universe cryptoland has become, myself and those reading this are truly the pioneers, the early adopters and will surely reap the rewards. But then again, I had high hopes for the "Physical Web" and look what happened there.


Yes, indeed Steemit is complex at the beginning, that's why we aim at making it simpler for the beginner.
1- Thanks for the idea, it could be a good thing to explain it to the newbies. I will add it to the question list for the faq we will set up on the website.
2- Yes, absolutely. We use Steemit's wallet for Share2Steem ( as any dApp based on Steem).
3- Theorically, you can post once every 5 minutes, within the limits allowed by your Resource Credits. But I recommend you post no more than 5 posts a day, else your followers may think you're a spammer and mute you, or unfollow you. For the social networks interactions, they are not reported on Steemit. A Youtube comment stays on Youtube, so does likes etc.

About delegation, I recommend you don't delegate before you get at least 20 SP (didn't check how many you have), so you keep a minimum interaction capacity on the blockchain.

But if you want to learn more about how Steemit works in depth, you should take a look at @steemonboarding

The delegations for new users is a really awesome feature! :)


awesome idea on the hot APR! @anothersteemi

@algo.coder probably can add that to the estimated delegation calculator


  1. estimate APR just with delegation

  2. estimate APR when user delegate + active posting 1 post daily and turn on both curations

also do give credit and shoutout to @jaynie effort for running the weekly s2s curation

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Yes, I will add it, for now I'm thinking about how to calculate it in full transparency and be sure it reflects what the delegator will make, to not make false promises.

Is there any possibility of including Tumblr in the future? ♥︎♥︎⚖️♥︎♥︎


It's in the todo list.

So many great projects out there on the Steem blockchain that we want to support them all! Hopefully, with some money for Christmas, I (Sam) can buy some Steem and delegate some to Share2Steem as well as other dapps! :D


Nice, thanks in advance !

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Thanks for your support ! Really appreciated !

Please add to future list of suggestions :

1 minute explainer video on homepage for normies who land on the website through some link.


The frontend will change soon and will be more "normie friendly".

Great work guys! I have to report only a little bug. My Regularity is set to 0 after the update, although I posted daily. Hope this can be fixed.

Posted using Partiko iOS


Thank you for noticing this bug, looks like there is a few accounts where something went wrong during the updates, I'm currently investigating it, but no data will be lost, your score will come back with all posts made once I solve this.
Thanks again for making the issue known.


Thank you for your immediate reply and your help looking into this.

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A bug? Your divider line shows up as a twitter link to imgurl


I don't know much but I suppose you're using IFTTT ? I think it's coming from there, as if you put a steemit link in a Tweet, it's the steemit's meta tags that are used by Twitter and this problem doesn't exist.
So I suppose it comes from IFTTT. Maybe try with a steemit link posted directly on Twitter (not through IFTTT) to see if the problem is still there.