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This. This is the ultimate in relaxation.

My friend, Mr C, waggled a card in front of my face. I looked at it and then at him.

Go on then... What is it?

Mr C was always up to things. He thought he was on the cutting edge of everything, you name it and he had tried it or had arranged to try it. I dreaded to think what this could possibly be.

It's a voucher, a very special voucher and it might be yours!

It might be mine? Hmm, what have I done to deserve such a thing? You still haven't said though. A voucher for what?

It's a voucher for a free flotation tank session.

I made a sitting on something wet face.

And what, pray tell is a flotation tank?



This was the bit that he liked the best. When he knew something that others didn't or had tried something that people had never heard of.

He launched into a long explanation about the benefits of a flotation tank, the isolation and the deep relaxation that came from using one. He looked really smug at being a floaty tank pioneer. As a special offer, he had a couple of free vouchers to give out. I was looking like the lucky recipient of one of them.

Weren't they big in the eighties?

I inquired, just to annoy him.

He looked as if a cat had gakked up a hairball in his shoe.



Whatever man, if you don't want it I will give it to someone else?

I gave in. Who was I to refuse a free thing? I mean, it might even be quite nice. Sitting in a tank or something with whalesong piping in through some speakers.

Heck, maybe I would find myself.

I held my hand out.

Go on then, I suppose I will take it off your hands


And so I found myself handing the voucher over to a girl in a white coat in a small health Spa in the trendy end of town.

She gave me a towel and instructed me on what would happen throughout the hour session. I nodded like a faithful dog whilst she rambled on, only perking up when she mentioned the panic cord.

What the heck is there a panic cord for?

She smiled, the smile of someone used to dealing with idiots.

Some people find the experience quite overwhelming. They sometimes need to know that there is a way to end the session and bring the lights on.

I laughed.

Yeah, ok.

I was shown to the room with the tank. I was a little disappointed to see that it wasn't some futuristic big plastic thing like I had seen on Google. Instead, it was a small room within a room with water in it. It looked to be about a foot deep. There was a door which sealed it shut.

I took my clothes off and got into the mini-room within the room. Before stepping in I pressed a button on the wall outside. This activated the timer and gave me two minutes before the lights clicked out.

I sat in the water in the little room. It was about seven feet by seven feet. I lay down as I had been instructed. The lights started to dim.

There were a lot of mineral salts in the water and I found myself floating in it quite easily.

As I suspected, some twee music started piping into the room with random nature noises in it. This, of course, included the standard whale song that no relaxing thing can ever be without.



The lights faded completely out.

It was pitch black.

The volume of the music got lower.

I floated there in the dark.

Hmm, this is quite relaxing. I thought. My mind began to wander.

Something touched my toe.

I let out a little scream and jerked my feet up. What was that?!

I forced myself to calm. I had seen the little room with the lights on, there was nothing in here. There was nothing to worry about.

I lay down and relaxed again. The whale music made its ooorrrs and eerrrrs. I began to almost doze with relaxation.

The something touched my face.



I screamed again. A proper scream. A mans scream. Like a bull finding a rooster in its bed.

I flailed about, water everywhere. I could almost feel the thing without a face in the dark with me. What if it ate me? I was too young and too handsome to die like this? In someone's old bath water?

The door was jerked open and the lights came on.

The girl from the reception desk was there.

Are you ok? Goodness me. We heard you screaming all the way back there?

I waved my hands around my man parts in a bid to hide them from view. Bizarrely at this point, they had decided to look keen.

It was a... Something was in here?... Something touched me... It touched my beautiful face?!?!

I flailed about a bit more, the water churned. We both saw the monster at the same time.

It was an old Elastoplast. Floating about like it owned the place. Obviously, it had belonged to a previous user.



After many apologies, I accepted a voucher for another free tank session. This time the girl promised to make sure it was totally emptied. She laughed. I didn't.

My mate Mr C, texted me later.

How was it, dude? Awesome isn't it!

I looked at my phone, my face all twisted as if I was chewing a wasp. I carefully tapped out my response.

Yeah mate, I am soooo relaxed. I have never been so relaxed. It was awesome.

Pfft, I threw the free voucher in the bin.


What about you? Have you ever had a near death experience that turned out to be not quite so deadly? Have you ever made a bit of a fool of yourself when trying something new?

Is it really just me?

Tell us your best tales in the comments. I will be there to listen!

Authored by: @meesterboom

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OMG!! You were attacked by the swamp monster. I might have thought a creature from the abyss but a swamp monster seemed more fitting for that grossness floating up to your face. I’ve wondered how sanitary baths at the spa are. Question answered. You would have been better off in a mud bath, at least you expect to be dirty and gross.


I know! I would much rather it had been a fiend!

It was quite gross. I suspect the fancy ones I had seen when I googled it might empty and refill in between each one but this was yuk!

I think at this point, I would have preferred there being a monster of any sorts with me in the water over that elastoplast.

I applied for a job once that was suggested to me via a temporary employment agency. They came to me because they found my profile somewhere and apparently, I was perfect for the job.

It promised to pay well and was close to my home, so I expected and went to an open job interview with 7 others.

That makes for 8 people applying for the job. 5 of us immediately left because they have received wrong informations about the job itself. Thinking it was a simple service task instead of a focus on sales.

I stayed because I was cool with either. But that wasn't the end of it all because I apparently received my fair share of bad information as well. Turns out that I have been told a wrong companies name, making a fool out of myself in the process.

It was ridiculous.


That's outrageous! They blatantly don't deserve you then!


The story wasn't even finished there.

Best part about it that the guy who called me initially wasn't even an actual employee of temporary employment agency that got in touch with me. In fact, he was just an intern. The woman who was responsible for him was sick on the day he called me. He must have thought something along the lines of "I show them that I can work hard and smart and make something happen without anyone telling me how to do it."

Needless to say, that attempt did misfire. I have never seen or heard from that intern ever again.

Found another job in another company shortly afterwards, so all is good still.


All is good that is all that matters :0)

Hahaha! I could imagine how you felt,how embarrassing,i know you may felt really akeard when a girl ,'came to your rescue!',feeling like a super hero,lmao! But sure now you know now better than anyone to pass on a free voucher to a 'floatation tank'
I think it could have been a great experience,its just sad it had to come to an end earlier that expected.........if only they'd cleaned properly,just did she react when she flung the door open seeing you like that! ,lol,it was fun to read .........


If they had cloaked it properly, who knows? It might have been amazing lol!


Yeah,right! ,nice to meet you.

Great story, thanks for sharing! I've seen a lot of vouchers on say Groupon for these kinds of flotation tank sessions and I've always wondered what they are like. Thanks to your sacrifice, I now have a healthy suspicion of them and their apparent cost cutting techniques (not futuristic looking like promised, not properly cleaning between sessions... Gross!!)

A tiny consolation is that it could have been worse. How? If nobody came even after your manly rage noises... But clearly the terror far outweighs the relaxation benefits, counter productive even

I can't say I have had similar experiences, maybe that one time when I was young, got lost at a ski resort, had to struggle down a hill that was probably too advanced for me and then wondering if I'd ever see my mom again... Thankfully I ran into her, she was clearly worried but at the time I had no idea where anyone else was

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an interesting story, a phase of relaxation in a dreamlike environment, in which one passes from the transmigration of the soul to the psychatric devastation from trauma!
I could tell you about my two states of coma in two different situations. cranial trauma in motion with cerebral hemorrhage, in which I have not seen monsters but only green lights, 2 days of coma, and the second experience much more intense than a non viral meningitis, 20 years ago, in which I saw monsters and priests who wanted to give me extreme unction. I stop because I could get bored. hug from Armando.
by the way @adsactly my meningi tank had no lubricating fluid it was simply empty!


Wow, that sounds horrific! I hope all is well now!


yes thanks now everything is fine, I can also post on Steemit lol!

@adsactly, you have solid team work. your post make reader entertained. The plot of story is very interesting by beginning of thank word. @meesterboom, you can manage or toying readers emotion, to dirrect the passion tou your plot. So i can say this post is very amused.
I am really enjoy this post.
I am glad to join in adsactly community.
Thank you @meesterboom
Thank you @@@adsactly
Thank you

warm regard from indonesia


I am glad you enjoyed the post. Welcome to the community

no other word for you @adsactly, keep the spirit and success always for you

Nice so awesome.
I like your post anyday, anytime.

@adsactly your introduction is very amazing

@adsactly I've had a lot of fun with this story, the whole scenario from the beginning was quick to cause that tension, which I resonate when that touched his face, very real ... thanks for sharing, really fun


Ah, the MilRem 602.n

One day we will learn to fear it

It was a enjoyable and intresting article

Haha Everyone is proud of the old refrigerator
Great post from you, well done
Thanks for sharing..