FRUITS & VEGGIES MONDAY #25: "Beauty-Fruity Green Millet for Infants!"

There's nothing more important in all the world than the wellbeing of my little boy, and I've always put much thought into his daily nutritional needs.  Even when pregnant I took care to pack my belly full of good things for him.  One of his first solid foods was millet, which I adore too because it's so versatile.  It has a very mild flavour, is very soft, and is also easily digested.  Perfect for little 'uns and big 'uns alike!

So today I want to share my son's favourite breakfast meal - very simple and very tasty.  You really can't go wrong mixing up some delicious fruits and veggies to transform grains into a beautiful treat!  

Millet is super easy to prepare: just put the (organic) millet into a saucepan and cover with water.  Simmer for about 15 minutes until soft, then drain.  Set aside to cool.

Here we have avocado, passion fruit, spinach and banana, which I simply blend up together, and then mix into the millet.  Easy peasy!  It's like making a green smoothie, only instead of drinking it you make it thick with grain.  

This combination is really delicious, and it goes down a treat every single time!  He's almost 2 and a half now, but this is him at about 10 months... Loved it then and loves it still!  Aww... look at that little face hehe :-)

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(Shared with kind permission of @kiwideb)


Adding this to my baby recipe collection. My baby boy is coming in May :)

Oooh that's super exciting, not long to wait until you meet your little one!

Oh yes, super exciting. Being a first-time mum would mean I will need all the advise from mums on Steemit :)

Well you won't be short of advice and good recipes on Steemit! I intend to share more food ideas and tips for infants - it's so important to start them off right in life, but I know you already would agree with that! Your little un will be healthy I know it!

Such a cute little one. I'll pass this recipe on to my best friend who is giving birth in April. Going to Belgium in May to visit my godchild.... can't wait to see that little boy!

Oooh you're going to be a godmother, how wonderful! I'm so pleased you said you'll pass this on to your friend, though I've no doubt she gets plenty of inspiration from you all the time! :-) So Belgium is famous for chocolate... is there healthy chocolate to be found there? If so, let me know! (and post me some haha)

I'll turn it into a personal mission to find some... my fav is the ones with the highest percentage of cacao.. which are the healthier versions anyway. My mom actually found me one that says 100% cacao. Hard to believe but she's coming in 2 weeks... let's see how that turns out ;) As for baby food, you are def a great inspiration. Since we don't have kids it's not my field of expertise what they eat and need... interesting topic though I would love to learn more about... big hug! And if I'll find some healthy chocolate I'll send you some over ;)

Sounds good to me!!! ;-) I've never found any that say 100% cacao, how exciting! You will have to show me a photo of it when your Mum brings it, and say if it tastes good! I was experimenting myself the other week... making choc out of raw cocoa butter, cacao powder and organic forest honey. Any experience of this kind of recipe yourself? I got it from that Wellness Mama website if you've heard of her, she's pretty good (I think!) As for baby food, well, my guess is that most of your recipes blended up would make super baby food (maybe minus seeds and nuts of course!) x

Same here... not getting my hope up though... as packaging can often be misleading as you know. I always use a mix of coconut oil, raw cacao, and maple to sweeten... put in the fridge and it will get hard. You can add some nuts or seeds too... or goji berries. Take care ;)

How lovely to see you Dear Joanna and with another delicious and super healthy recipe for children. We don't get many entries with yummy food for the little ones, but I am sure everybody are happy to see it. Not to mention being made with millet. Even I should make this one for myself, lol.

Thank you so much for joining us again 🍒 🍌🍑🌿🍍🍓🍇

Yeah, I love to eat it myself too! Makes a wonderful supper if you feel a bit peckish but don't want anything that sits heavy in your stomach. For a long time I've been meaning to post healthy food for the littles as a regular thing, but kinda got distracted by other things. So I'm hoping to make these regular entries for your contest! Thanks Lena for your kind words as always :-) x

Always a pleasure my Dear and I love the idea of having your delicious recipes for children for FAV weekly. I really look forward to that 🍒 🍌🍑🌿🍍🍓🍇

Oh I love this idea! I enjoy oats for breakfast, but I keep seeing so many wonderful recipes like this that encourage me to branch out! And fantastic way to get in fruits, veggies and whole grains for your little one. What a wonderful mother you are! 🤗🤗

Well that's the best compliment you can give a mother, thank you very much!!! :-) I actually find myself eating spoonfuls in between feeding him... its really tasty so no wonder he loves it! Oats is one he's not too keen on so far but I will persevere!

I have not tried millet yet, but the preparation looks delicious.

It's so easy and versatile, I even mixed it with chocolate once for a rather unusual (but tasty) dessert topping!

This is great! The way you introduce veggies to your baby boy! Well done! Congratulations!
P/s: he is adorable!

Thanks so much @maruharraca, I agree with you completely of course!!! My thoughts were that if I could create lovely flavours that I'd enjoy as a smoothie, why not work with the same principle for baby food. So this way I can get things like raw broccoli or kale or parsnips or whatever into him without problems!

It just looks delicious

I wish you're my neighbor
maybe in another country someday?

I actually am eating that instead of rice these days
not because I want to loose weight I've decided to eat more greens and fish just because it's a lot healthier .. of course my short impromptu run away ruin that haha but we're back home and eating millets, too
am starting to chirp these days I often kid my hubby
I also include it in my smoothie
in fact that's what I eat all three impt meals of the day
shall we share recipes? :D

If we were neighbours we could share our meals as we seem to enjoy very similar things! We'd have to live somewhere hot, so we could eat outdoors on a long wooden table overlooking a beautiful scene of mountains and sea, bees buzzing, birds singing their sweet songs, the whole natural world a hum in celebration of our healthy planty meals :-) Glad to hear you're a millet fan too... and greens... I adore everything green these days. Except grass, I don't eat that, haha. Any delicious recipes you have please send my way dear Ivy, I'm always up for new ideas!

That's wonderful, I'll definitely do it! I love millet but I've never tried it this way. Thank you very much for the inspiration again :)

You're very welcome @plantbasedmiri! I'm delighted to hear you like the sound of it! Always a clean bowl when I make this for my boy, it's really yummy :-)

what a cute baby!! I used to cook millet a lot and lately - forgot about it. have to make some...
And the combination sounds good!

Thanks so much, I definitely agree he's a cutie!!! Oh my goodness, millet is a gift from nature it really is!

hi follow me back and upvote me

wow, I love millet, but for some reason I thought it's too harsh for a baby! And this is an unusual combination - sweet and savoury together!

for a 6-months-old, should I grind the grain before boiling? Is adding mixing in a lot of stuff right away ok, or should I wait a few months for him to adapt better to food?

Hi @steemitbaby, sorry for the delayed reply! Millet is one of the best kind of grains for first foods, as its easily digestible and the least allergenic grain. If you think the grain is too big for your 6 month old, you can grind it up yes, or you can buy millet flakes, which cook in no time at all. Similar to porridge I guess. With mixing in fruits/veggies, I would recommend only mixing in one or two types to start with, and allow his stomach and digestive system to adapt gradually to different foods. Carrots, avocados, bananas are a good option, as they're not too strong flavours and not harsh on the stomach.

I have found more success in mixing sweet & savoury together than purely savoury, but there's no right or wrong choice, you just judge it as a mother what your baby responds to best. My son's absolute favourite combination is banana, avocado and spinach, pureed and mixed with millet/amaranth/quinoa and maybe some lentils/beans too (you can puree them in with the fruit & veg for a smooth texture). This seems like a pretty balanced meal to me, with fibre, iron, fats, complex carbs, protein and other good nutrients!

thank you, I love your long replies :)
we don't have millet flakes in here... and no spinach as well (we miss a lot of things here, actually)
I'll make it next time with grinding!

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