Happy Monday my Dearest Foodies,

If you remember last week I mentioned that I bough a box of persimmons because they are in season now, although not in Canada of course, lol. We get them most likely from Mexico or Florida, which is actulay not that far. You may read my last week post HERE.

Anyway, I also bought some other fruits such as Raspberries, Kiwi, Pomegranate & Star fruit. The are all delicious and very healthy fruits, except Star fruit is tasteless, lol. I am sure it tastes better if ripped and picked from the tree, but not if picked green and transported. Nevertheless, it makes lovely smoothie decoration and it also has a very lovey sent. So what I usually do with it is I add it to my water with lemon and Steevia.


However, if you live or you are visiting Tropical place such as Southeast Asia, South America or Australia you have the chance to try this beautiful Star fruit, because based on this WEBSITE it sounds like it is truly delicious if ripe on the tree. Apparently something between apple, pear, grape and orange. Hopefully I get to try it someday myself.

Besides, it is packed with vitamin C and antioxidants just like all other fruits. If you like to read more details, please READ HERE.

Wish you a wonderful week 🌴🍊🌴


Persimmon Smoothie with Raspberries
Vegan – Gluten Free – Refined Sugar Free
Author: Lena’s Vegan Living

INGREDIENTS for 2 servings
• Persimmons 3 (cleaned and cut into cubes)
• Raspberries 1 cup ( can be frozen)
• Plain plant based yogurt ½ cup (I use So Delicious Brand)
• Vegan Protein powder 1tbs (optional)
• Maca powder 1tbs

• Blend all in a blender until smooth
• Fill your bowls and top with fruit of your choice.





Yummy way to start your day indeed

Happy Monday q8fck4.png ! 😊 ❤️

Thank you so much Luigi, good to see you 😍

Your right about tasteless starfruit. But the juicyness of them when they are ripe is quite refreshing.
You have me yearning for persimmons. I will be looking for some in Bangkok soon.

Beautiful smoothie!

It must be quite amazing combination, if the star fruit is ripe on the tree and persimmon. I hope you find them! Thank you so much Dear Carolyn, I am glad you like it 🌴🍊🌴

it looks so beautiful and delicious, these colors are fantastic!

Thank you so much Sweetie, I am happy you like it 😍

Gosh everyone has me licking my lips this week! I just told @cicisaja it might just about be time for a trip to the international market for a treat of some tropical fruit. It might not be as good as fresh off the tree, but in the middle of winter I know my body just craves some fruit for a change!

You know Katie, it's true! That's what happened to me, lol. But what we really need is to go on vacation 🌴🍊🥥🥝🍍🥭🌴

Anyway, thank you so much, I am happy you like it 😍

Oh my gosh, we really do! I have a friend flying back from hosting a retreat in Jamaica today. So envious, haha.

I am currently not vegan (I have not tried the vegan lifestyle so far) (probably I am not going to, because I like meat), but now you gave the mood to buy and eat some fruits and vegetables. Probably I should buy some kiwi. I currently do not remember when was the last time I ate kiwi. But I ate strawberry a few days ago. And bananas, apples and oranges a few weeks ago.

Thank you so [email protected]; I am happy to hear that! You may check my blog as well, maybe you get some more ideas:

Wow Dear Lena, I can't wait to try this, I hope can have some now. 😆😄😘

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That is one awesome looking SUNSHINE SMOOTHIE and your right the Star fruit is tasteless unless it is ripe that is another fruit that i enjoy over here they are huge and so sweet and juicy and also very cheap like about 50 to 80 cents each , i love when they are in season 😊

And thank you so much for the first place in @fruitsandveggiesmonday very much appreciated 😊

You are most welcome Angelo! I just don't have time to post those PRIZE Wonkies anymore, which is sad, but I am working on my new recipe blog which is taking time away from Steemit.

Anyway, I really wish I could taste star fruit ripped on the tree. Hopefully someday. Thank you so much, I am happy you like it 😊

Not a problem we all have things we need to do and it must be done , good luck with your recipe blog and hope you do get to try a real juicy sweet star fruit one day 😊

Howdy Miss Lena! This is a beautiful post and I'm trying to recall but I don't think I've had persimmons and I know I haven't had star fruit. What do persimmons tastes like a citris flavor? Anyway it all combines to be a thing of beauty and health just like you so I think this post should get some kind of award!

Award? oh well, they were pretty stingy on this one! Honestly, just between me and you, I am done posting recipes here soon as my blog is ready. Which should be very soon. I have a graphic designer helping with the basics and after I will be adding recipes there myself. I am also uploading my photos here:

I was approached by someone on FB and they suggested me to join, so I did. This is very well know world wide website, where lots of photographers make money.

By the way, persimmons are very sweet, not like citrus at all. Maybe something like a pear. Anyway, thank you so much Janton, I appreciate your cheerful comment 😊

What??? What are you going to post here then, butterflies? The rest sounds really good though!

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