Quick and Easy Vegan Tzatziki

Happy Monday, my friends!

I was scrolling recipes to find the perfect one for tzatziki. Who knew it's so challenging to decide which recipe you'll try to follow... I ended up on Jamie Oliver’s recipe, and I must say, no matter how great a chef he is, no one has two hours to wait for shredded cucumber to drain… So, I speeded up the recipe a little to make it quick and easy, as we love it! Some of you may know how to make tzatziki even in your dreams, but the reason I want to share this recipe is that everyone needs an easy, quick and yummy tzatziki recipe! 😋


Quick and Easy Tzatziki


1 cup soy yogurt (I used alpro’s unsweetened)
small bunch of fresh dill
1 tbsp vegetable oil
½ lemon
½ cucumber
½-1 clove garlic
salt to taste



Cut the cucumber in half and scrape the seeds out. Grate the cucumber and place it into a sieve. Squeeze the grated cucumber against the sieve (you can also use your hands to squeeze the liquid out). Chop the dill and grate the garlic. If you like your tzatziki garlicy, go with one whole clove (or even more!), but if you're more like me, and rather enjoy a subtle taste of garlic, use only half a clove. Mix the soy yogurt, oil, dill, grated cucumber and garlic in a bowl, squeeze in the juice of half a lemon and add salt to taste. Let it sit in the freezer for a while, in that way the taste will be much nicer!


Don't forget that it's Fruits and Veggies Monday again! That means we all should head to Lena's post first of all to praise her amazing Autumn Cookies topped with chocolate and hazelnuts (🤤) and to check out what this community has came up with for this Monday!

I have a question, though. With what do you like to have tzatziki? I have one recipe coming for you soon, but I don't know all the options out there. Let's share our favorite combos, so we all can benefit from them!

Have an amazing week!

-Jasmin ❤


Looks tasty. I have never tried to make at home. btw good pictures

Oh, it's so simple to make at home, just a few ingredients and an easy process! You should give it a try sometime! Thanks for the compliments, I had to think a little about how to take appetizing pictures of tzatziki, haha

One of my favorites...
saying Hi from Greece!

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Almost anything from Greek cuisine is delicious, right? 😋

Yes, it's our Balkan's traditional... 😋

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Yes, it's our Balkan's traditional... 😋

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I must say this @jasmink.. I don't know tzatziki and never tried any.. maybe because we're not really used to yoghurt, but we have something like this (without yoghurt) which we call it "sambal terancam" or threatened sauce, but we use basil instead of dill. do you eat this as appetizer or with something else? is it somekind of dressing too?

You're probably the first person I've talked with how hasn't tasted tzatziki! Yet, it's understandable since it's not something popular there. If you like the taste of garlic, I highly recommend you giving tzatziki a try! It's mostly used as a dressing, but I also like to use it as a dip sometimes! :)

uhmm... gotta find something like Dill then, who knows my hubby or my FIl would love that too.. I think we're all get sick of peanut sauce on everything.. LOL. I like Garlic but I don't like vampire like @puravidaville.. wonder how's she doing this week

Peanut sauce sounds delicious! But it's true that you can get sick of anything when you have it all the time, haha! A little change every now and then does good for everyone. 😊 I still haven't checked out what @puravidaville has to offer this week, but I'm sure it's something great! :)

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I love vegan tzatziki <3
I basically use the same recipe, but I use coconut yoghurt, it's really refreshing (:

Who doesn't love tzatziki? Crazy people... haha
I should try to make tzatziki with coconut yogurt as well, I bet it's delicious! Thanks for the tip @mermaid! :)

Ooh, I haven't had tzatziki in so long! I'm definitely going to have to make this soon. Dill is definitely one of my favorite herbs, so I need to use it more often. :)

Perfect reminder of the existence of tzatziki then! Dill is one of my favorites too, but I don't use it that often. So, if you have some great recipes which have dill in them, bring them on, haha! :)

Frikken awesome!! I was just recently thinking of making a veganized tzatziki. Thank you for beating me to the punch, this looks fantastic.

Falafel is always good with tzatziki. Even as a spread for a veggie sandwich tzatziki is a winner! I’m curious to know what you paired this with now :)

As usual you killed it @jasmink! I love your picture taking skills too. Great fruits and veggies post 😉

Thank you so much @puravidaville! Haha, I was one step ahead of you, now you just have to veganize the Belgian waffle instead! 😁 Using tzatziki as a spread for a veggie sandwich is genius! Why haven't I ever tried it? Thanks for the tip, I'll surely try it! :)

😋… tzatziki is commonly used as a dressing in pita sandwiches which is where I learned it. Enjoy, they are bomb!! That damn Belgian waffle… haha… thanks for the reminder. The day is getting closer, I think.

I have seen my mother in law eat this a few times, but with dairy yoghurt, what is why I haven't had the chance to try it, but now I have a vegan solution.

And it's also a simple vegan solution. You could try to make vegan tzatziki for your mother-in-law and see which one she likes better! :)

Thank you so much Sweetie, I am happy you like my cookies! I absolutely love your Tzatziki, it looks sooooooooooo delicious, I just wish I can scoop some trough the screen. Good job making it quick and easy! Who has two hours waiting for cucumber really??? LOL!!! 🍒 🍌🍑🌿🍍🍓🍇
1 Collage.jpg

Thank you so much Lena, I wish I could hand you a few scoops through the screen! 😋

I would like to make this! I think this would be perfect for vegetables dip!

You should try this, it's super easy and goes really well with veggies! :)
Thanks for stopping by @icybc!

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