Day: 256: 5 Minute Freewrite: Monday-Prompt: chips

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Day 256: 5 Minute Freewrite initiated by @mariannewest. Monday-Prompt: chips

This is the fifth and final part to my story.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Part 5

Bud was difficult to train, as he was more interested in playing with his ball. It took me forever just to teach him his commands so I knew it wasn't going to be easy to teach him to talk. My goal was to teach him how to say his name, "Budweiser." First try was "Bud" with no luck. Second try was "Weis" and once again, nothing. Bud liked to lie on the floor and push his ball to you with his nose or paw. So every time I rolled the ball back to him I said, "ER." That went on for about 3 weeks.

One night while cooking fish and chips for dinner, Bud came into the kitchen, walked up to me with his ball in his mouth and proudly said a long, "ERRRRRR!" Of course I went berserk and praised him with treats galore. From that day forward, every time Bud had his ball in his mouth, out came a long, deep alto "ERRRRRR!"

Delilah, Bud, Sam

The talking dog, the singing dog and the frog talking dog were quite a trio. They all left in the same order they came. Sam died when he was 16 years old; next was Delilah at age 14, followed by Bud at age 13. One week after Bud was gone, Maverick stopped eating and drinking, and died in his sleep a few weeks later. It is my belief that Maverick didn't want to go on living without his beloved Bud.

The End.

Image Source: My own.


Thank you for sharing these sweet memories.

My pleasure. Thank you for reading them! : )

What beautiful and intelligent dogs (and what a sweet cat)! Thank you for sharing these memories and the pics with us!

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Grazie Marco! Love these fond memories. : )

Sorry for not knowing, but who is Maverick?

I wrote about Maverick in Part 4 with the prompt: ornate. Maverick was our cat who groomed Bud's face and ears every day and night and Maverick slept against Bud's chest. I couldn't find a photo of them together to post. : (

After the fall of Rome, human survival often became more important than breeding and training dogs. Legends of werewolves emerged during this time as abandoned dogs traveling in packs commonly roamed streets and terrified villagers.

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