In the Park - Part 4 (Selfie Freewrite Contest Day Five prompt: swing)

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Lisa quickly put down her sandwich and thermos. Jumping to her feet, she ran swiftly toward the tree. Yes, that was a huge parrot up in the treetop! Without thinking, she shouted, "Samson! Is that you? Come down here and talk to me you big ball of feathers!" To her surprise, the bird gracefully launched itself from the branch and came gliding down to sit on a nearby patio-style swing. Settling its wing feathers, it looked at her intently, but said nothing.

"Well, are you Samson, or aren't you?" demanded Lisa, thinking how silly it was to try to strike up a conversation with a bird. It was a good thing nobody else was in the courtyard just then.

Once again, Lisa was in for a surprise. "Samson!" said the bird clearly. Then, "Lisa! Pretty Lisa!"

Thoroughly astonished, Lisa found herself holding out her hand as if to shake hands. Samson, for that is who it was, merely nodded his head several times and continued to stare at her with his big, beady eyes.

"Wait right there!" exclaimed Lisa as she turned and rushed back to her abandoned lunch. Digging frantically in her purse, she found an old bank envelope and a pen. Swiftly she returned to Samson and held them out. "Okay, you smart bird. Write me a note!"

Samson grabbed the envelope and the pen in his large, curved beak, spread his wings, and flew silently away over the building while the swing swayed gently after his liftoff.

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Lisa still on her quest to find this mystery writer, interesting write up, I enjoyed it :-)


Thanks for reading it! I'm not quite sure what is going to happen next; it depends on the new prompt!!

That's such a creative story! I giggled here;

talk to me you big ball of feathers!"


Oh, I'm so glad to hear it made you giggle!!


I love the variety of fun freewrites and so glad to have been able to meet you!


That made me giggle too!


It's so fun to read everyone's stories!

Ahhhh! Where's he going?!