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Some days are pleasant and some days are not, as I mentioned in one of my blog a couple of days ago that my year began with some not very pleasant days. Since last 2 weeks we have been running around to hospitals and doctors for my husband's health condition. Today finally after almost 10 days he is feeling better and I am at so much relief.
For Myasthenia Gravis patients this is a part and parcel of their condition specially for the first 3 years where the patient keeps getting into crises mode. Every time when his conditions gets low I get to learn something new out of it and how to manage these crises.


This time his condition was, that he was not able to speak and eat . He had a severe inflammation in the throat. When we visited the Doctor on day 1, the doctor mentioned that he should be immediately admitted to the hospital and the Immunoglobulin treatment should be given to him. And this treatment is super expensive. For a 5 day treatment it would cost us around 8 lakhs of Indian Rupees, which would be close to 11,500$. Though medically we are covered so that was not much of an issue, but somewhere my heart was not willing to get into this. So we requested the doctor to get his condition a little stable and then we do the hospital admission. So he prescribed us some meds and we were back home. After 4 to 5 days also there was no improvement in his health and it was deteriorating further, we were completely clueless as to why the medicines were not working on him. In distress my husband decided that he wants to get admitted to hospital and do the Immunoglobulin treatment. I was not feeling good about it but then I had no choice. The other thing that was stopping me was that we got all his test done related to Myasthenia and the reports were pretty decent, there was no aggravation that came up in the reports, though the Doctor insisted it was the MG condition, but the reports were not really supporting. At that time I requested him that before we go to hospital let us visit another doctor and get an opinion. Thankfully he agreed to it.

We visited a Throat specialist for a check up and on diagnosis the Doctor mentioned that he had a severe inflammation and infection in the Throat and it was no where connected to his MG condition. It was a much relief for us. He prescribed us some antibiotics. In just 1 day time of taking the meds my husband's condition improved by 20%, his speech regained and he was able to eat again.

To think of it, the MG Doctor was so narrowly focused that he could not think beyond it and treat him independently for the issue. If we had to get admitted to the hospital for the Immunoglobulin treatment it would have been such a waste because we would have done something on his body which was not required at all. I am not against Doctors but in the last 2 years again and again I have come across these situations and it just makes me think, Is this a noble profession or just another business for them. Why can't the Doctor's take a holistic view while treating the patients.
The another funny thing this time I encountered with the MG Doctor was, we informed him that we have also started with Ayurvedic treatment, so he told us "We are literate people and how can we get into doing such stupid things". I was really surprised, I just kept shut because I did not want to make any arguments or even put across my point to him.


The only thing we are stuck up with is, that there are not many MG specialist in Mumbai and he is the best so we are not left with much choice but to keep going back to him again and again. Last year he almost was ready to make my husband undergo a surgery, but we withdrew. Sometimes I am not sure whether going with my instincts is right or not, but ya I try to just put some little common sense before making decisions and it always helps me. Autoimmune disorders can be very well taken care of with Diet, Natural therapies and lifestyle modification, which my Doctor has never advised till date. I have seen a major improvement in my husband's condition with these practices. This time the problem was something different but the Dr. tried to link it with MG condition. Thankfully the reports were like a blessing, they were stable so we could take the decision of not getting admitted to the hospital for the treatment. I do not want that my husband lives on medicines all his life. The Alternative treatments we are doing is helping him a lot, but yes in this there is lot of patience required and there are flare ups time and again.

Thankfully now everything is good and my hubby is much better and we are all at peace. The best part of my family i.e. my hubby and Son, is that we all think alike so it is easier to make decisions and support each other. At the same time it is completely opposite with my extended family and we have to almost shut our ears because most of my other family members like my sister and all do not support much of Natural remedies so they most of the time believe that we are doing wrong things and there are always arguments around this.

Anyways each one to their own and All's Well That Ends Well.

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Good to hear that everything is better now. All the best for the future 🙏

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