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By now for sure you all know that I am very fond of sunsets and never leave an opportunity to capture the most captivating ones. Last evening I felt there was a very different energy, very elevated one and making me feel very different. Just like I am in love with everything around me. I did not want to get out of this feeling ever, it is so calming and soothing for the soul that I wish I could be in this frequency forever. And a Meditation after these moments is the most beautiful thing that can happen. It is a cherry on the cake for me. It soothes my senses completely and the sleep after it is so peaceful, that I felt like a small baby in mother nature's arm.
So here goes my yesterday Sunset capture

I was ou for some work and this is how it looked.

When I get home this is what I get to see from my balcony

As the Sun goes down

This is the most beautiful thing for the day to witness

Hope you all enjoyed the sunset with me.

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Epic sunset, loved the reds and oranges in it !COFFEEA

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