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The year of 2018 was like a storm for me, yes 2018, I am not talking about 2019. At the beginning of 2019 I made some commitments to myself and the most important was no matter what I will not succumb down to any pressures of life. I will take each day graciously as it comes and move ahead with a calm mind keeping my focus on the results I want to achieve. So the transformation began from that time itself. 2019 has ended and I am glad that the commitments I made to myself I could keep up to with it. There were highs and lows, ups and downs during the year, but every time I would focus on my own commitment that I will move ahead graciously no matter what, and trust me I sailed very very smooth during the whole of the year.

2019 ended and 2020 began. I decided that I will just follow these simple rules of life and move ahead, but the 1st week of the year itself tried to knock me down. My husband developed Myasthenia Gravis crises and on a temporary basis we all got into a panic mode. For a day I was almost numb not knowing what this year is holding for me. I had some very weird thoughts, felt like again I was getting into a helpless situation. That one night was sleepless with all the dirty thoughts in mind and I was only crying and crying. I felt like someone pushed me right from the top to the bottom again. Like the snake and ladder game where you gradually reach 99 and then the snake gulps you down and drops you back to the beginning.

The next day morning when I woke up, first of all I felt like as if I was completely fresh. I had some good positive dream and I guess that was the kick starter for the day. I spent some time with myself doing my meditation and said to myself that I am going to take this up sensibly and not being foolish by crying and panicking. After that I lined up Doctor's appointment. The next course of action I was thinking of was to take him to a health retreat where there would be natural therapies like body detox, massages, Yoga, meditation, breathing which I feel will surely make a difference to his health, rejuvenate him and get him out of the crises. The Doctor's visit was as usual creating panic but then now we have a course of action with his medication and the natural remedies which I am sure will help him recover in a couple of week's time.


Though the year 2020 did not start very pleasantly but I still believe that the rest of the year will go well and everything will be fine.
Coming to the question - What would I like to do differently this Year, basically I would just like to continue the same strategy that I put up for myself for 2019, take each day as it comes graciously and focus on my goals and the results that I desire to achieve. Nothing is certain in life, just when I thought everything was under control, everything was going perfectly fine, we get this jolt, so I am not thinking too much about future. As of now my state of mind is that I will take it easy. Life is beautiful. There are many good things also happening every single day, focus on the good and the strength will come to face the adversities of life. My Transformation will depend upon the attitude that I will hold in these times every single day. I may slip time and again but I am sure it will be momentarily.

I feel this year is very mysterious for me. I have planned up a lot of travelling this year, but now I am not sure how much will materialize. Anyways, let the mysteries of life unfold and bring to me what is in my highest interest. But for sure certain things will happen; like I will travel to few places as planned, I will keep Steeming :-), I will keep focusing on my healing studies and working with Crystals. I have not thought of taking up anything additional as of now. I will continue with what I am doing as my major focus as of now is my hubby's health. Once that gets settled I will see what next, till then I will keep nurturing on what is already a part of my life at this point of time.

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I think the jolts that life sends us as like the wind which tests the depth of a trees roots - our branches are rattled to created strength and flexibility. The AMAZING thing is I believe we create our own challenges and crises by our own vibration, and so yes, your feeling to be gracious in each day, to lavish self love and to live in joy is 100% perfect and spot on.

It's going to be a wonderful year.

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Wishing you an amazing 2020

Life does like throwing curve balls
Most times when you least expect it ...
Trust all will be well
Sending you hugs <33