Step Out of The Shadow Day 737: #Freewrite:

in freewrite •  22 days ago 

Kali tries to reignite the buried urge she had a long time ago, to go back to her natal village, to build a new house by the forest, and to stay there until the rest of her life.

Her friends are confused of her idea. They keep on asking why and how she can give up her life, comforting lifestyle, her entourage and all the glam she has. They are thinking that this is just a phase, that she just needs a little break.

It is not the first time she wants to follow her heart. She has been keeping this urge under the shadow because she didn’t believe in it. She used to talk herself out of it. Until the time she realizes that something is missing in her life, if not someone, then it could be anything that money cannot buy.

She packs a bag and go, deactivates her social media accounts and switches off the phone. She embarks on a new journey, taking two connecting flights, an overnight train and the two-hour bus and there she is, in a village surrounded by rainforest and tropical faunas.

Silence. There she finds the silence. No coverage. No wifi, no signal. She remembers this smell of the earth. She lets her hair down and feels the wind. She feels complete and liberated. Right here, right now, she is content.

Love from us x
Photo taken from my favorite tropical place

P.S. My entry for #freewrite. Day 737: 5 Minute Freewrite: Sunday - Prompt: step out of the shadow by @mariannewest. Thank you for the inspiration!

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She feels completed. I want that House on a village in a future

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Thank you so much! The house is part of the Goodness Project. Everyone is part of it and everybody is invited to be home with the true self 💕

So important to unplug and be in the silence. I think many more are stepping out of the shadow of being always on. It is time...

Yes, agreed. It feels good to just go old style, back to the time before private and public life became so entangled 😊 Thanks a lot for the support!

Thus her desire to return to her roots is fulfilled. Excellent writing,

Thank you so much! What a beautiful way of seeing Kali’s desires 🤗

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Beautifully done, @myrockandocean. So glad you are freewriting with us :)

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Merci merci merci 🙏🏽

Il sait fait rien, @myrockandocean :)

Ooh, ditto that - I'm glad you summoned the tipu reward, @fitinfun!
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Thank you so much!!

I very much enjoyed your little journey back to self @myrockandocean! The time we spend looking outside ourselves for contentment is only wasted until it leads us home. Thanks for stepping out of the shadow!

That’s so beautiful, thank YOU so much!! 🙏🏽


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Wow! Thank you so much, it’s an honor 🙏🏽