The Sky is Clear [5MinuteFreeWrite]

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This is for @mariannewest and @improv's Freewrite Day 318. Today's theme is the sky is clear. Let's get to it. Enjoy!

The sky is clear. Nary a cloud, as they say. It is the perfect night for monumental milestones, but many would choose to throw this opportunity away. Ever so stubborn, Rib refuses to be among the sorry lot that has resigned to their fate. After all, he had been up since the crack of noon, envisioning how he would go about his night.

The pale moon shines softly up above, and a cool breeze sweeps wistfully across the field. Rustling leaves and a cacophony of crickets are on deck to conduct tonight's symphony. There was laughter in the distance, probably from people dining on the repurposed mill.

Rib cracks his pelvis and flexes his appendages, all in anticipation of his fateful leap. He had dreamt of crossing the threshold ever since he was younger, but he never had the strength to complete the magnificent feat. His nervousness was palpable, but it's carefully concealed by his excitement. Finally, this would be the night he would be called a grown-up. Everything is going to be different once the moon sets. He was sure of it.

He wasn't a fan of attention, but he at least hoped there was a little more fanfare than he was getting. There were only two others that gathered to witness his groundbreaking moment, and one had already hopped away out of boredom. The other one... well, he isn't entirely sure if everything's alright up there for that one. She stares blankly at Rib, her eyes reflecting the effervescent moonshine.

Every single instance counted, but none of it mattered. Rib had trained for this moment his entire life, and he wasn't going to let anything get in the way of his goal. If there was a hint of a single cloud, then he might think things through. But, there wasn't any. Not a one.

Rib turned to look at the farm one last time and couldn't help but feel sorry for the others. His decision is made. He blinks, slacks his jaws and sticks out his tongue. There's no time like the present. With his eyes on the road ahead, Rib bit his lip and sprung upward. At that very same moment, a blinding light envelops him from the side and welcomes him with a warm caress.


His dead carcass lies splattered on the pavement. The world continues to turn. Life goes on. The sky remains clear.

A small piece of a much larger puzzle! As to what that is, only time can tell! I mean, I was trained in advanced torture, so you know I would never divulge my secrets. Not even with a bribe of Steem Monster cards (Epic or GTFO). I know y'all are eagerly awaiting my verbose explanation, but this time I shall leave you hanging. If you want the bigger plot to reveal itself, tune into my blog in the coming days... or weeks or months. I dunno. My schedule's pretty erratic, so I might not be able to post as regularly as I want. But... tune in.

While you're at it, why don't you spare @lukestokes.mhth a witness vote or two :O How is that even possible!?

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Ahh that poor bunny D: (I suppose it could have also been a kangaroo or a jerboa or a sentient pogo stick with ears but bunny is what I'm going with for now XP) Maybe his name should have been Rip :S It was a glorious buildup to that fateful leap and I suppose that could really only have ended a few ways XD

Hahahaha!! I snuck in a very subtle clue about what Rib is. You have to look at two words. But, a bunny is close enough! Though, for the life of me, I don't know how I could ever subject a bunny to such fate. Woe is Rib!

Well frog was my other guess but for whatever reason I thought there were ears mentioned XD

HAHA! I was careful about anatomy, to preserve the ambiguity and all that.

Oh, and you got it! What gave it away, checkMATE? Did you spot my easter egg?

I don't know XD What I consciously latched on to was a lot of hopping. And rereadng it there's no mention of ears so I don't know why I thought there were ears (which is what led me onto bunny). Maybe I Just needed more coffee at the time XD

Haha! Makes me giddy reading this, MATE-roska! I've been trying to experiment with ambiguous writing, so I guess I'm inching forward on the right track haha!

Wooooo such descriptive capacity, I love your imagery to know that it was a Freewrite makes it very pleasing, I felt like I didn't have enough and I needed it to continue it's beautiful buddy, you're a naturally good writer no kidding.

I sometimes try to write too, but I'm not good with fiction.

Your poetry is as better or even better than fiction, man! With the way you paint your tales, you're already living your dreams! Try Freewriting some time, buddy. I know you're going to do great at it!

I tried Freewriting sometimes ago lol, you know what? It ended up becoming a poem 😀😀😀😀😀

Wow my! I guess I'll have to stick to free write and also my poems as well lol, your words are really encouraging man I needed that 😂

Well then you truly are a born poet! You can stick to your guns as your bread and butter, but don't forget to occasionally step out of your comfort zone to expand your reach :D

Could it have been lightning or a UFO projecting? it sound electrical in nature. A nice read.

Perhaps! It did sound electrical, but I can't help but feel a part of it was mechanical. Mathematical! Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment, man. I appreciate it! :D

Oh dear!! What is the clear skies doing?
Maybe with no clouds, the aliens have access to the earthlings ....


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This would've been a great sequel prompt if it weren't for the ending!

I know you can make it work 😊

Unfortunately, I didn't :( Life got in the way, so yeah. I'll try to catch the prompt some other time. Thanks for believing in me though!

I'll look out for it then 😊

Judging from my trend, you might have to wait a bit longer haha

Awww poor froggie. You know, the game frogger was one of the first I ever played obsessively, haha! Such poetry to arrive at such morbid humor lol!


I knew I couldn't slip one past you, carbo-SIS-tene! I sucked at Frogger when I first played it, but got pretty far with its spiritual sequal Crossy Road haha! I do feel like Rib definitely deserved that homage.

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