Weekend Freewrite 06/16/2018 - Single Prompt Option – Some Change

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Some change needs to happen in my life or is going to happen soon no matter what.

  • I need to move
  • I need to get packed after a year here
  • I need to make significantly more money immediately
  • I need to stop working on steemit so much and get other projects going
  • I need to take better care of myself
  • I need to be more focused

For all these reasons and more, I have been doing manifestation exercises this week and looking at all my old, half-done projects.

Doing the manifestation exercises calms my mind and strengthens my resolve. They make me remember how far I have come and what I have accomplished.

Looking at my old projects fills me with dread and remorse about having them not completed now.

I fight back and forth between these two states of mind, try not to panic, and try to keep working.

I’ve been taking advantage of my Thai friends' hospitality over the last days and going there for dinner each night. I normally only eat one meal a day and this has been very fulfilling. I have no need to cook or think of food until I get there to find a wonderful meal in progress. One step is going in the right direction, at least.

= =

My post is for the #freewrite weekend single prompt challenge by @mariannewest. Here is Marianne’s freewrite prompt post for this weekend. Marianne also posts a more detailed three part challenge on the weekends and maybe you might like that one instead.

It’s always so amazing to my how the freewrite prompt often comes with just the right topic for my needs on that day. I am including this post with the others I have written about my year on steemit, since it is in the same theme.

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My Books on Amazon and Selz

I have been posting content in the natural weight loss niche online since I lost “half my size” in 2011. I thought steemit would be a good place to post and in many ways it has been.

I’m thankful to all who help me here on steemit, and hope I will be able to carry on.

Help Me Stay on Steemit

If you want to help my son @bxlphabet and I stay on steemit, but your upvote is just not enough, here are my wallet addresses where I will be so grateful for any help.

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Read a bit of my weight loss story and be inspired to change. Anyone can get healthy if I did.


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