5 min Writing Prompt "Dog Hair" #freewrite

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He pulled the clear plastic bag out of her sock drawer.

"What is this?"

Looking up from what she was doing, she brightened up and held out her hand.

"It's Fifi's hair. Bring it over here!"

A slow sense of unease crawled up his spine as he held up the bag to look at it more closely. "Fifi's hair..."

"Yeah!" She chirped, still brushing the poodle in her lap. "It's Fifi's hair! Isn't that WIGHT my widdle puddin -" at this she buried her nose in the dog's neck, causing it to emit that sharp piercing yap that so irritated him but seemed to delight her.

"Why," he hesitated to ask, "would you collect your dog's hair in a bag?"

She looked at him as if he were brain damaged. "To make a sweater. That way on cold days I can wear it and me and Fifi will be like little doggie twins."

He stared at her, and after a second she pointed at the drawer. "There's probably enough for you in there by now. Then we can be like a family. We'll take walks together wearing the same fur."

It was only after he turned back to the drawer that he noticed all of the extra bags of dog hair, tucked back behind her socks.

He ran screaming from the house.

Written in five minutes from the writing prompt, "Dog Hair" as part of the #freewrite exercise. Image is also by me. You can view the prompt here and check out the other entries; they're all good girls! You're a good girl arentcha! Yes you are! Thanks to @mariannewest for creating and running this dog and pony show (still waiting for a pony prompt).


the pony prompt will come!! We have a monthly backyard produce and homemade goods swap and someone did bring a bag full of dog hair! If I wouldn't be way too deep into way too many projects - I would have taken it home lol

Err... What were you going to do with it?

Ha! LOL. Smart man! Keep running and NEVER look back!

HaHa, I like it!

Standing in for Marianne..
Here's the link to today's prompt

I am crazy about my dogs. (My husband ... not so much. You can take that either way.) But I'd run screaming from the house, too, if I found that. And I can knit.

I just asked my husband -- mentioned above -- "Have you read my comment yet?"

He said, "Not yet. I'm reading @mariannewest's." Shows you where I stand with him. So while I plot the way I will get even with him ... let me invite you to join our writers and artists group The Steem Engine initiative.

You can read about it here. I think you will enjoy it. I know you will fit in well ... and I also know it will help you get more exposure for your work ... because I have influence there. Give it serious consideration. I don't invite just any old riff-raff to add to my workload.

Check us out at this link. It takes a little effort to join. Show some fortitude ... ok?


@enchantedspirit speaks the truth. She only invites the best riff-raff.

Trust me, I'm a doctor.


Yeah, I invited you once. ONCE. Ok, maybe twice. I won't make that mistake again. Learned my lesson. The hard way. What are you doing out of your cage? It's not feeding time yet. And stay out of my pretzels.

I've gotten a few different invites to Discord and when I checked out the site it seemed their system requirements were beyond the upgrades for my crappy old computer. I think what I will do is go ahead and join and see what happens - maybe I'll have limited use of the features but still be able to join groups. Thanks for the invite.

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