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RE: The Trump / Q-Anon psyop - Good guy / bad guy theater on the way to a one world government: Part 2 - Q the Zionist psy-op

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Great post. It is good to see that at least some people have a bit of sanity left and use their brains and some common sense.
The whole Q thing is a frightening example of the state of intelligence of the people. How can anyone be so stupid to fall for this crap? The general population is already so fluoridated and dumbed down that they fall for anything. On one side of the spectrum the believe in the MSM propaganda, on the other side for the most grotesque psy-ops. Cognitive dissonance on all sides. Meanwhile the agendas of the parasites go ahead full steam. It's disheartening.


Thanks very much Mr. Leeb. Much appreciated.. What actually scares me the most is the level that many otherwise quite intelligent people have fallen for this psy-op. Many are so desperate for their hopium fix that they are willing to ignore blatant contradictions and lies. I think SGT Report is a perfect example in this respect (or at least I hope that's all it is with Sean, and not another disinfo effort..)

Absolutely agree with you. Had the same thought about SGT. The question is what would actually be worse. Genuine stupidity or subversion? Both is equally bad. But it could also be just a result of a guy being in an echo chamber trying to cater to his audience. The fan boys can get nasty if you don't agree with them and he probably does not want to lose subscribers :)

Agreed, not good either way. Sean just being an echo chamber could certainly be the case as well, but it sadly doesn't bode well either with him being a supposed "truth telling" news source.

Daniel Liszt aka Dark Journalist summed up his thoughts a few days ago concerning "Q":

At 2:29:24
Anyone who has the IQ & posses an Intellectual Reasoning capacity sees immediately it's an psy-op.
I've come to the conclusion that Sean-SGT isn't as smart as we would like for him to be & his Christian compassion + indoctrination is responsible for his distorted view of reality.
Regardless, I don't appreciate at all his demeaning statements in his last interview.
Ridicule is NOT a virtue.
Good-Call herrleeb & N&V.

So far I've given Sean the benefit of the doubt, however the longer and more intense this Trump / Q theater goes on with him, the more I start to doubt it's just a question of him being "not too bright". There's a point where you need to question why he's not digging any deeper than the "white hat / black hat" narrative. And this is not just with Trump, it's also with other "good guy / bad guy" narratives like those from Bix Weir as well as the "everything about crypto is good" narrative from Clif High.

The problem with all these regular stories that Sean is carrying is that they encourage people to follow very simple alternative media narratives with no real deeper analysis or thinking. At a certain point, Sean starts to look more like a limited hangout gatekeeper rather than a serious truth researcher and truth teller. I don't want to believe this is true, but over time, facts eventually start to speak for themselves. Let's see how Sean's videos further develop with the latest "Q implosion" with Corsi and see if Sean just keeps playing along as usual or not..

In my opinion it does not even matter if someone is a gatekeeper or just stupid. The result is pretty much the same. My strategy is to simply stay away from these people. I've made the experience that it is nearly impossible nowadays to change anyone's mind or opinion. We truly live in a post-fact society. Q-Anon or Flat-earth folks are pretty much the same kind. It's not a good idea to start a discussion, there is no end to it and mostly it ends badly. So I usually comment only on posts I essentially agree with and stay away from stuff that is too dumb or obvious disinformation. Unfortunately there are only very few out there I really agree with. We seem to be an absolute minority. Generations of fluoridation and indoctrination take it's toll. As someone said "You can't cure stupid" :)

I certainly agree that you can't cure stupid, but sometimes you can help people realize that they need to think differently and deeper (if it's not just a stupidity problem.) Not sure if that's possible here, but if it is, then sometimes it's worth trying to make a difference. The question is then when to just give up trying..

That's right. We can't stop trying, we owe it to ourselves, even if the chances are dismal. And actually I've also made the experience that some guys I thought to be shills at first turned out to be OK. Some are just ignorant of certain facts and come to the wrong conclusions but later learn and change their perspective.
Keep up the great work, you are one of the few...

X22 report does the same thing SGT Report does. All they do is bat these stories back and forth about the "deep state" being on the move and Qanon taking out the pedos. It's quite laughable, really. I feel sorry for them at this point. There's nothing that will correct our present course except for the worldwide population to go E PLURIBUS UNUM on every HQ with an obelisk, and that's just the opening volley.

I agree with you. X22 has over 170k subscribers. What does that tell us? The light at the end of the tunnel is a speeding train...

We keep writing, we keep sharing. We become more emboldened than the propagandists that blatantly lie and obfuscate both truth AND reality. I've gotten to the point where I know I'm not on this Earth to make any friends other than men like us. I'm here to make the people open their minds, to shake them off their zombie fluoridation foundation and pull them into the mirrorworld.

I agree to an extent. SGT Report at least delivers some meaningful content now and then (albeit far less lately). X22 Report (by the way, this name has a definite kabbalistic meaning) just bats around total BS at least twice a day about how the economy is about to collapse any minute. I think he alternates his ridiculous content with Gregory (Freemason) Mannarino who regurgitates the same basic storylines but without the crappy intro and lame music.

X22 with 170K subs says to me that he's getting counter-intel bots driving his traffic (and likely Mossad.) The scary part is that I think I'm more comfortable thinking it's Mossad than it's people dumb enough to subscribe to that tripe.

But I digress.. A mass awakening is what is what is truly needed and if that happens the "deathguards" of the cesspool swamp will be dragged through the streets regardless. The real difficulty is waking enough people so that it's no longer possible to tell some lackey police and soldiers to round everyone up. Considering the complete indoctrination and constant psy-oping of the masses, I'm not sure how this is going to occur. However, I just keep writing and hoping that it helps..

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