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RE: The Trump / Q-Anon psyop - Good guy / bad guy theater on the way to a one world government: Part 2 - Q the Zionist psy-op

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This is frigging brilliant

There are people right here on Steemit who appear to believe this Qanon bullshit.

When they resteem it I wonder if they are working of the CIA? But there are some that I'm sure are not, and those ones freak me out :)


Thanks again for all your support!

When seeing all these Qanon followers, I also start wondering if they are just that asleep at the wheel or if they are working for someone else behind the scenes. The one that I've been wondering the most about lately is SGT Report. I used to really like the vast majority of Sean's work, but lately he's become pretty much a Trump and Q cheerleader.

I find it a bit confusing and disappointing considering some of Sean's excellent previous coverage. In the past, he even went so far as to cover the Mossad art student operatives that clearly wired the WTC with explosives before 911 while they were living in the Towers. Now he often just regurgitates the same tired story of Q and Trump taking down the pedos and the Clinton crew (I guess that's redundant) even though nothing substantial has ever manifested from it. I can't tell if he just doesn't want to face the facts based upon a steady intake of hopium, or if he's potentially feeding people with a line as well.

This is the type of excellent honest coverage from Sean that I used to appreciate:

Yeah - I've been noticing a few like that - they are like the new Alex Joneses...

Jones was very likely controlled opposition from the very beginning. He openly talks about his CIA family ties and of course never mentions significant Zionist involvement in anything. Bill Cooper had Jones' number pretty much from the get go. Cooper was the real deal and called out Jones regularly. It's such a tragedy that he was killed:

Cooper wasn't afraid to call out other famous BS peddlers as well:

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