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RE: The Trump / Q-Anon psyop - Good guy / bad guy theater on the way to a one world government: Part 2 - Q the Zionist psy-op

in #freedom6 years ago

I'm sorry I gotta bother you N&V, but, I just posted a reply to 'sean-sgt' here:
I'd appreciate your support concerning this matter.
Cheers X-
L-O-V-E is probably the best 4-letter word I know, and try to command, in the English Language.
Let's kill'em with kindness.


No bother at all. I've added my two cents as well ;-) Unfortunately, I'm not sure it will help, but let's see..

Hi X-, now I can bother you to comment on my last comment to Sean here:

I don't mince words on this one. Please tell me if you see the same pattern.

Just saw this N&V.
Responding NOW!

Thanks a lot X-. Am I misreading things here? I don't know how to interpret how he is responding, ignoring, and deflecting. He's certainly not stupid, so I can only interpret this as a deflection tactic..

Sean knows exactly what he's doing.
Don't forget he got a degree in Marketing and subsequently worked for the low-price chain TARGET selling cheap shit to the masses.
His nonchalant attitude to his serious commenters is at best a D+.
You are going 'overboard' being as considerate as you are with him.
The best WE can do is continue our legitimate criticism.
Your excellent answers and blog contributions are always the best medicine for this type of malady-misfeasance-malfesance.
:))) & ;) X-

Thanks a lot for the feedback and the support X-. It's very much appreciated.

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