Freedom Town! Hippy Market! Look What Happens When People Turn Their Backs On The system And Big Corperations!

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This is what it can look like in every town and city if we stop feeding the corporate machine!

And start thinking for ourselves!



oh I adore such places, they have so special mood and a special soul!
I really appreciate such nature goods much more than medicines and modern ways of treatment and taking care of ourselves, and these handmade decorations and jewelry are always much prettier than expensive brand diamonds because they are free from luxury artificial beauty
In Russia we often call such places "yarmarka", and here we always can find something that can't be bought in any supermarkets

Really beautiful post brother!

Astheticly this is the most awesome post I have seen you make. Morally speaking its also quite beautiful!

I sure do love natural, holistic and sustainable community. So hard to believe people live in this cement jungles and go to Walmart......

Be the change you wish to see in the world∞

We are the power∞§∞***

Thanks Brother!

This place blew me away! and I've just heard that the after party goes on for 3 days!
Being able to connect with so many like minded people has been an experience I WILL NEVER FORGET!!!!!

I'm happy that you could feel this place through my post!


Yea can totally feel it, unfortunately there are not many places like this in the states, but I have been to some. Thats how I can feel it immediately.

Thats also why I created my own community/paradise so as not to have to rely on someone else or others to create it for me.

No way I could ever go back to the matrix∞§∞

I love to see this type of open market where people get to interact with people - not corporate entities. We have a fairly strong market community here in Austin and my wife and I have been strong supporters. It's true you do often pay a little bit more, but you're helping local people and local families. And you get to make real connections. Just today we dropped off two kaffir lime trees for one of the vendors at the market, and in exchange we'll get plenty of free veggies in the coming weeks. Win-win.

Oh! I really want some Kaffir lime trees when we get land! I love to make Thai food and the hardest thing to find is fresh kaffir lime leaves, it never occurred to me that I can just grow my own! mmmmmm I'm licking my lips now!

They're really hard to find here too, which is why we're growing our own. That and holy basil. Oh, pandan leaves are a bit hard too, but unfortunately we can't do pandan in a container. You could do a small kaffir lime tree in a container though. Just something to consider.

Six years in Thailand - we simply have to be able to make Thai food. I even do my own curry paste from scratch - maybe that's a post for another day!

This video is awesome. I love these types of markets. We have a few here in Nicaragua. They are just so much fun. Nothing like the corporate stores. We hit the markets all the time. It has been months since we have even driven by a super...

We hit the markets all the time. It has been months since we have even driven by a super...

That's great, Keep it up and soon the big corps will be gone!

Looks like a belter - every week? With a 3 day afterparty as well? Don't mind if I do :)

Haha! I was mistaken, I just found it it's the 4th Sunday of every month, It was the farmers market down the road that was every Sunday! Still, I reckon once a month is good enough!

Cheers Sam!

It's wonderful to see that the "Hippys" have finally figured things out. My friends in the 60's moved up to Vermont to start a commune, a bunch of city kids that had no idea of how to do it. I guess they figured that because they were cool (and they were) that food would magically appear out of the ground. They didn't last a year- farming is hard work and sharing only works when you have something to share.

Hahaha! Yeah there are plenty of people who fail at trying to set up a community! That's why we are not going to just jump head first into buying land, we might try and find an established community that’s all set up. We could join for a year or two to get a feel for what works and what doesn’t. Its a romantic idea but like you say, lots of work!

Cheers @richq11

@papa-pepper is a really good guy to talk to about this, he homesteads here in Arkansas where I live. I'm about to jump in the shower, today's the day. My daughter and the Loser are going to sign custody of our little Kayla over to my ex (for $3000 from me) will post as soon as I get back... say a quick prayer for us Brother!!!

I don’t know how you manage to find such places, but You are really good at digging up the homesteader, hippie places. Great that they are offsetting the corporate markets. 🐓🐓

This is the great thing about being a nomad, you are always bumping into other nomads and through word of mouth you end up at places like this! We also like to go with the flow which is so much more enjoyable.

nice market Mark! and really nice to see all those lovely homes and people all together,some mighty fine looking housetrucks there. it really is important to support all the amazing people who make such beautiful handcrafted goods.
I used to have a pair of sandals made from tyres that I got when I was in South Africa back in the day, they were great but someone stole them from me at a festival, I was gutted. love to all your beautiful family x

Thank you Aishlinn!

You and your family would love it here!
It was more like a festival than a market, we are off to go do a bit of dancing now!

Tell you all about when we swing by in the next few days =)


cool be good to see you all xx

Glad to see that people are doing something and they took some stand to turn their backs on the system and corporations. . . . . I love to buy things from small shops rather than Big malls.
And of course, these places are special
Thanks for sharing such amazing stuff @markwhittam and CANCER KILLER? lol. what's in this?


So happy you enjoyed this post!

CBD oil is from the cannabis plant, but not the part that gets you high! This stuff is proven to kill cancer, so much so that big corporations are trying to patent it so they can own it and charge us LOTS of money for it.

Thanks for stopping by!

Wow this is just so awesome! I grew up visiting these types of markets with my mom! She would love to visit that jewelry section out there! This is very encouraging to see. I would rather support people who make their own for a living rather than the big corps!!! Thanks for sharing and always giving us a taste of what real freedom looks like~ 😊

Thank you @crosheille!

I think people from all walks of life would be able to get something out of this!

The atmosphere alone is enough to make you think twice about stepping foot inside Walmart.

Glad you liked it.


Looks like an adventure and a lot of fun! We have Saturday morning farmer's markets here but not like that. Thanks for sharing @markwhittam

Thanks Troy!

I have never seen anything like this, but I am hoping that I will see more of this all over Europe in the future!

A hippy market !!! Sounds interesting !!

I wonder what a world we can make without these polluting industrialists. It would be a place of engagement , involvement and happiness.

Well, everything has its pros and cons. Isn't it?

Nice post though mark ;)

Keep it up :D


It would be a place of engagement , involvement and happiness.

You got it!

nice vedio my friend i like your all posts but this vedio is tottally diffirent because you show in this vedio the culture and market place , your foot wear sandle is very beautifull how much you buy it you are great man

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Wow... its really wonderful. All pictures are good and I enjoyed each one. Thanks.

nice video sir . this place is very nice and looking interesting .thanks for shearing a beautiful video .you are right this video is very special

awesome vedio and pictures ... great idea of these pictures its a creative post . Your post is attractive and learn a lesson .. i enjoy your post ..thnks sir

The biggest changes occur with the appearance of a family. It is at this point that people rethink their priorities. Many people think that the family destroys social life, but in fact it helps to look at the familiar things in a new way.

really a good post i really loved it .. so simple place

great maket dear peoples not forget their cultures, your vedio is nice its most creative

Great post friend,the pictures of market places are very atractive.Thanks for sharing,realy feeling good to see you.

i really enjoyed your post sir... i am happy you hangout with your family...☺U5dtfcQA6iMYFtgsjycc7fscVkjye6F.gif

I am glad to you shear this market and culture that's different I like your video @markwhittam I enjoy it

@ by one you post just wonderful place,,,,,,,,,,,,,marketing is my hobby .......i always like to marketing,,,,,any where........i hope ,,,you enjoy the day to marketing with your children..........its looking clearly ,,,they also enjoy themselves ......i think,,totally different cultural wish for all of you......

Great idea in theory and we should do more for ourselves. Producing more of our own food and cooking at home are two things we can do more of.

But if you look at those photos, there are cars, trucks, campers, plastic cups, clothes, and more that came from a corporate factory.

The question is can we still live the lifestyle we have all come to enjoy without some corporate influence?

We need to be more aware of the corporations that add value to our lives and the environment and boycott those that do not.


Blanket incrimination of the system that makes modern life possible (while partaking of that system) doesn’t solve any problems.

We’re on the same page when it comes to an alternative market and the reigning in of abusive corporations.

Bit by bit! Piece by piece! Every single one of us here are shedding ourselves of the system, but there will always be Nay Sayers! Who will come along and point out that we are still using plastic cups and that we wear clothes!

If you really think the system makes life possible then we are not on the same page.

You can try and rain on my parade, but my handmade umbrella is repellent to all kinds of useless and negative criticism!

I'm off to go and dance bare foot to some folk music, enjoy your TV!


yeah but I find the patchouli smell overwhelming.

Wow... that’s a great video...I am enjoying the full video... You shared the market .....that’s really so nice.... different places have different cultures and customs..... have some specialty. Every country have street market . I really like this video and thanks for sharing...

Wow!! This is lovely post @markwhittam it is educative, infomative and librative.
Thanks for this, i always like self employed the major key to freedom

nice photography and also your vedio , vedio is tottaly diffirent ik really like it

really beautiful post bro. :)

amazing photography and nice post

Great pics and I think this would be so great if people will start supporting each other - there is such a lot of people with wonderful talents, not to mention how much healthier some things are

It looks fantastic. My son wants to go and skate on the half pipe and see the live chickens! 140000 live in vehicles in Portugal! Times are changing for sure.

Wow that looks awesome! I hope to find a hippie market like this one day.. Those sandals look very comfy actually.. my boyfriend had a pare of sandals (really ugly haha) and they are now broken after many many years of wearing them, saw these, and I told him he should go to Portugal lol... You are all living a free life, love to see these kinds of video's :)

Those sandals are killer! Great stuff, @markwhittam. Thanks for sharing. Felt like I was there, and wish I could’ve been!

The outdoor markets are great. Here in N. Idaho we have what we call "barter fairs" throughout the late spring and summer months. They are great and full of some very talented artists and craftsmen. Great food and late evening drum circles, bon fires and just being. Nice knowing that these markets are becoming more available around the world and hope to see more pop up here in the states.

anybody can't live without freedom,so If you want to live, you need freedom.this is amazing post,,thanks for sharing

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