Another Day In Paradise For The Ones Who Dared To Be Different! Let Us Share Our Day With You!

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We are sharing our lives with you for a reason.

And we truly hope this inspires people to get their priorities in perceptive
We are not saying you have to make as drastic changes in your life as we did, by selling our house and hitting the road in search of freedom. All you have to do is put your children first, and the rest will follow!

They are only children for a few years, and then what?

Please! Make those few years count, or you will live to regret it for the rest of your lives!




That is true freedom the freedom to stay where you want and show your children different sides of the world

Our children are white paper... We can write everything we want.
But we have to take care of what we write in this paper.
This white paper just needs a little time and a lot of love.

This paper can be the greatest honor in your life.
And this paper could be the worst judicial paper against you...

that's really beautiful @yagoub... it is good you are thinking so consciously about this! <3

thank you, my friend @mountainjewel... You are everywhere.hehe

Wow! a very touching comment that I will remember and take with me!

Thank you @yagoub!

Thank you... @markwhittam
Because I am a father and a teacher...
I told you what I feel from my heart...

This white paper needs care and attention if not it will turn out to be brown, dirty and torn to pieces. Since I joined the steemit community I have been following blogs but this particular one on white paper is just too inspiring and awesome. Thanks @yagoub and @markwhittam for comment and blog.
I feel blessed and relieved I remain @chrizy.

This white paper needs care and attention if not it will turn out to be brown, dirty and torn to pieces. Since I joined the steemit community I have been following blogs but this particular one on white paper is just too inspiring and awesome. Thanks @yagoub and @markwhittam for comment and blog.
I feel blessed and relieved I remain @chrizy.

I was going to comment something about how hard it is to look at your pictures when it's cold and snowing.... but this line caught my eye:

They are only children for a few years, and then what?

Suddenly I get that feeling that I'm not doing enough to make these years count... a good reminder to us all!

Hahaha! I was talking to Linda just now, and I warned her not to look at my new post because I know how cold it is in Canada right now!

But then she told me about taking her kids out sledding yesterday and I suddenly remembered how much our children love sledding as much as going to the beach!

Kids just want to have fun! and there are so many ways to achieve this!

Thanks for the feedback @ladyrebecca

Ok, I'll rephrase that - it's sort of snowing...we haven't had enough snow to go sledding all winter... just miserable weather. I don't envy Linda though, as I wouldn't want it to be that cold :)

If time does not exist then your past, present and future are all happening at the same time. Everything you are, everything you have been, and everything you will be in the future is all one and the same. It’s all happening at the same time and therefore you are connected to all parts of yourself all of the time. As such, what you do within one moment affects you in all other moments because nothing exists but the present moment — everything is one “thing”.

Wow! That sounds like something Alan Watts would say! Did you come up with that?
I really really like it, Thank you @mrsfox

yeahh Alan Watts
thank u dear mark

Looks like you are all having a beautiful time over there. And, that message at the end is so important - They are only children for a few years and then what?

Well, the adults that our children become have all the potential to change the world - in whatever way!

Well, the adults that our children become have all the potential to change the world - in whatever way!

So True, Sam! Our future (Planet) is our present (children)!


What beautiful country! You have a beautiful family as well, you're blessed my friend- you have a treasure, I'm happy to see you taking advantage of it!

Thanks Brother! I feel we have to take advantage of every moment! remembering to keep doing so, can be the hardest part!


I'll keep reminding you... God has truly blessed you!

yeehah! thank you mark and family for the inspiration.
after looking at about 250 trucks, i have bought a truck, via my cousin, 3,872 km away!

so i am emigrating to Western Australia.

truck 1.jpg

truck 3.jpg

truck 2.jpg

Nice One! @marionjoe!

That looks Mint! and a good size too! I can wait to see your fit out!

Good luck with everything! and I hope you settle in to your new location! and if you don't just park somewhere else, That's the beauty of having wheels on your home!


yay! thank you mark

there was a time in my life when I was a slave to the boss man. I worked at the local casino. i had two jobs. Playing piano and my second job in the kitchen. I learned to hate my second job. After 8 years they fired my ass on a technicality. It was the best thing they ever did for me. My work is my clients. I feel so much more free today being my own boss and being self-employed. Yes Mark I get it. I may not be yet to where you are but I do get it and know that life is a valuable commodity that no dollar per hour is worth trading it for. Thanks for sharing @markwhittam. PS I am less stressed, more free and happier today.

Thank you Troy!

Sounds like your there to me buddy!
This is our version of happiness and freedom, and what you just described to me sounds like just another example of what we have.

Your are living the dream my friend!


Our children are our greatest teachers, listening to them opens us up to the many wonders of ourselves and our lives. They live so in the moment and that is what matters the most. Life is too short to live any other way x

Well said! Living in the moment is so underrated and should be the norm.

Thanks for swinging by @trucklife-family

The common parents' mistake is not to let kids just be kids!
People live in the endless "river" of "must and need", they live in the world of their own borders and society rules, they are slaves of them, and they just don't see another variant of living the life, and they bear kids and they become new slaves of the system... The process is endless, while all people are sleeping.

I was awoken not very long ago, but it was like a powerful flash of light. It all started from just one book, and I know I met her in right time and not occasionally...

So I DO understand what you're talking about, Mark, and how right you are!

I feel endless freedom and a great desire to take as much as possible from this life looking at your photos

Your family and kids are free and happy, and it's felt even through the screen! I wish more and more people be so free and so happy!

Thanks for the positiv!!

This lifestyle clearly seem very liberating. I suppose the kids are home schooled ?

Sweet photos! I can't wait to have a little family of my own just like yours!

It's so lovely photography sir... children are looking so cute... beautiful blog sir..m really amazed ☺👍

beautiful inspiring post, mark. you are so spot on--- we are only here for a short time... we are only children for a short while... enjoy every minute and live the best life. <3 <3 much love! :D

So what's the plan after unschooling your children? You're still living in the same societal set-up that is part of the global system that created all this slavery. What's the alternative?

In it, but not of it. Very different.

Children are in a constant state of learning. The best education you can give them- besides teaching them to think for themselves- is how to find out what they need to know. As long as anyone knows how to access information, all they need is remedial skills. I speak as someone that never set foot in a school until they were in their 40's.

Spoken like a true connoisseur! @richq11

I know we you were different! Now I know why =) thanks for that buddy!

God Bless!

Thinking Positive for a start!

I love the peace that you and your family have. Happiness is everything and you have found it

Great that you have the courage and the will to live life on your own terms. It does not take much to be happy. Growing up with your kids is one of those simple things.

There is absolutely no value in measuring up to others expectations or your perception of their expectations.


I love being able to get a glance into your lives, thank you for that.

And it makes me wonder if I should take my family, pack up, and move back to the village in Thailand that we left so our kids would have "greater opportunities". Maybe they can make their own opportunities, and the best thing we can do when they're kids is to slow down the pace of life for moments such as these.

Such a nice post. Spending our time well will surely makes life worthliving. I totally agree with you!

I love that you make your children first in your lives. I wish everyone understood that concept. Thanks for bring us along. 🐓🐓

If time does no longer exist then your past, gift and future are all going on on the equal time. everything you are, everything you've got been, and the whole thing you will be inside the destiny is all one and the equal. It’s all going on on the same time and therefore you're linked to all components of yourself all the time. As such, what you do within one second impacts you in all different moments due to the fact not anything exists however the gift moment, the entirety is one component.

This is so cool! And a good example for those, who want to change their lives. You're right, don't have to do as you are, everyone decides, that for his happiness. And Yes, childhood happens only once in a lifetime)

So cool!! You're living my dream!!!

It's true, one minute they're children and the next they're gone. It's not about creating memories, but about enjoying your children in the here and now.

Whole family enjoyed a lot. Pictures are awsome. Although as i think the road is very hard to drive as it seen in pictures. Children enjoyed in water. what a great travelling and also picnic.

Wow great post, yes children should be every thing for parents. You are a genius and wonderful father, who had come forward to take every care for your family. I am always your well wisher in your every walk of life. Stay blessed and healthy my dear friend.

Wow, truly living in the now with your beautiful family. I feel a lot of the problems in the west is the loss of community and family time. As a teacher I can always tell which children spend a lot of time with their family, they seem more centered, content and happy.

Yes! This is why we homeschool/unschool & homestead! I grew up in the chokehold of the old traditional paradigm, which bound me to preconceived limits. I now know that abundance is everywhere, we only have to perceive it! Manifestation happens when we let go.

Beautiful sentiment and lovely photos. @gringalicious just told me you are in Portugal. I have family in the Azores. Beautiful country. Thank you for sharing!

Love this post! :D