Tube-weaning Journey for Jansen with CDH: Healthy Cheap Home-cooked Food #6

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As mentioned in my previous post, I might cook rice vermicelli for Jansen instead of 'lamian' noodle like yesterday. You can click here to check out the 'lamian' and how to prepare the homemade soup/broth. Today I really did the same soup aka homemade broth and serve it with rice vermicelli, with vegetables omelette.

Rice vermicelli soup with vegetables omelette

Cook rice vermicelli according to instruction or boil them until soft. Drain water and place rice vermicelli on plate or bowl. Pour in the soup (which contains some meat and celery).


Vegetables Omelette

Top view

45-degree view.

  1. Dice half big onion, 2 cloves of garlic, 1/4 red bell pepper (capsicum), 1 carrots, spring onion and french beans. (You can add whatever stuff you like; meat, mushroom, bacon, tomatoes, etc - it us omelette so it is freestyle).
  2. In frying pan, heat up about 2 tablespoon of oil. Stir fry big onion and garlic until fragrant. Add in all the vegetables and continue stir fry for another 3 minutes.
  3. I prepare 6 eggs as it will be for whole family besides Jansen. A dash of Kosher salt and pepper and soy sauce to season.
  4. Pour in the egg mixture onto the vegetables and continue to pan fry till eggs are cooked. Omelette is ready!

Sadly, Jansen was not keen to eat the rice vermicelli soup. It seems like it was quite challenging for him to manoeuvre it around inside the mouth that he kept it at the cheek. Either that he was not hungry as he ate almost 80% of croissant in the morning. Nevertheless, I enjoyed my meal which was a good news as I rarely enjoyed my own cooking. Lol. Never mind, I had tried my best. He had too!

See the food he stored at his inner cheek.

Looks like we are going to top up via tube-feed later in order to ensure he has enough calorie for the day.


This is Jansen with CDH. He has gone through alot of battles since born and has achieved alot too, gradually. Now he is on his tube-weaning journey - learning to eat and drink from mouth. Thank you for all the continued support, love and prayer.




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oh my. your food presentation! looks like Jansen really loves his Power Rangers :)

Learning the presentation skill bah. He loves it. Eat also with power ranger. sleep also with Power Rangers. :p

hahaha! alright! I know what to get him for Christmas ;)

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Yay good job for trying, both mummy Jadeline and Jansen boy! 🙌

Thank you @michelleloh168 for ever always continuous support. 💞

basic recipes is always the best way to not only eat healthily, you spend healthily!

Understandable having a child battling CDH is very challenging. We are praying for you all the time!

Best regards from Food bank

Thank you Food Bank. Yes we figure eat and spend healthily is the best. There are so many wastage already in the world and also so many children with malnutrition. Hope this little gestures help him to go far.

Thank you for always supporting me @gtpjfoodbank

" The Joy of the Lord is your strength " ( Nehemiah 8:10 )

I was hearing this song healer - Hillsong while reading this post.

" I believe You're my healer
I believe You are all I need
I believe You're my portion
I believe You're more than enough for me
Jesus, You're all I need
Nothing is impossible for You"

The moment i saw Jansen photo , i teared. He is such a strong boy. Nothing is impossible with Jesus mama jade! Keep trusting the Lord ! Love you! @iamjadeline

Oh one of my favourite songs! Thank you for being kind and mature to even go 2nd mile to support Jansen, a boy that you have yet to meet. Will tell him about Chloe jiejie that has a kind heart. ❤

aww hugs hugs!

Looks very delicious, when I see this post made me very hungry. I would like to invite you to join my food challenge. You can win Steem dollar and steem from me.

Thanks, Upvoted from @chanthasam

Thank you for your compliment. Okay will drop by your profile and have a look at it😁

Actually your cooking is looking more and more delicious @iamjadeline. I wanna clap for him that he ate his croissant but hmm mummy is a little sad he didn't eat the lunch. Hopefully he is doing better for dinner. Much grace on you both! 💓

Thank you Connie. Learning to arrange the food properly before snap photo. Haha. Yes he does eat but random. Sometimes alot. sometimes little. But he is really loving his croissant and milk biscuits.

Thank you for being a supportive ah chim.

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@iamjadeline, seeing Jansen photo with some tubes make me tears. Hoping the kid staying healthy sounds simple but it is every parent wish. You are a strong mum, and great effort in making the meal delicious for him to consume even it's just a little bit.

We did tear alot in the past, and learning to view him a normal child, still learning most of the times. Thank you @liewsc for commenting and encouraging words. It certainly helps to lift me up. 😊

@iamjadeline, one thing I must stress that life comes with challenge for different people, but it is not the end of it. I know it's easy to say but tough to do it, and that's where friend and family come into support and walk the journey together. It is something that the God (no matter which religious you are in) want us to face and overcome it, and solution is definitely somewhere for us to find out. Cheer up and cheers.

I am a Christian, and yes, if really without God and support from family, church and friends, I might face severe depression. It is with God I can upload my burden then download His joy and strength. Aww..thank you for kind uplifting words that boost up my faith @liewsc

@iamjadeline, I am a mum too and I can understand how tough it can be. Sometimes it is a sharing feeling that bring us for a short relieve and continue the journey again.

Yes we can so far with support! Thank you for brighten me up with replies ☺

Hi @iamjadeline To be honest, I only expect to see the photo of healthy food in this post. I was looking hard to see the ingredient in the Rice vermicelli soup with vegetables omelette and the rest of the dishes. But when I scrolled further down, I saw the photo of a kid, then a tube feed baby photos .... omg I have lost speech and can feel the pain and hardship you have gone through... stay strong and stay healthy Blessed you

Because of him I diligently cook everyday. Dietician advise us to give him healthier food which is less sodium and less sugar so that his heart also won't need to do so much considering now already both heart and lungs work more than usual. @digitalmind, we were in your state too when we 1st met him - lost speech - but after that we saw fighter spirit in him so we flow along with him. Thank you for your great blessing. ☺

Hi. Thanks for the response.. I wish you stay strong and with your live, things will turn around.

Oh..Btw. Now 8 can response promptly as
I have registered with Ginabot yesterday and it has alerted me so promptly that i wouldn't miss any replay and mentioned about me

Thank you for best wish from you.

Oh yes heard about Ginabot too. Will read more on 'her'. Thank you for the heads up.

Have a nice day.
See 8 got your reply notice from Ginabot

He..He... See you around in Team Malaysia

Yes see you around too Dr.Foong. ✌

Interesting recipes you provided us, well except for the green beans in the omelette but I'll forgive you those. Quite a challenge you have with your little guy. Great work.

Aha! I just mix in all the veggies I have to make it packed with veggies. But we do alot of diced french beans with egg here in Malaysia. You can try, who knows it will be the new talk in your town? 😉

naw, I would never put green beans in anything. they are one of the few vegetables i dislike. :)

Oh I see. Well good there are many nice selection of vegetables for you to choose. May I ask what vegetables do you like?

most vegetables grown in Canada .. except green and yellow beans LOL

@iamjadeline The noodle looks super delicious. Feeding kids is a challenge. Last night my 6yo didnt want to eat dinner at all.

Thank you for compliment.

This is indeed a challenge for most mothers. I admire those with children who love to eat. Many times it is my husband who reminds me to chill.

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What a beautiful meal. You are doing a great job being an awesome Momma to what looks like a couple sweet kids. Keep up the good work and great cooking. I love seeing local food culture from around the world so I can try it in my kitchen! I think that is one of the coolest things about this community. Love that banner, too ;) Cheers!

Thank you once again @mental-extract for encouraging words and compliment.

Anytime :) Very welcome

food is secondary, love is primary. Food cooked with love it the best on earth!

I appreciate the recipe and food photos. The #dailyfoodphotography tag has a new curator. I talked to @howtostartablog about changing it to a weekly contest. You can read the update here. Keep sharing!

Woah! Awesome. Thank you @mininthecity for letting me know. Must follow you 💜

Thanks for sharing great content and supporting the new contest!