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RE: Tube-weaning Journey for Jansen with CDH: Healthy Cheap Home-cooked Food #6

Hi @iamjadeline To be honest, I only expect to see the photo of healthy food in this post. I was looking hard to see the ingredient in the Rice vermicelli soup with vegetables omelette and the rest of the dishes. But when I scrolled further down, I saw the photo of a kid, then a tube feed baby photos .... omg I have lost speech and can feel the pain and hardship you have gone through... stay strong and stay healthy Blessed you


Because of him I diligently cook everyday. Dietician advise us to give him healthier food which is less sodium and less sugar so that his heart also won't need to do so much considering now already both heart and lungs work more than usual. @digitalmind, we were in your state too when we 1st met him - lost speech - but after that we saw fighter spirit in him so we flow along with him. Thank you for your great blessing. ☺

Hi. Thanks for the response.. I wish you stay strong and with your live, things will turn around.

Oh..Btw. Now 8 can response promptly as
I have registered with Ginabot yesterday and it has alerted me so promptly that i wouldn't miss any replay and mentioned about me

Thank you for best wish from you.

Oh yes heard about Ginabot too. Will read more on 'her'. Thank you for the heads up.

Have a nice day.
See 8 got your reply notice from Ginabot

He..He... See you around in Team Malaysia

Yes see you around too Dr.Foong. ✌

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