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RE: Tube-weaning Journey for Jansen with CDH: Healthy Cheap Home-cooked Food #6

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@iamjadeline, seeing Jansen photo with some tubes make me tears. Hoping the kid staying healthy sounds simple but it is every parent wish. You are a strong mum, and great effort in making the meal delicious for him to consume even it's just a little bit.


We did tear alot in the past, and learning to view him a normal child, still learning most of the times. Thank you @liewsc for commenting and encouraging words. It certainly helps to lift me up. 😊

@iamjadeline, one thing I must stress that life comes with challenge for different people, but it is not the end of it. I know it's easy to say but tough to do it, and that's where friend and family come into support and walk the journey together. It is something that the God (no matter which religious you are in) want us to face and overcome it, and solution is definitely somewhere for us to find out. Cheer up and cheers.

I am a Christian, and yes, if really without God and support from family, church and friends, I might face severe depression. It is with God I can upload my burden then download His joy and strength. Aww..thank you for kind uplifting words that boost up my faith @liewsc

@iamjadeline, I am a mum too and I can understand how tough it can be. Sometimes it is a sharing feeling that bring us for a short relieve and continue the journey again.

Yes we can so far with support! Thank you for brighten me up with replies ☺

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