Kickstart Your Day with WATERMELON JUICE (Fresh+Spicy)

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Refreshed, energized and light - that’s how I want to start into my day, every day! Therefore I tend to choose some very juicy fruits for my first meal and watermelon is just the perfect companion to reach that goal. But when it comes to melons, I can be quite picky about the texture and watermelon definitely needs to be crunchy for me, not soft and mushy.  

So this is how I save my breakfast if the opening of a watermelon is a more disappointing than delightful endeavor - making some fiery juice out of it.

There are so many great ideas about what goes into the perfect watermelon juice creation such as basil, lemon, cucumber or even some chili powder. For me, ginger gives it the perfect amount of fire and the mint leaves balance this with their fresh and light flavor. Of course, you won't get the vibrant, amazing red color with this mixture, at least if you are just as generous with the mint leaves as I like to be. 

  • 1/2 watermelon 
  • 1 hand full of mint leaves 
  • 1 thumb ginger 

I especially admire the simplicity of watermelon juice, since you don’t have to put everything in a juicer but can still get a great consistency by just throwing all ingredients into your blender. If you have ever cleaned a juicer before you know why this method might bring you a more pleasant and joyful morning. 

In case you are already a passionate watermelon juicer, what is your favorite special ingredient for watermelon juice? 

(This post is taking part in the amazing Fruits and Veggies Monday Competition from @lenasveganliving.)


Have a wonderful day and a fruity journey ahead! 

Yours, Anais 

Nomadic adventuress since 2018 | Raw foodie | Health enthusiast | Minimalist | Freedom seeker | Passionate believer in a life full of bliss.

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Very cool! I never think to add watermelon to my morning smoothies but that’ll change now. I can just taste that mint-watermelon combo 😋 delicious!

I personally don‘t add it to any smoothie, since watermelon is better eaten alone for a good digestion. Therefore the only things I put into such a juice are herbs, ginger or maybe some foods with a really high water content, just like cucumber or lemon.

You might feel fine mixing it with more dense fruits, but oftentimes it goes a little too hard on our digestive system. 😉

And you nailed it with mint and watermelon! Since the last time we talked about ‘eating fruits alone’ I’ve been eating my fruits alone. I must say I do feel better after eating them. Thank you for inspiring that change for me @rawadventuress.

That is so great, I am happy to hear that you are feeling better after eating fruits this way. My pleasure! ☺️

Last summer I was obsessed with watermelon juice with basil or mint, but never came to my mind that I can put ginger in it! I bet it's super tasty!

Sound also delicious. Ginger gives it a nice spicy flavor - for the more adventurous melon lovers! 😉

Love the ginger addition! I know a few people who don't like ginger, but I enjoy that little spicy kick it gives. I can imagine this is a wonderfully refreshing yet energizing combination to start out the day! I might have to track down a late-season watermelon to give this a try. :)

There are people that don’t like ginger? 🙈 I thought it was only a question of how much that divides us earthlings. 😁

Great idea, I bet the late-season melons are perfect for juicing, since they tend to be not the sweetest and crispiest ones. 😉

Hello mmm watermelon juice as soon as they will be in season i will give it a try i love how refreshing is watermelon:)

Perfect, go for it 😉

Powerful and delicious elixir Sweetie. You always share such an amazing ideas with us 🍒 🍌🍑🌿🍍🍓🍇
1 Collage.jpg

Thank you, Lena! 🙏🏻☺️

I'm not a passionate watermelon juicer, I've only prepared it twice last summer, and it didn't even cross my mind to put any spices in it... I still enjoyed my watermelon juice very much, on its own and in smoothies. Next summer I think I'll make watermelon juice with ginger, it must be delicious! Thanks for sharing the simple but creative idea @rawadventuress! :)

Most of the time I also go with watermelon on its own, without any smoothie or juice combo - but only if the melon has this perfect crisp texture! ☺️ Sorry for all of those who have no season right now and need to wait for next year to try it, hopefully you‘ll remember by then. 🙈

Thank you so much! 💚

It's a bit sad to wait for next year, but that also makes me appreciate the pink juicy treat so much! I really hope I'll remember your recipe by then, but I think so, I remember all the important things in life! 😁

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