Do It In The Kitchen #1: The Beetroot Soup- sweet memories from the past.

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HELLO July! HOLIDAYS at last!… or that’s how I used to react, way back, at the time I had gone to school.

Now, I am all grow up, unfortunately, and no more 2-months-holiday-break for me. BUT, I have few tricks up my sleeve to bring back those sweet memories from the past. One of them is taste of cold beetroot soup, that my mum used to make me and my sister. Because no one enjoys eating regular hot soups when it’s 30 degrees outside. AND it’s JULY, the most enjoyable month of the year. Nature boasting with delicious young vegetables and sweet seasonal fruits. So hurry up and visit your local grocery market.

Things you are going to need:


  • Fresh herbs like dill,parsley and/or chive
  • Potatoes
  • Radish
  • Eggs
  • Tomatoes
  • Spring onion
  • Beetroots
  • Cucumber
  • Lemon
  • Young beet leaves
  • Buttermilk/sour milk
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Sugar

Get two pots. One for boiling eggs and second one for beets and potatoes. Boil the beetroots is salty water (if you have young small beets you can boil them together with potatoes) and peel them. (If you managed to buy young potatoes you don't have to peel them, just wash them carefully before boiling).

Cut the boiled beets and potatoes to small cubes. Peel the eggs and cut them in wedges.



Now moving on to greens. Take a big bowl and throw in your cutted greens (cucumber, young beet leaves, radish, herbs, spring onion). Then add beetroots and potatoes. You can leave some herbs and egg for decoration.


Pour the buttermilk and mix everything carefully. Give it a taste. I recommend seasoning it with salt, pepper and a dash of sugar. Sprinkle with onion and VOILA! Perfect soup for hot summer day! Enjoy ;]



Ps. Have fun making the soup, get creative and seasonal. If you see something delicious at the market don’t hesitate and throw that inside, whether it’s a baby carrot or fresh coriander.


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More interesting recipes coming soon :)

Thank you for all upvotes, follows, comment and resteems!

Lots of love,
Dorothy & Radek



Hi guys i am looking for an ans instead of a upvote, feel free to leave your comments here xoxo

It looks so simple and splendidly, I will do it this week!

you must try it :) It's easy and super good!

Looks tasteful, and for sure do it in the kitchen, maybe outside kitchen will be Nice as well.

definitely you can eat beetroot soup outside :)

a very very lovely post!
you should join @woman-onthe-wing's SCC when it resumes

@englishtchrivy thanks so much! I will check right away! I am fresh user and I still need to learn many options :)

it's off now but it'll be back soon
you should join
you really are good
but you could check it out - the last post is still there
then you know what to do
good luck !

I've already checked :) All is clear! thanks again for letting me know.

you're welcome :)

O chłodnik. Pycha! Jadłby.

kiedyś Ci zrobie :)

Excellent post dear friend @radzioha congratulations on the recipe, many gacias for sharing the ingredients.
The memory of the child is difficult to forget.
Have a great day

thank you so much for kind words! waiting for your next stories :)

yummy that looks great!! perfect for summer!!

thank you so much :) yes, it's the best during hot days like we have right now in Poland :)

Wow wygląda wszystko cudownie!

dzięki :) i tez tak smakuje :>


Wygląda bardzo smacznie!

Fantastic food post!! Keep these coming!


@gringalicious thank you very much :) I really appreciate it. I think your stories are one of the best on steemit and I really enjoy them! Actually you inspired me and my GF to create ours :) More will come for sure!

Sounds so yummy. I like the mixed colors. Beautiful :) @ radzioha

@bontonstory thank you so much :) have a great day!

Wow @radiozha! Your photos are beautiful! You've made an amazing job, my friend! :) I can only dream about eating this soup now haha

@kotturinn thanks. It's the easiest soup ever, do it! :)

I gotta try it one of these days, but first I need to get some groceries haha

well beetroot and buttermilk/sour milk is a must, but other than that put whatever you want :D all the veggies :P

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This looks really yummy, nutritious and easy to prepare. Thanks for sharing the recipe.
I saw your post on steemit chat and upvoted it.

thank you! :)

Wygląda bardzo smacznie :)

serdeczne dzięki :) będzie więcej także zapraszam w przyszłości :)

Great... Now I guess I'll start liking beetroot more

@rideofpassion heh good, they are healthy!

Beetroot Soup! this is awesome and a healthy food indeed!
thanks for sharing this

thank you very much! :)

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support and comment also. thanks

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support and comment also. thanks

Sure, great post! I will also check your other stories!

Wow! Amazing post.

Crazy good pictures and i really like your animated chopping :D

Will try your recipe soon!

Great! you must do it and I promise you will love it :)

Interesting soup and beautiful pics ;)

I'm glad you like them! :) have a good day :)

Muszę wypróbować :)

koniecznie :)

I am gonna try this ... thanks!!

sure mate! :P

Wow, what a fantastic recipe and equally fantastic photography @radzioha! I love your whole presentation style, very cool :-) You clearly enjoy doing it. If you're interested I'd really love to see you participate in the weekly Steemit Culinary Challenge... The theme for this week is smoothies but usually it's a food theme. It's a great way to draw attention to your blog too :-)

thx! I will definitely take a look! great you told me about it :)

You're welcome to join in anytime, whenever the theme takes your fancy! :-)

I found you @ocd's channel, I am impressed, very beautiful pictures and the soup looks amazing, I have to try it out!

thank you so much! It's sure easy so you must try :)

Oh wow! Such wonderful colors @radzioha I will have to check my local store to see if I can locate the beets with leaves, looks like something that could be quite refreshing during our 42 degree days.

hehe for sure! It's super easy so please try :) following you :)

I love this! I posted this on Facebook also so followers their can see this too. Thanks for posting awesome content!

Good recipe ! i loved the colors tho ! well done :)

@rouketas thank you very much :)

this looks SO GOOD! Thank you for sharing the cooking love :)

@danigirl I am happy you like it! waiting for you next stories :)

Looks really nice. I love the layout. I'll keep an eye out for more recepies.

thanks! follwing as well :) I think tomorrow new story is comming :)

Looking forward to it.

Looks so tasty!!! Thanks for share the recipe ^_^

Thank you. Following you and waiting for next stories :)

It all looks really delicious and healthy, too! Thanks so much for sharing, @radzioha

Thx! waiting for your next stories :)

You're welcome and thanks again for the words of encouragement! @radzioha

That looks delicious! Salads and cold soup and so good, and this is both together. Your photography is great and I like your gif of the cutting! :D

thank you :D

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