Warsaw by night #1: Night Market- the street food gem.

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Night Market is a stationary market. If you like to spend time outside, tasting incredible delicious street food dishes from all parts of the world, in accompaniment with modern music and moonlight in the background… well, then this is the best place for you!

What can you find in there?

  • The representation of street food artists that serves you variety of incredible dishes like: american hamburgers, thai soups, mexican tacos, asian dumplings, greek souvlakis, hungarian lángoses, pulled pork sandwiches, sushi, assorted vegetarian as well as vegan specialties and many many more.
  • Artistic field filled with live concerts, DJs, bands and singers.
    Service point like tattoo studio, barber or manicure i pedicure salon.
  • Bars solid supplied with beers and drinks.
  • And plenty of place where you can relax with your friends.

History of the place.

Night Market is situated on platforms of no longer working of “Warszawa Główna Osobowa” railway station. Between 1945 and 1965 it was a main station in Warsaw and it was teeming with life. With a growth of the capital of Poland, the station was no longer insufficient and eventually closed in 1997. Since then it was completely neglected...

till the the 3rd of June 2016, when “Warszawa Główna Osobowa” was reborn anew:




All you need to know about Night Market!


Open Hours:

Thursday - 5PM : 12:00PM
Friday - 5PM - 01:00AM
Saturday - 5PM - 01:00AM
Sunday - 4PM - 11PM


Towarowa 3, Warsaw, Poland 00-811

Tattoo Box patronizes by Ars Tattoo.
Tattoo artist:
Anton Oleksenko
Paweł Zbigniew Gorączniak
Mongo Tattoo
Gaja Dot Tattoo

Just a few examples of Night Market's delicacies.




Shabu Shabu Mokotowska



Mąka i Woda




Koszykowa 31




Myri&Gustaw - Langosze




Sould Food Bus


Port Royal


Grill Kaukaski


La Chica Sandwicheria


Viet Street Food


Warung Jakarta


Sklep z goframi - najlepsze gofry slowfood w Warszawie


More interesting places from beautiful Poland coming soon :)

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Wow, to wygląda świetnie! Jestem pod dużym wrazeniem!

dzięki, nowe wpisy już niedługo :)

Looks like a wonderful place!
Now I'm hungry :'D

:) thank you!

Nice quality content with substantial information. Looking forward for another post. 🙃

thank you! :)

That place got some serious redecoration! Hope they have plenty vegetarian dishes! ;)

Yes, there are plenty of vegan, vegeterian dishes. There is something for everyone :)

I really like your photos, they are just great

thanks mate :)

Nice article! Wow, they did an amazing job with the old place. Sounds really enjoyable.

Btw, I followed you as you seem to have good content. Looking forward for your future pots.

thank you :) I am also following you. Yes, new post is coming soon. I want to create quality content and as you know it takes time :)

Yeah... it takes a lot of time. For my last article I had to spend many hours. I wish it would take less time

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Looks amazing! I hope someday to know that place. Thanks for sharing!

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Follow back too, and love your story. Mine is similar, i think food it's what keep us together XD

Nice photos! Keep sharing great content, upped :-)!

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is it all your photos? they're so yummy and delicious!!! I followed you. Hope to see more information about Poland). I answered you in my post about Warsaw!

Thank you! I am glad you like it :) next post comming soon :)

Oh yum, I wish I had the means to go and visit Poland with it's nice foods and scenery. Upvoted.

thx! make you next vacation in PL :)

Wow, everything looks absolutely delish! No wonder the Night Market attracts so many people!

and every week they are new restaurants, food trucks etc. It's really nice :)

Lovely photos and very useful content! The night market misses a Singapore food stand though ;)

Look forward to seeing more of your posts, @radzioha! :)

I am also waiting for your stories :) following you :)

Warszawa jest piekna @radzioha :-)

:) jest wiele super miejsc :)

Ah, awesome post :) so much food, your pictures look amazing as well. What camera did you use?

thank you! heh most are done by iphone :P but some of them were done by my fiends with more pro cameras

Oh I see! Thanks! Awesome photo quality that's why I asked!

glad you like it. My goal is to promote my country with quality content :) anyways see you in your next stories! following you :)

Me and my husband @matt-a were in Poland once, we didn't get to explore much, but what we did get to see was nice, I liked all of the kielbasas hahaha

plan another trip! I will help with your "must go and see" list :D

Wow, the food looks amazing.

Thank you! Your post about Sugar Canes is very interesting for me :) following you.

nice post, great pictures!

thank you very much!

I'm really hungry. I think i'm gonna die of cravings :))

actually I'm in a Peas Hummus mood right now :)

Great post !!
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Thank you very much for your time and informations !! 😃✌
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I like this place, but it's a bit too expense. Still remember when it wasn't so mainstream :)

That is very awesome they turn that space into a foood extravaganza ita beautiful!!! The power of people hu.

100% correct :D

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