Warsaw by night #3: Multimedia Fountain Park- the legend of Bazilisk.

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Multimedia Fountain Park in Warsaw is an enchanting place worth visiting while sightseeing the Old Town. In case you are wondering, the attraction is not only for kids, it dazzles the toughest and hypnotizes the imaginative ones. Just like the famous fountains in Barcelona or Las Vegas, the Multimedia Park Fountains gathers crowds for the daylighting performance of water, light and sound.

Each season the fountain water “dances” to different choreography synchronized with light laser effects and music. The previous seasons featured music of our national classical genius Chopin, unique sounds from Jean Michel Jarre and surprisingly Lady Gaga. This season, organisers decided to make something even more spectacular. They created a water curtain in order to incorporate a laser screening of the legend of Bazilisk into the water dancing show. The visual overall effect - amazing!





The Fountain is situated on the Vistula river bank near the Old Town. From May till September, On Friday and Saturday evenings at 9:30 p.m. (9:00 p.m. in September) you can watch the magical multimedia spectacle of water, light and sound. Check the schedule on the website here.



The Multimedia Fountain Park consists of a main fountain, in a “S” shape, two line fountains and a children one. During the show there are 367 nozzles streaming with water lit by almost 300 LED colorful reflectors. The Park was open on May 7th 2011 to celebrate 125th anniversary of Warsaw’s Municipal Water and Sewerage Company. Nearby, you can spot a statue of a man who designed and launched Warsaw’s sewerage network in 1886, Mr. William Heerlein Lindley.

The fountain complex consists of:
• The main fountain of 2200 m2.
• 2 line fountains of 600 m2 altogether.
• Children's fountain of 140 m2.
• 367 water jets (including 227 digitally controlled ones), jetting simultaneously even 30,000 liters of water per minute.
• 295 LED RGB lights. Each of them provides 16 million possible colors.
• Sprayed water screen used to display images and animations.




All you need to know about Multimedia Fountain Park!

Web Page

Open Hours:

• From Sunday to Thursday Fountains operate according to the following schedule:
8:30 - start
16:00 - 16:30 - Water show using all nozzles (no lights, lasers or music)
21:30 - 22:00 - Water show using all nozzles and lights (no lasers or music)
22:30 – end of work

• From Friday to Saturday Fountains operate according to the following schedule:
8:30 - start
16:00 - 16:30 - Water show using all nozzles (no lights, lasers and music)
21:30 - 22:00 - MULTIMEDIA SHOW (in September between 21:00 - 21:30)
22:30 – end of work


Multimedia Fountain Park, skwer I Dywizji Pancernej, Warsaw



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More interesting places from beautiful Poland coming soon :)

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It is really amazing. I have never seen anything like this.

@cqf I'm glad you like it!

I hope you can post more amazing videos and images!

I will :)

Those projections are phenomenal!

Glad you like it :)

Amazing post . Thank u for shearing.

Thank you very much :)

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Great article and pictures

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Upvoted! Love your posts, miss the food but it's great anyway :)

@elteamgordo thank you very much. I also read all of yours :) food is comming soon :)

Amazing photos, awesome article!

I'm really glad you like it :)

Really great shots @radzioha! That is one incredible looking place :)

@dexter-k thanks! waiting for your new stories!

Those fountains are just so awesome! :)
Reminds me of Disneyland!

@taraamin77 I love you like it! :)

@radzioha really amazing...

@mokluc thanks for kind words :)

Wow, this looks absolutely amazing! I would love to visit this area. I've seen a few videos of the water fountain and lights shows like this recently.

I am happy you like it! Waiting for you next stories :)

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thank you! I just need more stories from you :P

Chyba właśnie zainspirowałeś moje fotograficzne ego, dzięki! :)

:) ciesz się :)

the lights are very pretty, and a mutimedia fountain is certainly nothing I've seen or heard of before! thanks for sharing.✨

thank you very much for checking! have a great day :)

Thanks for directing me to this. It looks like an amazing fountain. It reminds me of one that is in front of the main train station in Busan, Korea. I was there years ago and they had similar music sequenced light shows. The water curtain is something I haven't seen before though.

I am happy you like it! Come and visit Poland! :) There are plenty of interesting places to see :) All the best!

Maybe I'll make it there someday. If I do, I'll ask you where to go;)

Sure, I will be happy to help.

That place looks amazing

come to Poland, and check it live :>

Beautiful series.

@team101 thank you! more stories comming soon!

wow, far out! Looks like a lot of magical fun, thanks for sharing all of this!

@natureofbeing thx so much for checking! I am creating new one so hopefully I will finalize it in few days :)

Holy s... those lights are soooo cool !!!!
Thanks for sharing :D

@cryptodan haha yes it's cool! :D

Pretty cool. Reminds me of the fountain park in Peru. I am really looking forward to visiting Poland, now even more.

Great! I am very happy that story encouraged you to visit Poland! :)

A very brilliant light show. I will watch live in Warsaw.

@homeartpictures thx! when are you planning to visit Poland?

I will be in Poland in October. I always spend a week holiday at the Baltic Sea.

nice to hear! I need to create some stories about Baltic Sea then :P

Na tych zdjęciach wygląda to lepiej niż na żywo :-)

haha tak czy siak fajnie że co rok coś nowego :)

Beautiful. What tool you use to make the gif?

there are many. For example: giphy.com

Wow, it's really amazing! Thanks for sharing

@krischy thank you and waiting for your next stories!

I felt right in the middle of the fascinating Warsaw nights. Great articles. I didn't know much about your country to be honest. I lived too long abroad in SE-Asia. Anyways, very nice meeting you

@mammasitta heh thx so much for kind words! More stories are comming soon! Poland is beautiful. You must go here for your next vacation :)

super post świetne zdjęcia!muszę przyznać...chyba lepsza niż we Wrocławiu moim kochanym :) follow U! Cheers!

@deazydee Wroclove :> też super miasto. Obserwuje i czekam na wpisy :)

It's amazing photos

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Now I know where I will go next time I visit Polnad!
Good job, keepi it up :)

@pjo thx! more stories comming soon and I'm waiting for yours :)

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Pretty cool place, will have to put this on my list to see before I die.

Wow, looks like an amazing light show. Great post.

thank you so much!

upvoted! It was amazing !! I would love to visit Warsaw one day if I can:) Cheers!

@gladysmak you need to plan your future vacation! :)

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