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Good Evening!

Over this week I have been writing about some of the donuts I had out of my Krispy Kreme dozen. Today is the turn of Nutty Chocolatta.

Nutty Chocolatta

"Filled with pure NUTELLA® hazelnut spread, dipped in chocolate flavour coating and topped with white chocolate flavour and hazelnuts.”

I am quite partial to Nutella and Mr. Spoon, so it was only right that I include this donut in my dozen. Just look at how plump the donut it topped with all that chocolate and chopped hazelnuts. Thankfully the nuts were small enough for me to have or my dentist would literally go nuts if I break one of my brackets. This donut was packed full of Nutella. It was so smooth and creamy. Exactly how it is when I eat it straight from the jar. I like the chocolate icing on top with the white chocolate pattern. It really looks the business. The donut was really spongy and light. The Nutella was the culprit that made this donut feel heavy. I’m not complaining though. I had Nutella all the way through this donut. It spread all over my lips too. Yum!

The Nutty Chocolatta donut is every chocoholics dream! What more can you ask for? Chocolate and hazelnut with Nutella all packed into a donut. Delish! Thankfully I don’t have to have Mr. Spoon with me to devour this chocolate bad boy!

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this doughnut sounds like the most incredibly amazing thing on the planet. I'm so jealous, we don't have a Krispy Kreme here on oahu. please enjoy some for me.