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I live on good soup, not on fine words. -- Moliere


First-off.., am I missing something, or is broth -- stock. Okay, that's out of the way… But really, I had heard people were into the broth thing.., but I had no idea it was this huge. There is a very trendy restaurant in the East Village here in NYC, that opened a back "window" right onto the street, they serve 3 different kinds of broth, that's it -- takeout only. And it's packed!

Now don't get me wrong, I love broth. I grew-up drinking all kinds of broth. My mom made broth. My aunts made broth. My grandmother made broth. Get the picture… But when did it become all the rage..?

And from what I can see, it's all about the beef bone broth.

It's so out of control.., people are actually getting "annoyed" at the phrase -- Bone Broth. I personally, had no idea it such a "thing" until pretty recently. Besides being around, since practically, the beginning of time… Known as "jewish penicillin" and the worlds first comfort food -- it was always known for being pretty healthy, too.

The idea behind bone broth.., is that by simmering the bone for hours and hours, it breaks down, releasing all the vitamins, minerals, collagen and nutrients. Which are all easily assimilated and very easy to digest. I get that… And Im into that, too. But how did this happen… How did it get so big..?

The "statistics" sort of tell us the people are straying away from the unhealthy fast-food places and choosing healthier options. Also, there seems to be a trend of people looking for alternative options for what ails them…

So bone broth is the rage -- great, I say. They tell me the difference from stock is.., added spices, wine or vinegar (optional), onions carrots, celery, peppercorns bay leaves -- you get it. A jazzed-up, long simmered stock. Sounds fabulous!

"It's even said that a good broth can revive the dead."

(Now obviously.., it wouldn't raise the dead. But it must be pretty damn healthy if that is a quote associated to it.)

Bone Broth Health Benefits

  • Excellent for speeding up the healing process… We've had someone's "famous chicken soup" before when we were feeling under the weather. Turns out there is a natural amino acid, cysteine.., that thins out your mucus making it easier to get rid of...

  • Great for your gut (the gelatin in the bone broth (found in the knuckles, feet, and other joints) helps seal up holes in intestines.)

  • The phosphorus, magnesium, and calcium in the bones is broken down into the broth, nourishing your own

  • Great for your skin… Bone broth is a loaded with collagen.., and it's a lot cheaper to drink your collagen than to buy it.

  • It can help to keep your immune system, on point.., by addressing any abnormalities that can be the beginning of chronic disease. So good for the immune there are people that want bone broth added to the Superfood category.

  • Reduces joint pain and inflammation.

Referred to as "Medicinal Soul Food…" Bone broth is believed to be one of the healthiest and healing foods out there. And it smells amazing simmering on the stove all day.

Around the world, chefs and home cooks have been using the feet, knuckles, tendons and bones of all sizes from poultry, beef, pig and fish to make rich, nourishing broths practically forever.

Broth (bone broth) has always been considered healing… But now, there are books being written about the it. But there are those out there that think this is just some savy marketer, capitalizing and cashing in on an age old tradition.

And while their concerns are valid -- we have all felt it's healing properties first hand. So while, I am all for scientific studies and research. There is nothing -- NOTHING like experiencing it for yourself!

Yeah, I understand.., the body does not absorb collagen whole -- but it breaks it down into valuable amino acids, that the body will use where needed. When something is staring you in the face.., and has been for centuries -- BELIEVE IT! Take your studies and shove them --

And yes, I am also aware that heating these foods will cook out some of the nutritional value, according to raw food and the juicing community. But, it makes them more digestible. And, the LA Lakers drink bone broth as a staple of their dietary program, for it's rejuvenating and anti-inflammatory properties.

Do you know how many anti-inflammatory pills.., a professional basketball player needs to take, with all the pings and nicks, they are subjected too… It's insane and would probably kill a normal sized human. And just as the Lakers.., many people are moving away from the pharmaceutical industry for then medicine they need. When you understand, their main driving factor is profits for it's shareholders, it's makes it kinda hard to trust them with something as precious as your health.

I fall on the side of -- way to go bone broth!

You can decide for yourself… But I encourage everyone reading this to go out and try some of this (if you haven't already) warming, comforting beverage -- it's great for the cooler temperatures… Plus, just the fact that people are getting back in the kitchen, themselves and are concerned with the quality of things going into their body, is a huge benefit.., and just makes you feel good.


Bone Broth Tips:

  • Always blanch your bones, by covering them with cold water, bring to a boil and simmer at med to high for 20 minutes.

  • It's tempting to add -- too much stuff. Fight the urge to throw in all of your produce draw… Broth, real broth -- just needs a few aromatics like garlic, onion, pepper, pepper -- did I say pepper twice.

  • Don't add too much water. Just enough to cover ingredients (we don't want it to be watered down).

  • If you can, the longer the better, when it comes to the amount of time you should let simmer… Overnight, if you can (don't burn down the house).

  • Cool it properly and quickly. After you drain out the bones and other goodies -- add a few cups of ice and leave somewhere cooler away from heat. Do not -- DO NOT but it in the fridge -- that is a breeding ground for bad bacteria.

  • And always, yes always roast your bones before you toss them in the pot for the long simmer. This will caramelize and add some great flavor. I didn't add any recipes because they are all over the internet… But do not be intimidated by this process -- it is super simple. Bon appetite!

P.S., I am also a huge fan of straight up veggie broths. Quick tip: use the peelings of potatoes about a 1/8th of an inch from the skin in -- as a good base and then add your veggies.

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Taking Stock of Bone Broth
The Power of Bone Broth


Great article! resteeming.

If you ever heard of Dr. Pompa, he talks about bone broth. He also uses fasting techniques with bone broth. He really goes into deep stuff and has tons of videos on health and wellness.

I love homemade soups, especially in cold season. Nothing is more pleasing than coming home and smelling the yummy soups (except for eating it of course). After fighting a nasty bug this week, I was finally able to eat some soup. Bummer part it was only Progresso and not my own. Your post is making my mouth water just craving it. I can almost smell the broth. That is good to read about beef since I always made various kinds of chicken soup for healing remedies. Thank you for sharing this @macksby

Thanks @pixiehunter... Tis' the season for something nice and warm to sip on, for sure :))

I think it got really popular from the GAPS diet, although Weston Price et al. have been promoting it for a long time, too. I know I've made it right if it wiggles like jello in the fridge. it's funny... the old fashioned things are now trendy. :)

Ir's amazing... Broth is trendy :))
Cheers @daine-sidhe

I think it started with WAPF, grew quite a bit with GAPS, then went through the roof when Paleo picked it up as well. Either way, it's a good thing. Are you doing GAPS?

I had no idea -- I heard something about Paleo (the whole gluten free thing) but when I saw the walk-up window in the East Village, I knew it was for real :))

He knows food and wine! Bravo, @macksby, once again.

What can I say... Im a man of many talents :))
Cheers @fairytalelife -- Drink up!

I guess we haven't gotten on that wave yet.. we're always behind. It could possibly be becoming more popular because of winter.. and we're in summer so maybe that's why it hasn't kicked off as much?
Really cool article though!

OMG... A yogi into Bob Marley that hasn't had bone broth -- now I've heard everything!!! :))
Thanks @yogidream.scapes -- Have a good day!

Well I might like it, I haven't tried it yet :D I may fit the stereotype yet!

Hi @macksby, I just stopped back to let you know your post was one of my favourite reads yesterday and I included it in my Steemit Ramble. You can read what I wrote about your post here.

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Very cool, maybe you will be interested in my work

the belief is true a good soup raises the dead, beautiful work, beautiful photographs whets the appetite, congratulations, thanks for sharing another wonderful material

Thanks @jlufer... That must be some pretty good soup:))

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