Sunday Cook #19 Portuguese green soup [Caldo verde]

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Hello, Steemian fellows!

This last Sunday Cook is due to @haphazard-hstead!

Two weeks ago she posted The Great Willamette Valley Ice Storm of '16 - 9 - Garden Plants - 12 original photos and told how her Portuguese Kale took the ice like a champ.

I don't know why, but as Portuguese women I felt (SO) proud!!

Portuguese people are always complaining about everything, but we are tough!! (One of these days I would like to tell more about portuguese people features)

Portuguese Kale...

It's very traditional with codfish for the Christmas night, but we also use it in a great soup - Caldo verde (and other amazing recipes)!

If you ever visited a "Casa de fados" in Lisbon you probably know what I'm talking about!! It's also possible to find a great Caldo verde in "A Merendeira" placed at Av. 24 de Julho, nº 54 G, Santos-o-Velho, 1200-868 Lisboa from 7 p.m. to 7 a.m!! Yes, it's opened during the night and it's possible to go after a night in the disco!! I totally recommend :)

Enough of "how Portuguese food is great and where you can find it"! ;)

Traditionally, caldo verde only has potatoes, onions, garlic, cabbage, chorizo and olive oil. You can check a recipe here.

I like to have the turnip flavor and this Sunday I also substituted​ some potatoes by zucchini and cauliflower (I need to reduce potatoes from my diet).

This Sunday I cooked

Portuguese green soup (Caldo verde)



  • 2 medium onions
  • 4-5 garlic cloves
  • 1/2 of one cauliflower
  • 2 turnips
  • 3 medium potatoes
  • 1 zucchini
  • 250 grams shredded portugues kale
  • 150-170 g of portuguese chorizo (Alentejo region preferently)
  • olive oil and salt (to taste)
  • water to cover the vegetables in the pot


As you see, it's possible to buy shredded portuguese kale at any local market.


  1. Unpeel and chop the onion and garlic cloves. Put them in a pan with olive oil and let it fry for about 3 minutes. Add the chorizo and let it fry a bit more...(oohhh, the aromas, so good).
  2. Peel and wash the potatoes, turnip and zucchini. Place it cut into pieces in the pan and cover, let it cook for 3-4 minutes. Add the cauliflower, season with salt and cover the vegetables with water to cook. When starts boiling, reduce to medium-low heat and cook for about 15-20minutes.
  3. Remove the chorizo to a plate and put aside.
  4. Remove the pan from heat and blend the soup until creamy. Place it back on the stove over medium-high heat. When starts boiling, reduce to low heat and add the portuguese kale (carefully washed). Cook about 10-15 minutes with the pan covered, stirring ccasionally.
  5. Cut the chorizo into round slices, add it to the pan, stir and turn off the heat.

It's ready!! Let's serve it!!

Facts: Sunday cooks always have a great aroma, and this one goes fine with homemade bread. Enjoy!!





I will come back with another Sunday cook delicious :D Stay tuned!!

What is Sunday Cook?!

These Sunday Cook project began with a strong will to contribute to Steemit with my personal view of Portuguese cuisine. I really believe we have plenty of good food. I'm not a professional or nothing similar, but I can assure that I'll do my best! On Sundays, I like to prepare more elaborate and delicious food. It requires time and patient. Usually, I cook some traditional Portuguese food, or at least with Portuguese inspiration :) I try to do it in a healthier way, using the minimum fat as possible, and normally I pick some recipe and transform it. During the week I don't like to spend much time cooking (no time at all), that's why I get totally motivated to cook on Sundays!!

BADGES Courtesy of @elyaque

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Mais uma grande receita, Parabéns @Liliana.duarte

Obrigada!! :)

@liliana.duarte I don't eat chorizo but since I've eaten it I could almost taste what this is like ^ ^ .
Looks yummy!

Why you gave up chorizo?! Not even once in a while? I couldn't leave it for way!! ;)


@liliana.duarte I gave up all that's cured meat when one of my best friends had breast cancer. She loved cured meat - bacon, sausage, hotdog, chorizo everything cured ... I lost her 13 years ago.

EDIT: but if you're eating moderately it's going to be fine you're not the same.

:( Yes, I understand why you did that big change in your diet.
Moderation is the right word for everything in our lives. I like to think that my body is educated and if I eat more meat one day he asks me vegetables in the day just a matter of listening to our guts and have some luck too!

@liliana.duarte exactly ;)
am off to bed my body said time to sleep
i wrote this a long time earlier like half an hour ago hahaha
really addicted but unplugging after this.
Good night out there :)


I am sure that's very healthy but also delicious at the same time! :)

Chorizo isn't the healthiest thing, but it's very delicious, indeed!

Ah, come on: such a small chorizo only and so much vegetables! :-)

You're right!! Thanks for giving me more arguments to eat it and not feeling guilty ;)

I need some of this soup to warm up this Winter! #coldeurowanderer

Yes, it's nice for cold days, you are right!

It's raining and snowing, mixed together, here in Oregon's Willamette Valley today, so your Calo Verde green soup looks so good! I'd like to have that right now! And thanks for bringing some to my Icicle Party.

Thanks for the shoutout - and I'm glad you liked seeing my Portuguese Kale. I can see why you are proud seeing that plant -- it is such a productive plant that holds up to hot or cold weather, and isn't bothered by insects. It's great! I've never seen it for sale in stores here, let alone already sliced so nicely like yours.

I'll write a post about this great plant, but here's a picture from a past harvest. The leaves are huge! I'm glad to know someone who knows how to really use this plant in its traditional ways.

@haphazard-hstead holy crap!
those are huge!
make kimchi? :D

These Portuguese Kale are worth growing! And that picture is from December, so they can provide a lot of food well into the winter.

I've never made kimchi, but I do like it. These leaves would be good for that, I think. Great idea!

It's a great cabbage indeed. There's nothing more "comfy​" than that cabbage with potatoes and boiled egg seasoned with olive oil! It's wonderfull! I love to eat the tender stalks...nhami!

I was amazed how tender those whote central stalks are. I like to slice and eat them right out in the garden, lol. I like the sound of your "comfy" food, too! :D

Ahah, I was saying about those stalks boiled with the potatoes. Believe it's a great combination, but guess it's the olive oil that makes the difference. I'm not sure if it's easy to find good olive oil on North America. I prefer Extra virgin oil.

Thanks for this great photo!! Your cabbage grow so beautiful!!

Your welcome. It's nice you can buy it already sliced. But their leaves are so impressive, I thought folks might appreciate seeing it in a garden.

This is the cabbage I bought for Sunday Cook #10. It's really impressive.

In this link you can see the "fancy aparail"that our grandmas used to slice the cabbage! My mother had one, but she hated it!! lol

That's an amazing contraption for slicing these big leaves. It's impressive how thin it slices. And isn't that just a beautiful cabbage in your picture? Yes, it is! I am a big fan of these plants now that I know them. They should be grown by a lot more folks. :D