#sixweekhealth Week One WINNERS?!

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This challenge has gone crazy. We've had so many entries, great efforts and such high quality recipes submitted. The #sixweekchallenge started last week and we've had nearly eighty entries. Check out the original challenge and rules HERE.

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Want to join in for a chance to win up to sixty Steem every week? Go back and check out the original #sixweekchallenge post https://steemit.com/health/@healthsquared/six-week-health-challenge-win-up-to-560-steem for the full rules.

Week One TOP FOUR!

To make this challenge work, we need your votes. These four Steemians submitted amazing recipes (which you can see below). Look at each recipe and vote for your favourite in the comment section by commenting either A, B, C or D. The recipe with the most votes will win sixty Steem! Recipes are in order of author's name.

Recipe A

Skyr Cake AKA the Healthy Protein Bomb



This recipe displays an innovative use of healthy ingredients to make a protein packed dessert. We loved the step by step instructions, with pictures, and clear instructions. This was one of the few dessert recipes, making it unique and creative. Thank you for the excellent submission @kellerkulturist.

Recipe B

Potato Goulash Soup



This recipe by @kusatsuri included beautiful photos with step by step instructions that were easy to follow. Clearly a lot of care and time went in to making this recipe easy to follow. Very creative and informative. Well done for creating such an easy to follow format.

Recipe C

Low carb vegan broccoli pizza



@marialara displayed amazing creativity in all of her recipes. They included beautiful photography and explanations but what really struck us was the different use of food. From stuffed potatoes to broccoli pizza, we loved the innovation.

Recipe D

Walnut and Coconut Flour Sweet Bread



@missdeli displayed great use of ingredients in all of her recipes. But this recipe was so creative and the photography was lovely. Well done for such a creativity and dedication to health.


So once again, Steem, I need your help. Vote for your favourite recipe by commenting A, B, C or D in the comments below. The Steemian with the most votes will win sixty Steem! Voting closes at 5pm GMT on Sunday 28th of January.

Honourable Mentions

We had so many amazing entries that I need to give some honourable mentions. All of these Steemians posted amazing recipes. Their effort, creativity and beautiful recipes really need a mention and I urge you to check them out, follow them and try out their amazing recipes.











Thank you for all of your entries. Make sure you go and check out all of the recipes HERE. The challenge for week two will be posted tomorrow so make sure you get involved!

Yours in health,
Coach Ben @healthsquared
#sixweekhealth #coachben


Thank you for all of the votes so far - but I think you can do more Steemit community! The entries to week one of the challenge were amazing and they deserve some real support.

Your votes not only help us decide which recipe should win, they also give all of the authors more exposure. Support each others health, and support Steem :) We have to get over one hundred comments and votes, right?

Voting ends Sunday 5pm GMT. Re-steem and tell your friends!

what all is beautiful, and probably, tasty! cool!

Haha hot competition .. delicious
Voting: c

Thank you for all of the votes - the votes are now closed! I've counted the votes and the winner is HERE!

I vote for D


Thank you!I'm glad you liked my recipe! :)


Glad you liked my recipe:) Thank you for your support.


Thank you! hope you'll try it :)

Welcome! I think I will :)

I vote the recipe D.

glad you liked it:)

If you ask me "D"

Great choices! Didn't know this was a thing. I will enter in future. Thanks guys!

Yes, you should! I'm happy I did. how are you?:) I wrote you on chat but I guess you were offline. :p

You know.. I can't really get my head around how to work the chat ha ha. I will try again!

No problema. :p

Will be great to have you joining in in the future! I'm posting Week Two's challenge today so look out for it!

Oooh great! I'll look to of it.


I narrowed it down to the two I can eat on LCHF (C & D). This one is more unusual and creative. I'm going to try making both and see how it goes.

You took the words from my fingers! Haha I have made cauliflower and chicken pizza crust but not broccoli. I likr that it's not covered in cheese like a lot of pizzas I've come across. Sometimes its just easier to make a new recipe instead of making a "fake" healthy version but when you're craving pizza, it can be tough to beat :)

Good to know. I’m a recent LCHF convert and still am in the bread craving phase.

Congratulations! I have had a ton of success with that WoE, you can do it! The quickest way I have found to get through those cravings is drop carbs quite low, like keto (20 g net total) for a couple days while keeping those electolytes in check to avoid the "flu". After that, it becomes a mental game, where I remind myself how I felt when I DID eat it, not just what I remembered it tasting like. And I have found that the small cheats I allowed, because, sanity, havent tasted "worth it."

I vote for B ! The is nothing better than a good soup if it´s cold outside ;)

Thank you a lot!!! hahaha and your're right ;)

What an awesome idea to showcase other people's talents. Good luck to them. I choose Recipe B -- Potato Ghoulash Soup. :-)

Thank you very much :D!!!

@healthsquared I'm a soup lover and I cast my vote to "Potato Goulash Soup". Good luck to all the nominees.

PS: Glad to be part of this sixweekhealth's challenge :D

Thank you a lot :D!!!!

I'll go with D, great photos and efforts, after all my nick starts with D :D

good food i love about this

Delicious... Nyummi. I was resteem

Is it too late? I think I'm late. Anyway this vegan barbecue jerk jackfruit taco and burrito is a hit!!!!


Vote for the recipe C, just great .!

una divinura

Hello, I am new supermanmaster, I like your work, give you a lot of praise

The recipe C, is novel, has my vote.

Vote, recipe C.

My vote for recipe C.

Vote for the irresistible recipe C

sincerely this is very difficult to choose but i go for A

Great challenge @healthsquared.

Eating healthy is one of the best habits that reduce the incidence of many diseases as cancer, stroke and many others.

God Bless Us All!

Very true! Which recipe would you vote for @healthcareport?

@healthsquared, in this world full of starches, I would like to vote for the Broccoli Pizza!!

A great source for the amount of vegetables that we need daily but hidden in the famous pizza!!

God Bless Us All!

These recipes look great. I’ll defintely be making these! Thanks for the great tips from your readers!

They look amazing right? Which of these four would get your vote to win 60 Steem? Thank you to all of the entries on #sixweekhealth - you can find all of them HERE for more recipe ideas.

Hmm well they all look yum but I’m going for Skyr Cake! Nothing like a cake!!

C gets my vote, that broccoli pizza looks totally delicious!

good post, do not forget to follow back thank you

God job.please help him to get points. because I just joined

des ides de menue hebdomadaire

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All of these look unreal! Gives a really good idea of the standard needed to be in the top for. I'm gonna go vote for A, its hard to make a healthy dessert and that looks lovely

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Всем кому понравилось или просто посмотреть
Заранее Благодарю

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My vote is C

My vote is for C.

voto por la c porque me gusta el brocoli

great work brother

Hello, I am new supermanmaster, I like your work, give you a lot of praise

The recipe c is spectacular, low in calories, it really deserves to win a great broccoli pizzeria!

thats all i gotta say.

I really liked your program of encouraging good posts.
The authors, of course, should be supported.
I hope that this tradition will continue.

Good info

ha ha ha.... right...

All the recipes are incredible, but the recipe "c" is very novel, it shocked me.

I prefer recipe c, since I had never tried a broccoli pizza, when I read it at home, my husband loved it.

Didn't even know this existed- congrats to the winners, excited to get involved!

Can't wait to have you involved :D Posting the next week's health challenge today. Look out for it!

Vastly thought out! YEW!

Definitely my vote is for recipe C.

C, definitely when I first saw the recipe I was blown away by the creativity. congratulations to all finalist!

Broccoli Pizza looks amazing. Now I see how people can live life being vegetarian.

@healthsquared thanks for the honorable mention bug I'm coming for that title this next week. What could the theme be?!

What a great idea to have this contest. I loved all the recipes but would vote for C, I had never thought of using broccoli this way!

I like recipe D! Go @missdeli!

Thank you for your support @didutza! I'm sure you would love the recipe. It's a very good alternative, and you wont even know it is different from regular sweet bread:p although you would feel some coconut taste!! yummyyy :x

Sorry for the late reply. Keep up the good work promoting health on steemit. My vote:- A.

Recipe "C"

Definitely the "C" novelty, health and delicious, deserves to win

My vote is for recipe C.

me too . i like 't

Hi there:p i'm very happy you liked my recipe! I'll keep in mind your suggestion. very good one, adding some extra macros for the ''fitness people'' :)

Vote recipe C!

Vote for the recipe "C"

yammy yammy

Hmmm....all recipes are stunning.... I would loved to see much more pictures at recipe C...not only one...you know..?
It's hard to choose recipe A, B or D....all are great and participants deserve to win.
But i guess I'll choose D because it's what Im in the mood now. Also, its bread and a healthy one! I support recipe D.

My vote is for recipe C.

I vote for D ;)

My vote is for recipe C

Vote recipe C

My vote is for recipe C

My vote is for recipe C.

I like recipe C

my vote is for recipe C

My vote is for the recipe "C" is the best, very creative and looks spectacular.

They all look very good, but in reality the prize should be for the recipe "C" is original nutritious and looks spectacular.

I vote for C

I vote for C.

Wow all these recipes are amazing!! I can't wait to try them! I love nourishing my body so that I feel my very best. I'm new here and just made my first posts. I am into fitness and healthy eating as well perhaps you'll check it out if you have time? :)

*Followed and upvoted!! *

I'll definitely check it out. Which recipe would you vote for to win sixty Steem @namstar?