Chocolate Bark w/ Sundried Fruits & Nuts | VIDEO

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내가 정말로 필요한 것은 사랑이다.하지만 지금은 초콜릿을 조금 먹어도 상처를 입지 않는다. 🍫🍫🍫

Aloha guys! And hello to my beloved Steemians who had nothing to do but just nibbling chocolate bars all day long! Lol. That sounds like me. Gosh, I've been cheating on myself the past few days and eating kitkats while watching netflix is already getting into a habit. And I hate it but I love it too.

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Chocolate Bark w/ Sundried Fruits & Nuts

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It's been a struggle since my last decision for tonsillectomy but thank God I found these natural supplements that really helped me alot and by eating proper diet too that would mean eliminating all sorts of processed sugars and that includes my kitkats, toblerones and cadburries junks.

It wasn't easy but I had to be strict and vigilant for my health's sake or else my blood cells are gonna scream hard of dying. Lol. I had once a blood analysis test and it was the baddest of all the results of my entire lifetime. My rbc's are totally clogged and crowded, sticking to each others like lovers in Paris.


As the doctor informed me about my blood test, I was totally in fear knowing that I'm still young and my blood test are way cray cray but yes still young to have a longer chance to shift my diet and stick to something very healthy. I was totally freaking out coz of the result and decided to take care of my diet and sugar intake also majorly to drink alot of water.

Yes we're like plants we need a lot of hydration to survive and clean our systems or else we'll die honeyless. Anyways, after that time I abstained from eating all sorts of chocolates in the choco planet. I admit it was so hard to resist temptations but made it.

🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫 VIDEO 🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫

Watch this ASMR VIDEO for a full recipe adventure!

All I did was to look at my live blood analysis video and it's already enough to freak all my systems out so yeah I survived the temptations. And I got healthier, no tonsillectomy done and my tonsils are doing better than before.

But after many years of abstinence, my ugly tastebuds are asking me to try one and my brain agreed to it saying, "yes tastebuddy is right. It's been a long time already and besides you're healthier now. One bite doesn't hurt at all."


And I gave in. So for a week already I've been nibbling some kitkats while watching netflix. And I feel so guilty to the highest level. I know I'm very sensitive to sugar and I suffer a lot after eating one but I was too dumb to did it again.

And so far I was suffering a little bit of its consequence. I had some itching all over my body but my tonsils are doing good so far no pain at all. I guess in life we never learn something unless we encounter and experience some very traumatic events in our life and that'll totally change us into a different person.


But kitkats taste so deng good that I forgot all the worries in life and indulged into its own majestic sweetness. Drinking a lot of water may help sometimes but you gotta need to compensate by drinking a lot of it, like a lot in order to cleanse your blood from the destructive sweet kitkat monsters.

I've been taking Rain Soul supplement for four months already and also olive leaf every night plus tons of vitamin caps and my beloved Magnesium I can't live without. If you're curious what is magnesium for. It's intended for those type of people who wants nothing but to be happy. Lol. Google search will help though.


My current situation is way different from when I was having this cray cray job at the hospital and also take note "underpaid". My main focus now is just my photography, food and health and also life itself. I guess doing what you really love to do will indeed bring a positive impact to your life. When you put your heart into it I believe it'll change your life forever.

Alright, taking you back to the recipe video, this recipe is so far my longest shoot among all of my food videos amounting to 9 minutes full video. And it took me three days to fully shoot all of the scenes since sun drying the fruits took me a full day and the rest of the scenes are so full of details which took me 2 days additional to get it done. I deserve the longest rest and pampering moments I guess after this. :-D


For this recipe, I love the idea of using fruits as toppings which makes it look unique after all and ideal for presents and giveaways for special ocassions like birthday or even a wedding.

I would love to make this again in the future but it's gonna probably be loaded with tons of berries on it. :-) or maybe roses. Manually sun drying it takes a lot of time and waiting to do. But having a dehydrator will help. also the texture and color is different with sundried and with dehydrator itself which is brighter and the color is retained compared to sundried.

After sundrying the fruits, I showered some white sugar to produce a different texture it came out well so far.


I love the white chocolate among all three flavours. It looks so classy and neat with the dried fruits on it too. So far pear is my favourite topping. It taste so fruity and sweet and its smell is enticing.

I only tasted some since I decided to get back to my strict diet again. But I am glad I was able to make my own version and home made chocolate bark and I really had fun during the entire recipe shoot. At first I had no idea I can use fruits as toppings for chocolates not until my friend suggested me to make one.


So i hope you guys like this recipe. If you wanna give it a try please let me know how it goes then and I'd be glad to hear from you. You can pick your own desired fruits for your toppings.

Also please feel free to grab the recipe photo! Cheers and have a sweet day! XOXO

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1 pc lemon
1 pc pear
1 pc lime
12 pcs cherries
1 pc banana
1 pc cucumber
1 cups assorted nuts and toppings
1/4 cup white sugar
500 g dark chocolate
500 g white chocolate
2 drops strawberry tint
1 cup water


Slice all fruits. In a mixing bowl combine sliced fruits and add white sugar. Stir and lay each on a baking sheet and pan. Sundry whole day or until totally dried. In a pan, boil water and place oven safe bowl at the center. Allow to boil. Chop chocolate bars and melt in a bowl until soft and sticky. Remove from heat and pour unto chocolate moulds. For strawberry flavor, add drops of strawberry tint or flavouring and mix. Add toppings as desired and chill for an hour.





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Thank you! Thanks for dropping by then. :-D Have a wonderful day!


Thank you dear

very good choco dish ,clearly step by step explaining ,its amazing

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Delicious, and don't forget, today is International Chocolate day ;) Enjoy!

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Wow these look delicious!
I’m for sure making this!

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Thank you for your hard work once again! Even though it may be tempting for some to eat all that yummy candy, once in a while we all need to splurge :-)

Hard to believe these are healthy, they look to tasty to be healthy.
Nice work you have put together here.

The photos are sooo beautiful!!!And it looks soooo delicious.

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Looks like a very good present. Fancy and with the right ingredients tasty too. =)

Good work, as always.^^

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OMG this is totally insane..I saw your post in Steemit Bloggers and just couldn't believe this... no no no...this Choco Post made my day.
Following and Voted at 100% totally deserved!

These look amazing, but although I love chocolate I'm trying to stay away from sugar these days, but I do have a bite of chocolate now and again...

I am glad you are feeling better! Your post and recipes look so yummy. Who doesn’t love chocolate?
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