Buildawhale Curation Digest 07/11/18

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Buildawhale Curation Digest 07/11/18

Thank you to today’s curators: @chuckyfucky and @bryangav!


Fruit Salad n' Cream Avocado Boat | FOOD PHOTOGRAPHY

Author: @cookntell
Curator: @chuckyfucky

-=- Avocado is a healthy food everyone should include in their diet. Tasty and versatile, so you can experiment with it and create wonderful meals to eat and share. What about a fruit salad? A perfect dish for the summer! In this post, @cookntell has a new recipe for us: Fruit Salad n' Cream Avocado Boat! Surprise your friends with this delicious idea, or just make it to enjoy it youself! There is no reason not to try it. You won’t be able to help it once you see the pics @cookntell shows here! -=-


Erfelek Waterfalls,Sinop Turkey Travel ( Erfelek Şelaleleri Tanıtım )

Author: @trsteemer
Curator: @chuckyfucky

-=- 40 minutes from Sinop Turkey, hidden in the jungle, are the Erfelek Waterfalls. A beautiful natural landscapes you can´t miss if you are around. This is a wonderful place to go with friends or family and have a really good time. @trsteemer shares with us some pictures she took and her experience going there. Each one of the 28 waterfalls is marvelous. Don´t miss the chance of learning a little of this place! -=-


Quadrant Protocol Will Allow to Track the Authenticity of Digital Content

Author: @alinana
Curator: @bryangav

-=- Determining the original source of digital content in a reliable way is really difficult for modern algorithms because of the huge amounts of information on the web, which causes lack of transparency and the loss of most revenue, as suppliers don’t receive a fair remuneration for the information provided. In an attempt to solve these issues, @alinana presents us Quadrant Protocol, which provides a structured scheme for displaying and organizing digital information in a decentralized environment, establishing a connection between the original data source and all subsequent movements. Some of the things you will learn by reading the post are how it works, its benefits and its token economy. Check it out and learn more about it! -=-


At the TRB Hutong In Beijing, China - very unique food for us westerners - a culinary and cultural delight, amazing views

Author: @inspire1
Curator: @bryangav

-=- Eating and traveling are two of the best things in life. Visiting new places and trying foods from other cultures are unique experiences. On this occasion, @inspire1 shows us a French restaurant called TRB Hunting, which is located in Beijing, China. The architecture of the restaurant is spectacular and the dishes look so good that you will think twice before eating them, as you won’t want to ruin them. In the post, he tells us about the place, the dishes you can try there and he includes some photos that will make you add this place to your wishlist! -=-


Steem Won The Most Votes in Cryptocurrency Parliament...

Author: @dobartim
Curator: @bryangav

-=- It is not a secret that Steemit has had a huge growth and that it keeps innovating and attracting more people. This is because of its system where users are motivated to write posts and comments while they earn money. However, the key to be successful is the quality of your content, as @dobartim says in his most recent post, and aspects like discipline, sincerity, creativity and useful information will pay off in the long term. In his posts, dobartim also discusses the elements that make a prosperous content writer, the future of Steemit and what we can expect from Steem value in the future. Read the post and share your opinion about the topic! -=-


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