The Best Food Posts By “Red Fish”/Minnows #34: 🐠 Are you included? Payouts Of Last Week: 1.180 SBD 🐠

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What's up, Steemians,

I am very excited to list the 34th “Food by Red Fish”. These great posts are manually curated. If you like this collection give an upvote to the authors.

Well done Steemians and Foodies. You made great, delicious food photos, stories and recipes this week. Keep on posting this marvelous content.

My personal favorite this week is "Chia Parfaits with Banana, Kiwi and Granola - Step by Step Recipe" by @nina.ser. This looks sooooo delicious. 👍


If you like the “Red Fish” posts or recipes, please upvote their posts.👍 Help them to grow and get more power💪.

We need good food content on Steemit. All liquid Steem (SBD) from this post will go equally to the listed Steemians. I will use my Red Fish/Minnow power and helper bots to upvote this post.

Payouts sent to the great participants of last week:


Now the new arrivals:

Note: The posts are not listed in a specific order. Behind the numbering is no meaning. Decide by yourself.

  1. Ser vegetariano em Portugal... by @rainofwords

  2. Crema di lenticchie con bacon by @dora.dora

  3. Hummus & Crispy Onion Mini Pittas! ???????? by @lolzwithlisa

  4. Chia Parfaits with Banana, Kiwi and Granola ???????????? || Step by Step Recipe by @nina.ser

  5. Cook With Us #7 - Dark Chocolate Vanilla Cookies /VIDEO by @cookntell

  6. Bookmark Sunday: SuperJuice by @kittyandcheese

  7. Homemade Pizza Recipe by @injiskitchen


Thank you for reading. Feel free to comment and upvote and resteem.

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Wow. Yummy looking dishes. Thank yo for putting this together I am jealous about them. I will go through a few and give upvotes. and I WILL RESTEEM.

Thank you for your attention and to check out the post of the great Steemians here. MUCH appreciated. 😊

oh awesome post, looks delicious enjoy 😊

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thanks, have an awesome day too!

this seems like very good food

Yes, check it out.

Wow thank you so much, it really means a lot to me! I'm glad you liked my creation :)

Yes, I do. 😊 Well done.

Thank you, i upvoted have a nice day ♥

Thank you for stopping by. Much appreciated.

Hey thanks for including my post!

You are welcome.

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I should not have looked at this post!!! Now, I want to EAT!!! Lots!!! LOl

visiting you from the alliance :)

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