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This is my breakfast today, I cooked it for two minutes . For officers, the daily breakfast is very important, if you want to be healthy , you must eat healthily. I think every housewife will worry about breakfast. They are worried about whether their families eat well.

Today I did this : a piece of bread, a slice of ham, a fried egg, a piece of lettuce, a little salad and a glass of milk, very quick and nice ,what do you think of it ?



This is my another day breakfast that I stood in a queue for a long time to eat in a western restaurant. My homemade VS the restaurant , which wins ?


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Thanks @bxt great idea for my breakfast tomorrow. :)


thanks .

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thank you .

so yummy, i wish i could come join you

thank you and welcome .

The food looks delicious,, I'm hungry...

You had a very nice breakfast, indeed


So delicious