Making a Gallon of Homemade Yogurt in My Instant Pot

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I got an Instant Pot a few years ago before moving to Panama. I just knew I would use it all the time like all my friends on Facebook who were constantly talking about it. After bringing it with us, I finally loaned it out to a friend who started using it. When I got it back, I decided it was time to learn to use it as well. Since then, I've made a few batches of yogurt and we use it pretty regularly for chili and beans! Today, check out my post about how I make a gallon of yogurt at a time in my Instant Pot.

This batch was started later in the afternoon and did not finish until 10pm.

A gallon of milk at the local PriceSmart (Costco for Panama) costs $5, which is the cheapest we can get it. A quart of yogurt at our local yogurt shop costs $3, which is also the cheapest place we have found it. So to buy a gallon of yogurt at the dairy, it would be $12, or we can make it at home for $5 in the Instant Pot. To start, you need a big pot, thermometer, and a gallon of milk.


Pour the milk into the pot and turn on the stove. It takes about 15 minutes at high heat to get the milk up to the right temperature. I stir it constantly with a wooden spoon to keep the milk from burning to the bottom of the pan. You are trying to get the milk up to 180 degrees F. The milk is not actually boiling at this point, but it is pretty close.

IMG_2090.JPG . IMG_2091.JPG

When it reaches 180 degrees, I split it into two different pans and put it in a sink with water to help it cool down quickly. If any film accumulates on the top of the milk, I take it off and throw it away. Sometimes mine has it and sometimes it doesn't. You want it to cool down to 105-110 degrees. It usually takes 10-15 minutes to do this in a sink of cold water.

IMG_2092.JPG . IMG_2093.JPG

Upon reaching 110 degrees, I put the who pans together into the Instant Pot stainless container. Then it is time to whisk in 3-4 tablespoons of plain yogurt. This is your starter. I just whisk it in for about 30 seconds and it's ready to go into the Instant Pot.

IMG_2094.JPG . IMG_2095.JPG

The container goes into the Instant Pot, top goes on, and you push the Yogurt button. Up to this point, you may have spent 30 minutes to an hour preparing the milk. From this point, the Instant Pot will keep a constant temperature for 8 hours while the yogurt sets. It does not go to pressure, so the seal at the top doesn't matter if it's on sealing or venting.

IMG_2096.JPG . IMG_2099.JPG

The Instant Pot will start counting at 0 minutes and beep when it gets to 8 hours. At that point, your yogurt is done. You can then take it out and store it in containers in your fridge.

IMG_2100.JPG . IMG_2102.JPG

My husband and I have started adding this yogurt to our smoothies in the mornings. It's really tasty - even plain flavored. You can also add any fruit, vanilla flavorings, or anything else you want to it. You can also strain it through a cheese cloth overnight in the fridge to make Greek yogurt. It's yummy, smooth, good for you, and doesn't have a lot of sugar or gunk that grocery store yogurts have. It's so easy, you should give it a try if you have an Instant Pot. You can also make smaller batches (like half a gallon), by following the same recipe.

Let me know if you give it a try or have done it before!

(Please excuse my pictures for all being sideways - they would not turn right side up!!)

1panama ben fb.jpg

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Great method for yogurt making apanamamama! I used to make my own yogurt a long time ago, had a special Tupperware container for that ;) You've given me an idea, will try making yogurt in my Wonderbag, a cloth cooking bag, South African invention.


@lizelle it works fantastically in the wonderbag! I always use mine. And in winter add an extra hot water bottle to keep it at temperature through the cold


Thanks for that @buckaroo & for the inspiration @apanamamama :)


I haven't heard of the Wonderbag before. I'll have to ask my South African friends who live in Panama what it is. ;)

I hadn't heard of the instapot before so I had to see what you had to say about this yogurt making using the pot. Since the kids love yogurt and making things in the kitchen I might just need to look into getting one of those.
Thanks for sharing, I learned something new today from it.
Also going to have to ask @lizelle just what is a wonderbag as well since she mentioned that in her comment.


Hey mr Papper, sorry but I forgot to respond to your question.
I did a post on the amazing wonderbag a couple of months ago - here is the link if you'd like to check it out. It's basically a fabric bag, insulated with repurposed foam chips, like a slow cooker but no electricity required. The food of course has to initially be brought to boiling point on the stove top and then transferred to the wonderbag; great for working ladies. It was initially designed for rural folk but is used more widely now. I have used it for proving yeast bakes as well and now know thanks to @buckaroo that it's great for making yogurt like @apanamamama does in her instant pot :)


Okay, I will take a look at that, thanks, I must have missed it the first time around.


That sounds pretty awesome and a mighty creative invention. I bet the electricity-free people around Panama would love that!


Have been enjoying using my instant pot now that I've figured it out! It's a slower cooker and a pressure cooker all in one. You pick which one you want to use to cook the food you put in it - super fast or extra slow.


Sounds really useful for sure. As does that Wonderbag that @lizelle mentioned.


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A short and sweet tutorial. I like that. Easy to follow, too. What I find most interesting though is that it is actually so easy to make your own yogurt.

I'd rather eat homemade to know what went into it, than to buy a mystery bucket or cup. Good show.


Yeah, it is pretty simple and tastes great. It is good to see what goes into it!

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Doesn't homemade yoghurt taste way better than store bought? Well done @apanamamama


It does taste pretty yummy!

A little while back people told me about the instant pot and making your own Yoghurt but I never got around to it, but your post explaining the process has made me want to try it again, have set a reminder for this weekend to check for one in the stores nearby


Nice! They still don't have Instant Pots in stores here, so I'm glad I brought mine. Man, I miss Walmart. ;)


@apanamamama They are in just about every store here

I wish I had a gallon of yogurt right about now... :-) Plain, oddly enough, used to be my favorite yogurt. My parents would buy those Dannon cups you had to mix, and I'd eat the plain layer. Of course, I got a fly in one once, and haven't been able to eat Dannon ever since!

Yours looks very good and (I hope!) fly free!


Oh no! Flies in yogurt does not sound good! We have a million flies in our house right now. They're so annoying!! But yes, the yogurt is tasty. Sometimes I mix some Nutella and peanut butter into it and eat it like that. Not a bad snack.

Homemade 😍 yogurt is always the best📸


It is mighty tasty!! :)

That looks really easy, I'm considering getting one of those Instant Pots myself. I bet it tastes way better than store-bought yogurt!


It does have a good flavor even on its own. We usually just add it to shakes though!

Is this Instant Pot a sort of crock pot or slow cooker?


It is a slow cooker and a pressure cooker. You decide which setting you want to use. We have only used it as a pressure cooker and yogurt maker so far. ;)

I've always wanted to try that with the Crock-Pot. Never even heard of an instant pot before - and a yogurt bottom too - how cool! Thanks for sharing! :)


I hear it's good in the crock pot too, but you have to wrap the crock in towels to keep the temperature constant. Not exactly sure though since I haven't ever done it.

Good one, it's really simple and easy to understand.
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What discord group is that? I'm already in about 15 groups. :)