A Simple Way to be Happy with Guava Smoothie

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Fruits always have a way to make us happy. Starting from the color, aroma, texture, and taste itself.


The fruit that made me happy this time was guava fruit.


I have succeeded in picking guavas from wild tree in the fields.



Then, I turn the fruit into frozen fruit.

Yuuup, I changed guava fruit into Guava Smoothie.


I am very happy to be able to make something that can improve my good mood.


Look at the beautiful color of this Guava Amoothie! Like describing feelings of happiness, gentle, sweet, and spread the love.


Do you see and feel the same for me?

Let's look at ingredients to make Guava Smoothie



  • 3 frozen guavas, remove the seeds.
  • 2 frozen bananas.
  • 1/4 cup of coconut milk

How to make


  • Put all the ingredients in a blender. Blend and mix.


  • Serve with favorite fruit toppings. I use guava and banana toppings.

An easy and simple way to be happy is to make food that can make us grateful and feel blessed.


With the taste, color and aroma of the combination of guava and banana, I feel very grateful that today I can still be given a fortune to enjoy something that I get for free from nature.


Related to the use of guava in terms of health, the community around me uses pink guava like this to help treat Dengue Fever.

Have a good weekend, and always be grateful for everything we enjoy today.


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I approve of this plant-based posts.
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Delicious healthy treat indeed - yumyumyum

Hey, @anggreklestari.

Hard to go wrong with fruit smoothies. I do actually like the taste of guava, more in juice form than eating the solid fruit, but I think it has a delicious taste, and it's kind of soothing, really. I think it helps with digestion, like a lot of fruit can.

Those colors in the smoothie are all very soft and soothing, too. I like it. :)

Yeah, indeed it can helps with digestion.

Plating smoothie in the bowl is really satisfying too

I have never really had that smoothie ;) but it sure is one of the best fruit in my list though
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For smoothie like enjoy ice cream. The texture so creamy.

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I love guava!

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Me too. And in here, I can found them easily

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It’s always a pleasure to see you, chef. Thanks for always staying ahead of the game and delivering healthy meals to the blockchain.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, @anggreklestari.

Have a great weekend

Oh yummm @anggreklestari, Guavas are one of my favourite fruits and not something we often find in the shops! You're so lucky to have a guava tree, this smoothie must have been absolutely delicious! And it's healthy too;)

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I found them in wild area, not my garden and I feel blesses to get free fruit from nature.

Have a great weekend mom :)

That's even more amazing, you are blessed indeed, those guavas look beautiful!

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Oh yummm @anggreklestari, Guavas are one of my favourite fruits and not something we often find in the shops! You're so lucky to have a guava tree, this smoothie must have been absolutely delicious! And it's healthy too;)

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Oh what beautiful fruit to be able to just pick wild. The guava has such an appealing color, I know I could get very happy, if I had one of those healthy delicious smoothies. Nice job @anggreklestari.

Boy that smoothie looks great. It must be very cool to be able to gather this delicious fruit in the wild, and for free @anggreklestari