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YES! Let's Talk About Dinner! Last week in our ADSactly Foodie posts, we explored the origin of breakfast and lunch, and we also had a look at what people from around the world ate. I must say, that I thoroughly enjoyed doing the research and learning all about these two mealtimes🌸

So, this week, we will do the same for dinner. The meal that everyone looks forward to throughout the day. I remember as a kid, always having to eat at the dinner table with my family, using the correct cutlery, and having good table manners. I still think dinner is important, not just for nourishing your body with, but for sitting down with the people you love to catch up and enjoy each other's company with.

Like we learnt about lunch last week, dinner, and when it is eaten, was shaped by the times and industries. Dinner was eaten late afternoon for most of the 1700's, but as time went on, the time that dinner is eaten was influenced by working hours, weather and things that we wouldn't even think of now, like which time it was starting to get dark.

Here's a strange fact for you - you may remember from our Let's Talk About Breakfast post that breakfast was originally called disner, from the French word from breakfast - disnar. Remember, breakfast, the biggest meal of the day, was normally eaten around midday in the Middle Ages, and then, with the Industrial Revolution, and all the other elements introducing earlier meals, the biggest meal of the day moved to the evening, hence, dinner.

Interesting, right?!

Now, let's have a look at what different people around the world eat for their last meal of the day.


In Estonia, a popular dinner food is Kiluvõileib, a delicious looking rye bread topped with Sprats (a sort of fish), and eggs. It just looks so simple and easy.


Italy. We can't mention dinner without paying homage to the iconic pizza. The Neapolitan style of pizza has an interesting history. Queen Margherita was visiting Naples in the late 1880's, and saw many people in the city eating pizza, she also wanted to try it. A local artisan served her a pizza with tomato sauce, mozzarella and basil. And thus, the Margherita was born! Hallelujah!



Mozambique has a heavy Portuguese influence, and one of their most popular dinner dishes is Piri Piri Prawns. Did you know that piripiri means pepper pepper in Swahili?


In Morocco, a popular dinner dish is a lamb tagine. Tagine is cooked in a special fluted clay pot, which cooks low and slow, trapping steam and results in a deliciously tender and tasty stew. Served with cous cous and apricots, tagine is a hearty and exotic dish.

North African Lamb tagine with preserved lemons and toasted couscous.jpg



In Colombia they have an amazing looking dish called Lomo al Trapo, which is a beef tenderloin, crusted in salt, and cooked over hot coals. When cooking meat or fish in a salt crust, all the moisture is trapped inside the salt crust, and circulates within the meat, creating an incredibly tender dish, Mmmm.


In Alaska they have an abundance of reindeer, and fish. A popular street food in Alaska is Reindeer Dogs. Reindeer is similar to venison in taste, and I can imagine this to be quite a tasty dish!


Where are you from, and what do you eat for dinner?

I hope you enjoyed reading this post, just as much as I loved writing it!


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Everything looks delicious! I think in my other life I was a chef or sybarite because I want to taste and prepare all these dishes. hahahaha. It hasn't happened to you that when you travel you want to try the typical foods of each area? It has happened to me and I have tasted some delicacies, but it has also happened to me that some are not good tasting. All of these look delicious. In my country there is a saying that says: breakfast like a prince, lunch like a king and dinner like a beggar. Dinner is light and frugal. In fact, some people can skip it. Normally we eat bread or arepa (a flour roll) stuffed with ham, cheese, butter. Most bakeries work and take out the bread at night because when people leave work and go home, they buy the bread for dinner. Here the only important dinner is the Christmas dinner that is usually held on the 24th or 31st of December! There we prepare the table and decorate it. There is usually a lot of food and drink. It's a time for the family to get together and give thanks for all the good things that have happened during the year. I hope that this year all Venezuelan families will be able to give thanks and have food on our table.
This food series looked great on you! Now let the desserts come. Hugs, @princessmewmew!

ahhhh! thanks, NANCY! You leave the best comments xx

The best part of travelling is tasting the local food. 🤩 I definitely can't have a big breakfast, I always feel like I should go back to bed if I do. !

I also hope for a good xmas for Venezuelans 😢

That's some good looking dinners there! I'd really love to try them all.

I have salt casked a few roasts. It really does wonderful things. I've also used pepper corns as a cask. That was interesting :) I've also used fine ground coffee as the basis for a 'rub', and I like it.

Thanks for another wonderful post.

mmm those all sound great! I've used coffee too, it makes for some tender beef!

This publication is as interesting and complete as the previous ones you left us about breakfast and lunch. In my country, Venezuela, dinner is not so abundant, it is rather light in most homes. It could be a sandwich or our famous and delicious arepa filled with cheese or some protein. These publications whet our appetite with such delicious photographs of the world's foods. Thank you for sharing them, @princessmewmew, and @adsactly.

thank you, glad you enjoyed! I must try to make arepas, I keep hearing about them

Great articles from the noble princess @princessmewmew.
It's really a pleasure to read this wonderful post and to be able to acquire extra knowledge about dinner and how's it been taken in different places and countries.
Here in Nigeria, especially in the eastern part, dinner mostly has to do with cassava, turning it to what we call "akpu" by a pounding process, trust me it's delicious with soups like Egusi and okra.

mm I have seen some of the stews served in Nigeria, they look super tasty x

Oh my goodness, just woke up to these luscious dishes ;) I'll need a hearty breakfast after this, lol Didn't know reindeer meat was used in hotdogs, interesting. I love venison so I guess they would be tasty! So fun to see what is available and popular to eat all over the world.

yeah, I really enjoyed writing this series, I also did breakfast and lunch. Super cool!

ooooo! A reindeer dog?! It sounds so cool like something I would like. I live in Australia but I come from an Asian background so most days we usually have rice with stirfry or noodles. But sometimes we'd go out and there'd basically be every culture of food, especially in the city. oh and one more thing to add, we don't usually go out and eat the foods that we can cook at home. Is that everyone or just an Asian thing?

haha! I know right??! When I saw that, I had to share it in the article.

I am the same, I can cook almost anything, so if I am eating out, it better be amazing, and different from what I can make at home LOL!

This is awesome. I did not know all these things about dinner, so I thoroughly enjoyed the post.

Now let me tell you the things people usually eat here for dinner. You may not have heard about some of them. We eat a lot of soups and stews in Nigeria. A popular meal here is egusi soup which is soup made with melon seed. Other condiments include stock fish (imported from Norway mostly), smoked or grilled catfish, assorted meat (beef, oxtail etc), ground crayfish, ground chilli pepper, pumpkin vegetable and other vegetables, palm oil and other things.

The soup is usually served with semovita which is a wheat flour made into a dough-like form. People eat the meal by swallowing the food. Lol.

Of course there are many choices for dinner and the above is just one of them.


ooh that looks so tasty! Glad you enjoyed the post xx

Attractive to the palate and our stomach these dishes for dinner you introduce us, @princessmewmew. I appreciate your dedicated information. I was particularly attracted to the "Piri Piri Prawns" from Mozambique and the lamb tagine from Morocco. As you have already expressed here, in Venezuela the meal that brings the family together is lunch; it is usually the main meal of the day and the most abundant. Dinner is usually lighter and simpler. However, in many families the custom of having dinner with pizza was imposed. In others, it is still a sandwich or a stuffed "arepa. Personally, I try to make it light, not too much animal protein, and more vegetables. Thank you and greetings.

In our Western culture, dinners tend to be quite heavy, which I suppose is actually not that healthy. I try to have a salad and some light white meat like chicken or fish

glad you enjoyed, thank you for your comment xx

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From someone who enjoys Healthy food .... have you seen this??

I really love food a lot. I am sometimes angry when I did not see food to eat so sometimes I am angry when I am hungry. My best food is always rice with stew

I believe that is called hangry (hungry + angry) 🤪

Wow all the pictures look absolutely tasty and delicious can't think of anything else except how my belly is growling at the moment .

hehe! then I know it was a good post x

Food have always been one of the main and broad topic in this world. I prefer to eat my food not too late and not early in the morning. Everybody love food

Food have always been one of the main and broad topic in this world. I prefer to eat my food not too late and not early in the morning. Everybody love food

so true! everybody loves food! 🤗

Everything looks so good, especially the Piri Piri prawns, Seafood in Mozambique is one of the things I love the most about the country, The food there is soooo good.