My Human Followers: What Do You Want Me to Post?

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What sort of content from me is the reason you're following?


Libertarian ideals, what you agree with and what you disagree with. You are one of the few people who has developed their own thoughts vs. repeating the platform.

There's a concept. I may do that. An overall view of some sort.

I agree with @whatsup on this one however I would be interested in hearing a detailed view of how a decentralized society would operate in the real world and if you think it’s possible for one to exist. Something other than a simple “yes, it’s possible”. . . A detailed report of how such a society would function and more specifically if you think eventually things become centralized because of the nature of human beings to form groups, hierarchies, class etc. . In other words, does decentralization/no government ultimately lead to centralization. Is it ultimately a utopian ideal?

I'm actually skeptical of it working out. Though I'm not making a strong argument against it working. But I have my doubts. Steemit's issues have opened my eyes to the pitfalls of decentralization.

Though we'll see where things go when Steemit gets competition.

And competing decentralized societies could form and learn from one another's mistakes, etc.

Who knows.

More Mega Man and more thoughts on economics/libertarians/etc.

Yeah, I should try to do more in-depth stuff about libertarianism. Considering I'm in this weird spot of being critical of libertarianism, but still being a voluntaryist at heart.

I started reading your stuff when I was first here, and you seemed to write various social/political/relationship commentaries; I particularly remember a piece you did on some YouTube starlet whining about her singleness. I also enjoyed pieces on freedom/voluntaryism/libertarianism. Less likely to read about gaming, but that's just because I'm not into it...

One of the problems here is the fact that there's really no way to sort content. You may follow me for, say, my societal commentary.

And then your feed gets cluttered with my gaming stuff.

It'd be nice to have some way to organize stuff better.

What about God? If you can investigate about truth, and try to get salvation from him and try to others understand it...

If there are readers, I'm always up for some religious stuff, actually. To the surprise of many, I'm sure. For a non-religious person, I'm pretty good at defending religions, actually.

I think things were better when people still had the fear of God in them.

Could be interesting as there are so many takes on the definition of for the "fear of God", it all depends how one actually perceives God/existence of God.

Would also like you to do a piece on free-will. Do we have free will and if so how you determine this from your firsthand experiences. Or is free will illusory. . It may seem like a “ blah” topic at first but IME when you investigate whether free will is real or not, some interesting things can occur. . .

I don't know. I've spent quite a lot of energy on that myself. The best conclusion I've come to has been: I don't know.

I mean, we probably don't. If determinism is true - and it seems to be - it's hard to fit the traditional concept of free will to being a part of it.

This is all a causal chain reaction that started with the Big Bang by the looks of it, to be honest.

what about quantum mechanics? I thought determinism is dead. Still does not mean there is free will, just a repetition of random events.

For me, I will like you to post about your lifestyle, struggles, accomplishments, pains and joys, these aspects span across things like philosophy, belief, ideas, plans...these are the things I love to share, but im fairly new to blogging, and I would love to build my experience in organising my thoughts in a properly illustrative and explanatory manner, and it will be really insightful to learn from your versatility in writing and ideas.

This was the post that got me here

That's the stuff I'm the least interested in doing. My life mostly sucks, but why should that even interest anyone, honestly.

My life mostly sucks, but why should that even interest anyone, honestly.

Because most are or at least feel, they are in the same boat.

Because some people like reading about everyone else's sucky lives so they can gloat whilst completely missing the point that their own lives are sorely lacking any real purpose other than needing to breathe.

Mad rambly shit about the state of life would do me :0)

I don’t like doing those. But maybe. Too bad people clearly don’t enjoy the things I enjoy doing.

Doing stuff I dislike turns this into work.

And when the pay is a dollar, it becomes not worth it.

That is very true, I selfishly enjoy those things, lol!

Social Justice has never interested me much. Life's unfair because nature is unfair. And there's nothing that can be done about it.

Let's debate then, bud. You & Me in the Battlefield Of Ideas™.

But the fact that it doesn’t interest me makes debating about it quite difficult.

I smell cowardice...

on a serious note: That would be the point. The general dichotomy here is people that don't care versus people that do, more than anything.

No, not cowardice. I'm just not sure what the debate would be about. What you described sounds like the world. Others don't care at all, while others care too much.

But Steemit is a miniature version of the real world anyway.

I can think of many topics, I live for conversation. If you have a moment, I'd love to know what you think about my latest piece on capitalism and how it equates to genocide. I think you'd have a decent perspective.

I just read it and wanted to reply, but I want to work on the reply. I'm watching a pal's X1 run right now, as a matter of fact. :D

Though it's the Dillo visits I know, so I'd have all the time in the world lol.

But yeah, I'll join the conversation a little later.

I'd like to see you explain how being a vegan became your lifestyle choice. Some thoughts for someone who loves to eat meat as much as they do vegetables. Why give up the meat when you can have both?

You could also tell us why you think you have human followers and this isn't all just a simulation.

It's hard to stretch "I don't support how the meat industry treats animals" into a full post. There's nothing more to it than that.

So would you eat meat raised and slaughtered by a private farmer, naturally?

Why are you so interested in this? You always keep bugging me about this. What's your fascination? It's more meat for you, dude.

I've always been a big meat eater for protein but have found this guy on Youtube Dr. Amen Ra who is a single meal eater and is vegan. You are about the only vegan I have met that is semi-normal about the whole thing.

Trying to get a direct perspective on the issue and It's hard to swallow "I don't support how the meat industry treats animals" into a reason when there are many other sources of meat. Do you support florist speed growing and killing planets as gifts? That is what I think reading your response.

something related to fitness will be better

Something different something unique

Gee, that's so helpful. Thanks.

I hope you are taking notes.

What does content have to do with it? You're just being silly.

Nothing. I'm just mapping out how many actual followers I have and why. Just for fun.

I see. What's the count at?

Sorry, Not Mega Man X.

However, there is a lot of overlap in our views (perhaps surprisingly) and we have many similar struggles yet approach them a bit differently. For me, when I read your posts (agree or disagree position) they force me to reflect and inspire new thoughts. This is engaging.

I don't read your fiction but I do like reading about your views on serious topics that you find important to you. I may not agree but, that doesn't stop thought.

I tried reading your posts, but they're infuriatingly bullshit, I was forced to click away. Please don't say you and I have anything in common.

In fact, if you could stop following me, that'd be great.

Lol. Done.

Thanks, dude. Appreciated. The last thing I need is one of you golden boys.

I hope it all works out for you here and in the real world.

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