The First Blossom of my Garden

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I am so excited to share these pictures with you all of the flowers of my very little Garden.
I have never been into gardening but lately I am getting fond of it and I have got some few plants at home. I have got Basil, Aloe Vera, Bonsai and a Bougainvillea and some indoors which I had already shared earlier.

So lately my Bonsai plant have started getting these beautiful white flowers and I am so much loving them. There are buds coming up on the plant and then almost every 3rd, 4th day there is one flower blossoming up. The Bougainvillea has also started giving pink flowers. I am waiting for it to have more and fill up the space as I know Bougainvillea plant gives flowers in abundance.

All of them are growing well and gradually I want to increase the number of plants in my garden. Also wanting to grown Mint and some other herbs which I can use in my diet.

Here is my Bonsai flowers. I love the little pink shades that have come in it.

You can see there are so many buds coming out, and gradually they are all blossoming into these beautiful flowers.


My Bougainvillea flowers are also coming out well. They are very few as of now but I am sure soon it will be full of flowers.

If you would have any tips for me for my plants I am more then happy to receive it. Also will like to know which are the other flowers that can grow in home pots in very hot climate conditions. It is said that the Earth laughs in Flowers and I believe it is so true. Not only does the Earth but it also brings a smile on our face.

Thank you for visiting my blog.


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