Debunking The Antarctic Treaty Conspiracy. Part 2 of 4: The Flat Earth Antarctica Conspiracy

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Welcome to Part 2 of this 4 part series on Debunking the Flat Earth Antarctic Conspiracy. Since flat earthers have turned this topic into a massive Rube Goldberg machine of conspiracy on top of conspiracy, the necessity for a four part series became evident, in order to debunk each separate part of this whacky conspiracy. So, here are the sections:

Part 1:Debunking the Ice Wall ,
Part 3: Debunking the Admiral Byrd Conspiracy Theory
Part 4: Debunking the "No 24 Hour Sunlight in Antarctica" Myth

As you read in Debunking the Ice Wall , flat earthers believe the Antarctica is part of a huge, worldwide conspiracy theory to hide the existence of a flat earth. They believe that Anarctica is not a continent, per se, but a 60,000-78,000 mile in circumference ice wall that borders the entire planet and acting as a container for the earth’s waters, thereby holding them in and keeping ships from falling off the edge of the earth.

Image credit: mine

We debunked the idea that there is an ice wall, providing tens of thousands of pieces of evidence from multiple countries of hundreds of expeditions that have provided us with the shape of the continent as seen on multiple maps. The data contributing to this have included, but are not limited to:

  • Satellite observations
  • Aerial surveys
  • Lidar
  • Ground level surveys
  • Circumnavigation

Against all reason, flat earthers reject this evidence, demanding that every scientific study, every satellite image, every account of scientists, and even the accounts of pilots and those on flights going from Sydney to Johannesburg visualizing Antarctica while doing so are simply lying and are part of a worldwide conspiracy involving millions of people who have all remained silent for almost 70 years now.

The Antarctic Treaty is a Nefarious Conspiracy!

Proof of this conspiracy, according to flat earthers, is the Antarctic Treaty. There really is one, and you can Read The Antarctic Treaty Here along with the Protocol for Environmental Protection portion and determine for yourself what it says.

Flat earthers, however, who have obviously not read it, claim that it a multinational treaty preventing anyone from stepping foot on Antarctica, so that no one will find the ice wall! They believe it’s the only “closed continent”, and heavily guarded against any humans not in on the conspiracy!

What it ACTUALLY does is to prevent anyone, including any governments, from, for instance:

  • Declaring any of the land private property
  • Doing mining operations
  • Removing or damaging sensitive flora and fauna
  • Building a housing tract or a business
  • Setting up a nuclear missile site
  • Using it as a waste dump
  • or any number of things that would permanently harm the land or prevent it from being used freely by others for enjoyment

In essence, it recognizes that Antarctica is a special place, worthy of conservation and protection, and that it should be preserved for its majestic natural properties rather than being exploited for its natural resources or turned into a nuclear waste dumping ground, for instance.

Flat earthers, however, actually believe that no one can even GO there or even fly OVER it, despite the fact that:

  • There is a Facebook group with thousands of members entitled "I've Been to Antarctica"
  • Dozens of travel blogs report their experiences in Antarctica
  • Close to 5 major cruise ship companies go there
  • Many companies do private tours
  • Thousands of scientific and private expeditions have gone there
  • People have done solo expeditions
  • Tourist flights land there, and the profile picture for this article has an image of a plane landing on Blue Ice Runway in Antarctica
  • There is even a Quantas 'tourist flight' that spends about 5 hours flying over the continent simply for the sake of tourists being able to view it from the air

In fact, this scientific study even states, "However, rapidly growing human activity is accelerating threats to biodiversity. " Another states, "With rapidly increasing human activity in Antarctica, terrestrial plant communities are at risk of damage or destruction." Rapidly increasing human activity? In a place no one is allowed to go or they will be stopped, or even killed?

According to flat earthers, none of these reports of 'human activity' on Antarctica are real, but are just part of the giant ruse necessary to keep us brainwashed that Antarctica is really a continent! The flights don't exist, the cruises don't exist, none of the expeditions exist. They are all fake and engineered at high cost to keep us brainwashed and believing the earth is round when it's really flat! They will actually argue that images, like this one below of a boat of tourists in Antarctica, are just staged, are really done in the Arctic, and the participants are part of a CIA psy-op and worldwide conspiracy. And the Antarctic Treaty is proof of this conspiracy!

boat in Antarctica.jpg
Image credit: mine

Antarctic Treaty Protected Areas

The Antarctic Treaty DOES, however, outline some special areas called Antarctic Conservation Biogeographic Regions (ACBRs) that are off-limits to anyone without a permit, and permits have requirements such as being limited to people with certain qualifications doing scientific studies. Many parts of the world have special areas like this for various reasons, such as safety or protecting wildlife. Here's the map of the ACBR's.

antarctic treaty protected areas.jpg
Image Credit:

Even Yellowstone National Park has several of these areas in order to, for instance, prevent people from doing things like boiling themselves alive in hot springs, like a man did this year. Mexico has beaches that are completely off-limits to humans when tortoises are nesting, and Belize has caves that are off-limits in order to protect the precious archeological treasures inside in-situ.

Anyone who has traveled can likely point to different areas of the world that do similar things for various different reasons. Special protected areas are not new, not limited to Antarctica, and are should not even incite the slightest bit of thoughts about conspiracy, especially since, as you can see on the map above, these areas comprise a less than 2% non-contiguous area of Antarctica.

One would be hard pressed to argue (although they still will) that barring the world from less than a non-contiguous 2% of the continent would prevent anyone from finding their mythological ice wall, were they so inclined to find it. There other argument is that there are military bases there not, of course, for strategic purposes, but for the sole purpose of preventing anyone suspecting we live on a flat earth from finding the ice wall. Well, there are military bases in most of the geographically strategic places in the world as well. This hardly comprises evidence of a conspiracy any more than the US military having a base on Midway should cause someone to suspect they are hiding a magic portal to another realm there.

Did Wikileaks Prove the Conspiracy?

Flat earthers like to point to a Wikileaks mention of Antarctica to PROVE their conspiracy that you are not allowed to go there. In fact, they put a DATE on it when you'll again be able to explore Antarctica. It's in 2046! Well, they get it wrong again due to their lack of even 2 minutes of fact checking mixed with their propensity to repeat the claims of anything that supports their bias.

Ironically, note the Wikileaks image of a dripping globe below. I would think that the dripping globe would hardly make flat earth proponents latch onto WikiLeaks for support of their conspiracy, but flat earthers aren't likely to see the irony.

Image Credit: Wikileaks

You Can Read the Wikileaks Document Here Yourself, and see that when they say there is no EXPLORATION until 2046, they are referring to RESOURCE exploration, such as mining. They are not referring to an inability to go there and look for the elusive ice rim, they are referring to your inability to claim the land as your own, bring heavy machinery in, and do some strip mining! Sounds like a nefarious plot, doesn’t it?

What Wikileaks was 'leaking' is that there appears to be an effort by certain countries to change the Treaty, or violate it so that they can exploit Antarctica for its natural resources. Here is the exact quote from the WikiLeaks document above.

Here is the Wikileaks quote that has been taken entirely out of context.

"There's believed to be a great deal of resources in the area and
exploration is banned until at least 2046, I believe, unless another
provision is added to the treaty."

Note how it says, "... exploration is banned", but has the qualifier of 'resources' in the same sentence. So, flat earthers are not even bothering to read the entire SENTENCE from Wikileaks before passing it around as evidence of a conspiracy to keep people from finding the ice wall. This is the level flat earthers fall to in their dishonesty, gullibility, and cognitive dissonance.

A Fleet of Armed United Nations Ships Prevent Anyone From Going to Antarctica!

Yes, flat earthers REALLY do believe that there is an entire fleet of UN warships that are in place to forcibly stop anyone from exploring Antarctica and finding the ice wall. Many flat earth threads will refer to Antarctica as the most heavily guarded place on the planet. Where they get this ridiculous idea is beyond me.

The UN would literally have to have tens of thousands of boats to patrol the 60,000-78,000 miles of coastline just to prevent the odd person from exploring land that anyone can book a tour to, like the many people who have taken the Loftleidir Icelandic Boeing 757 to go see the last great wilderness of earth for themselves.

Tried to find the ice rim, but UN Gunships stopped me.jpg
Image credit: Mine

Heck, you can experience Antarctica from the safety of a hot tub while sipping Champagne with your grandmother, if you wish. There is just literally no evidence at all of this fleet of tens of thousands of gunboats that would require something close to a hundred thousand sailors, maintenance yards all over the world, refueling stations, food suppliers, etc.

If there is any evidence of this fleet or people with video of UN gunboats threatening them, well, no flat earther has ever shown it to anyone. Maybe they are just keeping this damning evidence that supports a massive conspiracy to themselves for the time being. But until then, we have to declare the dearth of evidence on this subject in the realm of a ridiculous wild claim on the part of flat earthers.

Nothing in Wikileaks or in the Antarctic Treaty itself supports a conspiracy to hide an ice wall or provides money or resources for a fleet of UN Gunboats, and certainly no one has ever filmed armed UN boats turning them away from the coastline after funding an exploratory campaign.

These are just more unfounded ridiculous claims made up simply to answer questions about why flat earthers don’t just go to Antarctica, find the ice wall, and prove to the world the earth is flat once and for all. Since they are incapable or unwilling to do any such thing, they invented a complex myth to keep them theorizing from their basements instead of doing on-site scientific research to prove or disprove their claims as actual scientists would be doing.

This is part 2 of this 4 part series. Click to read the entire series at the links below.

Part 1: Debunking the Ice Wall ,
Part 3: Debunking the Admiral Byrd Conspiracy Theory
Part 4: Debunking the "No 24 Hour Sunlight in Antarctica" Myth

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It's sad. The year is 2017 and we still need articles debunking flat earth shit... What's next? Debunking the old "thunders come by Zeus" fairytale?

Doing the good work 👍

Sadly, flar earthers can't be convinced by science and proof, just like most conspiracy theorists.

Btw, you have some formatting mistakes at the beginning of the post. I recommend pre-writing your post in a different editor (I personally use but is great too), as the steemit editor sucks a bit.

Keep doing what you're doing!

Thanks. I used but I guess I still missed a couple. Dang it. Thanks. At least it's in the editing window. The one complaint I have about Steemit is that dang 7 days to edit. They say that will change, but they've been saying that for a long time now.

It's the eternal rule: no matter how much you proofread something, as soon as it's published/printed you'll see a mistake.

And I know that I can't convince them, but it's fun making money from their idiocy. The fact that they can't be swayed only means I'll have endless Steemit topics. And I can at least hope to KEEP people from going over the line into the cult who are still able to be swayed.

Good for you :P just don't get too invested or you'll be extremely frustrated after a while.

I have plenty of experience with trying to convince people to overcome their delusions. I spent several years doing this on another topic, and now I'm doing it right, writing articles on it, and then referring them to my articles to make money from it. I should have done that on the other topic, but it never really occurred to me. So, this time, I'm treating it like a business.

Great post & more detailed than one I tried recently. I thought I had with reason & logic simplified it so even the simplest of minds could understand. But no they just seem to go off on a tangent or come back with even more stupidity I will leave the link at the bottom I would be delighted for you to pass comment as you have it nailed down even better. Cognitive dissonance is rampant with flatheads. Good luck with your endeavours.

wonderfull and good post..

Very well written content, my friend is talking about flat earth a lot lately you have to admit it's a bit suspicious that they don't want to pillage Antarctica for it's natural resources, our leaders love to do this.

I don't understand why you think they don't want to. That is what the WikiLeaks 'leak' was about. It was about Chile trying to alter or get around the Antarctic Treaty. Flat earthers make up a lot of stuff that sounds 'suspicious' so that people will ignore science and reality.

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Hey, thanks. That's awesome. Much appreciated. I'm following minnow support and Justtryme90 and will check out the other minnow supporters.

A comment that I saw a few days ago on Reddit made the best argument I've ever read against a flat earth:

"If the earth were flat, cats would have pushed everything off it by now"

Great work explaining the Antarctic treaty. It amazes me the sheer number of people who actually look at the flat earth arguments and find them reasonable.

This flat earth nonsense has got to be the strangest group-think bullshit to hit the internet. It's relentless too... cluttering up the web and social media with endless arguments day after day after day.

It's like a bad B movie script or episode of the twilight zone.

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