Yes, Flat Earthers, There Really Is 24 Hour Sunlight in Antarctica. Part 4 of 4: The Flat Earth Antarctica Conspiracy

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Welcome to the 4th of this 4 part series on debunking a very long and complicated conspiracy theory about Antarctica that flat earthers have concocted. In this part, we'll discuss the very real belief by flat earthers that there is no 24 hour sun in Antarctica.

This article started out as a single article about debunking this conspiracy, but because there are so many convoluted aspects to this conspiracy theory, it turned into a 4 part series in order that the conspiracy be debunked thoroughly such that flat earthers could not come back and have an objection to any part of the debunk and that, by the time the series is complete, any rational person would be able to see that there absolutely is no conspiracy theory about Antarctica.

Image Credit By Jason Auch - originally posted to Flickr as IMG_0252, CC BY 2.0,

I hope you'll also read parts 1-3 below:

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Where Does this Denial of 24 Hour Sunlight in Antarctica Come From?

First of all, the question is why do flat earthers believe such a thing? Well, as you'll see, a [24 HHour Sunlight Sunlight in Antarctica is Impossible is Impossible on a FlaFEarth. There is simply no flat earth model possible-series) that can account for this known and provable phenomenon. Therefore they have a great need to deny anything that will prove their belief is impossible.

However, as we'll also show, denying 24 hour sun in Antarctica is actually irrelevant, and simply having days with more than 12 hours of sunlight in the southern hemisphere is impossible anyway, so their denial of 24 hour daylight in Antarctica is pointless to maintain their delusional impossible belief system.

It's Simple Logic to Believe There is 24 Hour Sun in Antarctica

Until I started looking into this flat earth discussion, I had no idea that anyone even questioned such a well-established fact! It seems ridiculous on it's face and, upon further investigation, I found it to actually be as ridiculous as it sounds.

So, first of all, just a small investigation would allow one to accurately predict that Antarctica would have 24 hour sunlight. Even flat earthers do not dispute there is 24 hour sunlight in the Arctic in their summer and 24 hours of darkness in their winter. They also do not dispute that the equator has 12 hours of sunlight every day all year.

But, as with most flat earth concepts, things start to go haywire in the southern hemisphere because the Flat Earth Map is Actually a Globe Projection Map and, as such, the southern hemisphere is incredibly distorted. Things that are possible on a sphere due to it's symmetry become impossible on a flat model that does not have such symmetry, and so they are forced to build crazy explanations around these discrepancies. And this model of a flat earth sun shows that there is no possible way for the sun to light up Antarctica 24 hours a day, so they simply MUST reject that it really happens. In fact, I had one guy argue so circularly, that he showed me how it was impossible on this flat earth model, and how that 'debunked' that it actually existed in reality!

24 hour sun in antarctica is impossible.gif
Image credit: my own

We can show, through simple logic, that Antarctica SHOULD have 24 hour sunlight on December 21st, the southern hemipshere summer solstice. See image below.

Note, the latitudes and lengths of sunlight are APPROXIMATE. It is not meant to be an exact model of the exact times of daylight at the exact latitudes (flat earthers focus on minor details and will reject an image such as this because it's 'a cartoon' and it's not exact to the minute). Instead, this is intended to be an approximation. A visual of how much daylight occurs in each of these approximate areas on earth. The big picture. An overall view of how sunlight WORKS on earth in reality.

The length of daylight for these areas were taken from and so far as I know, flat earthers have no argument with any of these times taken from these types of websites, such as this one or except in regards to Antarctica.

Image credit: my own

So, what time DO they think it is in Antarctica on December 21st? Most will just simply not answer that question even though it would seem perfectly logical for Antarctica to have 24 hour days at the peak of it's summer.

Flat Earthers Don't Agree On This Either

As with most of their ideas, flat earthers are divided on the subject (or simply ignorant of their topic), and flat earthers will sometimes claim that a map called the Gleason map is actually a map of flat earth, despite the fact the patent itself says it's a azimuthal equidistant projection map, but that is another topic for an article I'll do in the near future. The Gleason Map actually shows 24 hour sun in Antarctica on the winter solstice through a clever calculation key.

Image Credit: Digital commonwealth

Note that the white part in the center is what would actually be DARK on earth. Unfortunately, this would require the sun to have an oblong hole through the center to accomplish this, as you can see above. Obviously, this does not comport with reality, nor do they have an explanation as to how the sun could cause such a pattern.

Evidence for a 24 Hour Sun in Antarctica

We first came to know Antarctica had 24 hour sun by the anecdotes of the original explorers. We discuss the Admiral Byrd Antarctica Conspiracy Theory on that page, and it's in some of the writings of his company in which the midnight sun is discussed. Bob Young did a Handwritten Narrative of his expedition with Byrd in 1933-1935 and he mentions it several times.

Since then, we have possibly thousands of references to it on travel blogs, people on expeditions, people doing research, and even in documentaries such as Antarctica: A Year on the Ice. There are also some nice time lapses of the 24 Hour sun in Antarctica, such as this one done at the Scott Base:

Predictably, flat earthers have done debunk videos declaring every one of them 'fake' for various reasons they can never quite explain, even though the end of video actually shows he used ANOTHER camera to take a time lapse video of his camera taking the time lapse video for verification! It's amazing the amount of hate and anger by flat earthers in the comments section, who accuse the photographer of faking the video over and over, but provide zero evidence that he did.

However, This Page on Metabunk adds the video above and many other time lapse videos from 24 webcams in the Antarctic, and goes into great detail to debunk the claims that these are faked. Basically, the argument from flat earthers is that the watchers of these videos cannot be 100% sure that they are not faked, and somehow that is proof that they ARE faked! No evidence required. Their bias confirmation is such that they seem to honestly believe that the fact that these videos exist is proof they are faked! Circular logic anyone?

So, since this is a discussion of science, the next question would be what evidence do we have of a 24 hour sun in Antarctica. Well, just a few minutes of research shows that hundreds of studies have been done on the effects of 24 hour sunlight and 24 hour darkness in Antarctica. Here are just a few:

I could literally go on and on showing the different studies that confirm this 24 hour sunlight and darkness phenomenon in the south pole that are perfectly symmetric to the north pole. But I would bore you with the length of the list, so I'll stop at just those few studies done by different research teams, and even from different countries. According to flat earthers, these are simply all lies and made up to simply hide the flat earth from us.

They will not concede that any study is correct... and quite literally reject ALL scientific studies claiming that all scientists are just in on the conspiracy and are paid to fake these studies (unless one happens to have something they latch onto as 'evidence' of a flat earth. In that case, science is good!). Really, I could not make this up. If you cited 1000 studies on any particular subject, they will simply dismiss them with a laugh, tell you that you are brainwashed, and probably post a meme such as this one with no supporting evidence of how or why the study is wrong or faked. They just make blanket statements that outright reject anything that contradicts their belief system.

Image Credit: The memes factory

The Globe Model Explains this Perfectly

However, the globe model explains this phenomenon perfectly. It is not for nothing that the current scientific consensus is overwhelmingly on the side of the sphere model and not the flat earth model. Here is a depiction of the Sphere Earth Explanation for 24 Polar Sunlight.

Now, which of these makes more sense to you?

  1. Complete denial of a phenomenon that has been soundly proven to exist
  2. This hand drawn key on a Globe Projection Map from the 1890's that requires the sun to have an oblong-shaped hole in it that we do not see in reality and that no flat earther in the over 100 years since it was created has made an actual 3d model of in over 100 years

Image credit: Digital commonwealth

  1. A fully formed 3d model that has been tested and honed for hundreds of years by scientists and researchers, that is undistorted, that GPS coordinates and Google maps that tens of thousands of people use everyday is based on, and that you can test with a toy globe and a flashlight to see if the model works properly?

Image credit: Kurdistan Planitarium

Flat earthers COULD just go there on one of the dozens of cruises and adventure tours that go there and find out for themselves what the sun is like in Antarctica on the longest days of the year in the southern hemipshere summer. But flat earthers, despite claiming that they want 'real science' and that everything should be observed to be proven, that they do not seem actually willing to do anything that would prove their contentions incorrect. They claim to be scientists, but will only believe or take as evidence that which confirms their bias.

Thank you for reading. Please continue reading the other articles in this series and resteem, upvote, follow, and comment if you like to see more science-based articles debunking the half-truths and lies of this flat earth phenomenon, to provide common sense answers to those who are looking for them.

Part 1: Debunking The Ice Wall
Part 2: Debunking the Antarctic Treaty
Part 3: Debunking the Admiral Byrd Myth

And let us know in the comments if you've ever been to Antarctica and seen the 24 hour sunlight there.



amazing place...

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A very good read sir @kerriknox! Very well researched, Waiting for more :)

Another thing they always say is that flights in the souther hemisphere always fly through the northern hemisphere to get to their destination. Here is a video that shows how flight path really work.

only the stupid ones argue like this
follower of the mainstreams dont think much for themselves I guess ;) they just believe in curvature or what they have seen on youtube or wikipedia

dont fall for the mainstream lie models of earth

get your facts together
Horizon on eye level debunkes the globe

Again you just touch on the maintream flat earth model. sry this is bollocks


earth cant be a globe by evidence:
Amazing flight of a balloon to the edge of space

The model is still unknown but definetly not the mainstream FE Disc shape!!

It could more likely be a square shape. a endless time strip where you only can move east - west.
there is no north south circumnavigation and so on
I am into flat earth since 2013 so I have some experience. Have made hundreds of videos and live shows in germany

WHY the official FLAT EARTH model is WRONG, and WHY it matters

"earth cant be a globe by evidence:
Amazing flight of a balloon to the edge of space"

Yet you do not show that evidence. That you EXPECT a ton of curvature where there is little to be seen, is only evidence that your expectations are incorrect. We have thousands of other proofs that the earth is round. However, I appreciate it that you explain the flat earth map is impossible to explain 24 hour sunlight... as is every flat earth model.

And despite you saying that my article is 'bollocks', you don't show a flat earth model that explains the 24 hour sunlight, while the globe earth model explains it perfectly.

So, just to show your dishonesty, you chose dog cam to show that earth is not curved. But dog cam is a fish eye lens and you can show convexity, concavity, or flatness depending upon which screenshot you chose.

Here. I've just proved the earth is a salad bowl... from the video YOU GAVE ME PROVING THE EARTH IS FLAT. I hope that anyone who reads this sees the dishonesty you flat earthers engage in, in order to promote your unscientific cult.


That your cult is ONLY able to believe in curvature if you can take pictures of it, then simply REJECT all images that DO show it, is proof of dishonesty, lying, inability to think critically, and lack of scientific understanding... not evidence of flat earth.

There are 2 cams used in the dog cam footage. fisheye and small wide lense
Horizon on eye level proves that we dont live on a ball


You cannot show a 'horizon on eye level' on that cam because:

A) it was not measured. Do they have a theodolite app on there? I didn't see one, did you?
B) The camera is not level. You couldn't measure the horizon EVEN WITH instrumentation if the instrument is not kept level. The horizon is obviously bobbing up and down throughout the video... because it's on a balloon that is not level.

Are you honestly making a claim that the horizon DID NOT drop... when you did not and could not even measure it?

I think I shall call you doctor dishonesty rather than doctor truth. Please stop making such ridiculous and unscientific arguments. It's nauseating to anyone who can see through your nonsense.

The video this post refers to ("Frozen South: Antarctica, 24 hour Sun 4K", thumbnail is fifth image from top) which is at the core of the argument here is DOCTORED: notice on the very thumbnail of this video the word 'WEST' is BEHIND the mountains. So, the text added on the video at post-production is obscured by elements of the scenery?

How is this possible?

When text is added to a video (subtitles, for example) it always shows on the FOREGROUND and obscures what is behind it, not at the BACKGROUND as it does here: text is always layered ON TOP of the footage, and not the other way around.

Therefore, this video is no proof of a 24-hour Sun in Antarctica, nor is a time lapse of a spinning watch (no matter how cool it looks).

See what I mean? You guys are ridiculous. If you even look on the COMMENTS of the video itself people show how that is simply a text effect you can easily add and show you several videos with the same text effect. It is not hard. Why do you people not do two minutes of fact checking before you make ridiculous comments? I do not understand your ridiculous mentality that you honestly think that a sliding text effect like that cannot even OCCUR! Holy crap.

And even more ridiculous is that you ACCEPT without question ridiculously done 'experiments' without any verification of any kind as to the altitude of the observer, no calibration of laser levels, no independent documentation of where the images were taken from, no verification of distances with a surveyor, etc. But then you reject a video just done by some dude at the South Pole just doing a demo who had no agenda.. because he used a TEXT EFFECT that you can replicate at home!!!

And you MUST HAVE MISSED THE ENTIRE ARTICLE OR YOU ARE UNABLE TO READ. There are DOZENS UPON DOZENS of way that tens of thousands of people INDEPENDENTLY VERIFY the 24 hour sun in Antarctica EVERY SINGLE YEAR. There are LIVE CAMS throughout Antarctica, there are even freaking documentaries. And, case in point, you could have a flat earther actually GO THERE and live cam it THEMSELVES on December 21st and PROVE TO THE ENTIRE WORLD that there is no 24 hour sun in Antarctica. But you will NOT DO any such thing because you refuse to do ANYTHING that will FALSIFY your 'experiments', while claiming that you do REAL SCIENCE!!! The article, in no way 'hinges' on that one proof!

But you obviously cannot read and obviously are merely looking to confirm your ridiculous bias. And since you have zero posts and no reputation, it's obvious you joined Steemit merely to make another stupid flat earth comment. It would have taken you longer to sign up for Steemit than it would have to fact check your idiotic comment before making it.

You are ridiculous. Just like the rest of you flat earthers. You cannot even BOTHER to do 2 minutes of fact checking. Your ENTIRE tactic is to create doubt to get people to follow your cult. Your tactic is obviously not truth and reality, or your movement would have sent someone to Antarctica to find out the reality by now. Antarctica is NOT MARS, you can simply get a ticket for a cruise and SEE FOR YOURSELF!!

But your kind is not interested in truth. You are interested in getting people to join your cult and to maintain your delusions.

I've flagged you for internet trolling. Steemit is not the place to troll. Go troll on Facebook with your ridiculous cult behavior. It won't be tolerated here.

Here's a tutorial on how to do it. Note, he did not change ANYTHING about the video itself, he just put a MASK LAYER in order to do the effect. Equating putting TEXT on a video to 'doctoring' is dishonest.

Go get a ticket to Antarctica and stop posting your ridiculous delusions on Steemit.