Putting The Manual Back Into Fitness: Restarting The Steem Daily 100 Rep Fitness Challenge With 50 Push-ups & 50 Air Squats - Please Join Me

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It's game time.

Yes, this is a video of me doing my first 100 reps in 2 mins and 52 seconds. It's time to sacrifice some camera fear to motivate Steemians to improve their health and increase Steem engagement.

I don't know about you, but I prefer doing reps for exercise over a "smart" device counting the number of steps I take. For example, I walked 19,537 steps for 8.8 miles yesterday and just call that "living."

I feel that we don’t need an app or tokens for everything. It’s too much. Sometimes we just need to do the work the old fashioned way. Our bodies will reward us more.

Early on in my Steem days, I ran a 100 rep daily fitness challenge. It ended the day of my Mom's car accident after 157 consecutive days. It was a lot of work to manage, but it was the most rewarding thing I ever did here.

During this time, I missed only 1 or 2 days, once because I accidentally fell asleep. Heck, I even did push-ups to get my reps a few hours after my Dad died downstairs.

It was about leading by example with no excuses. It got me great results for my baseball season (gained about 20 pounds), and formed a tight crew of Steemians who looked forward to it.

The final numbers were: 580,283 overall reps by 55 Steemians from 14 countries in 156 workout days. Boom!

How's that for real engagement and community spirit? It attracted many fitness-minded people, professional trainers, and also helped many amateurs start working out for the first time. We all looked out for each others and kept each other committed.

It was a great experience, but sadly, most Steemians now never knew about it.

Many asked me to bring it back, but I'd lost the fire when the larger community practically ignored it.

You should read these to see what it meant to some people:

From @musclegirlfusion:

"Since I started posting in this challenge, you've given me a reason to blog on steemit. No matter how discouraged I get when it seems like no one is reading what I write, I know I can write it and post it here and it adds to the challenge. So thank you for giving me the motivation I need to stick with blogging!!"

From @bitfiend:

"After starting 6 days ago I already feel stronger. This is definitely the most consistent exercise I've done in an extremely long time but I am happy to be taking part! While I walk around mostly in pain, I know it's all for a good cause! My health! I am feeling better and I'd say my sickness is mostly gone now. I think that if I had not been exercising, I may have been sick for a bit longer. Persistence pays off!"

From @mightpossibly:

"I find it deeply satisfying to do these reps, which is a big deal. I've always hated the gym and prefer to exercise at home. But I've lacked the discipline to do it. It sort of feels like I have gym buddies now, without the hassle of going to the gym."

From @notorious562:

"I seriously cannot explain how much this group pushes and motivate me to keep working harder. I love this fitness community and the support and encouragement will help us achieve our goals."

From @khufu:

"Your challenge has helped immensely to keep me motivated lately. I've had a lot of... problems going on so your challenge has been a quantum of sanity in an insane world for me."

Here was the final complete challenge post.

The fitness challenge took a lot of time when I had to manually tally everyone's entries and screen out some questionable reps. It was tricky to try to keep everyone's different exercise routines on an equal playing field. Not everyone did traditional reps, but I didn't want to turn anyone away. Some people liked that and some people didn't. While I'm not ready to bring the broader challenge back yet, I wanted to start a simpler challenge... something that would be healthy, encouraging and fun for people since I now have a larger following.

New Steem/New Challenge:

This fitness challenge is going to be different than the first in that I'm going to nominate 3 Steemians on each post to join in and reply with either a video/pic/or assurance that they did the reps. It'll be an honor system. I hope people see the value in creating some excitement and personal growth when Steem is struggling.

I'll keep a running tally and chart it so people can follow along. It's rewarding to see your work accumulate, but it'll be even better when you start feeling/seeing results.

The first phase of this challenge: 50 push-ups and 50 air squats = 100 reps. No other reps will be counted at this time.

It's clean cut. If you don't have the strength to do 50 push-ups, add it to the squat count to get to 100. It might be hard at first, but it gets easier fast.

Proper form is a must, but you can do push-ups on your knees if you need to. Arms and knees should have almost a 90 degree bend with your back straight.

The challenge will rotate eventually to other exercises or open up to be broader to whatever people prefer to do. At this time, I want to get this off the ground in a simple fashion and these two exercises target a good amount of muscles.

I've barely worked out in about 2 months since I was tied up with two baseball leagues and some softball. I'm always afraid of getting tight or being fatigued for my games, especially because I pitch a lot. I dropped 14 pounds and am ready to dive into working out again to prepare for Fall baseball.

These 50/50 reps are simply going to be a baseline for me every day. In other words, it's the bare minimum for me. If I went to the gym before or will go after, these reps will get done. The only time I will deliberately skip a day is the day before my baseball double-headers on the weekend when I usually need to pitch. I'll want to be fresh for that.

The good thing about these types of reps here is that you can do them anywhere and no weights are required. There really are no excuses unless you're hurt.

So... behold MY first video tonight in khaki shorts I spontaneously shot in my building's hallway before going out to hunt the curbs for recyclables to sell. The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, the second best time is now.

I'm not going for style points. I don't care what I look like. The reps are what matters.

I did 25/15/10. I should be able to do 25/25 with ease, but will quickly work up to that when the rust wears off.

Again, it took me 2 minutes and 52 seconds to do these reps. That's nothing in my day. Even if it takes you 10 minutes, that's still nothing, and you'll feel better about yourself when you're done. Don't rush it. It’s time well spent.

Make sure you stretch and exercise safely. It's not a race. Gain confidence from this and support fellow participants. It's an easy formula for success.

First Nominations:


Anyone can join at any time. You can come and go as you please. Meet new people and support each other. Nominations are to help with recruitment and getting the word out. Feel free to resteem. It's about the bigger picture.

Markets and spirits may be down now, but our health should always be on the rise.

Time to go walk a few miles...

Rep on,

Edit: My push-up form was horrible in this, but thankfully I got some tips over my first week.
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  ·  5 months ago (edited)

We're finally back yeah? I'm excited. 100reps should be easy, even though I have been away from exercise for a while. I nominate @tamaralovelace @anouk.nox @bitfiend join in

Here's a link of me doing mine

I'm super late , but I'll get in on this. Will try to see if I can easily do a video set up for my proof.

Video isn't necessary if it's holding you back. Get on yo' horse!!

I'm gettin on it. I've gotten used to a routine and it's been hard to get back into it. Working on going full-steem mode again too

Hell yeah! Well done and good time. Solid push-up form. There’s no turning back now! Thank you for jumping all over it. One time you should wear that hat on your wall...

P.S. it was your comment along with @bitfiend’s on my friend post that kicked me in the ass to start this up again.

My pleasure bro. It has been a while.
The straw hat? Well okay. I actually got it because of an Anime character called Luffy lol.

Welcome back. Let’s see your 50 push-up and 50 air squat confirmation! I want to start this on an entry level so more people can join in and not feel intimidated. I’ll adjust as we go along.

You can make it harder by doing it in sets of 50/50 or faster each time.

I edited my comment and included my video link. Its been a while bro, I'm super rusty

Great to see the challenge back m8 :)

Good job pumping out those pushups, I could really feel the burn in those last 5.

I have been back at the gym the last 2 weeks too.
I will pump out some reps tomorrow, had a rough week at work.

The most important part is that you're back in the gym and are on board here. Not sure about your time zone, but I'll be posting my next before midnight EST here.

It will be tough to make the challenge during the week though, will see how we go.
squats and pushups are complete opposite days for me. I do legs and abs one day and shoulders on another day but maybe I can squeeze them in although I will be sore before I even start :)
I'm south australian time zone

Sniffle. I know you will come through. I know you will. I will tell myself this until we meet again. I'll be plowing through these as a baseline for any workout I do. If I'm sore, I'll just have to learn to push through it like a Navy Seal.

I am in 50 push ups and squats are done. It so easy that i can't say it a dream or just dream:)

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My dream was 4 minutes and 20 seconds today. It was not as pleasant as yours, but we both got the same work done in the end!

what? that's not a push up. chest to the ground! :)

Rather it was 100 burpies and you just post a video of the last 10 haha

We're on Day 3 now. Would love to see one of these with a Task Completed mark:

haha will have to check it out later

See, this is the Steem community at its finest... "I didn't go to the ground on purpose to see if anyone was paying attention." My arms were 90 degrees, but I'll go lower this time. Thanks, coach! I think the camera angle also makes it look worse than it is.

If you have the right Lego pieces, you can do your reps and reply in Lego code to confirm.

Burpees will be in the mix soon enough. I have to do simple exercises to keep this straightforward for the army that will hopefully form, and they fit right in. In the past, it was "whatever reps you want," but I'm going to start this one off with a bit more structure to get more people on the same page and involved.

Good to see this back in action, friday I was pushing wheelbarrows of dirt for a few hours but I could honestly say it wasn't enough, and have been noticing more that I can't rely on work to give me the exercise I need, but that I need to exercise so I can perform better at work. Will catch up on your posts and see what I can do about some reps tonight, it's definitely something that needs to get done and I'm glad you're bringing it back!

Glad you caught my message. To keep it simple at the start, the challenge is for 50 push-ups and 50 squats for a while to get people warmed up and on the same page.

Solid stuff! Might take part, but I'm having the sniffers now so another day perhaps.

Sometimes a little exercise makes the sniffers disappear. Ready to rock when you are.

Not ready to commit, need to give this challenge some thought.

Glad to see you here. I understand that this might be a bit tricky for some to do. If it's too much (especially at the start), please let me know what would be viable/safe to do and I can happily make an exception.

Nice:) 240 reps of yesterday,

4 rounds of(36kg KB)

  • 20 kb swings
  • 20 kb single arm swings
  • 10 Cean&Jerk
  • 10 Snatch

Time 49:57

today i did the same workout but in 42:05

Awesome workout!! But you are DISQUALIFIED! Hahahaha. For starters here, I'll just need 50 push-ups and 50 air squats to match the requested workout here. I'm trying to keep it simple at the start so more people can enter and get involved before opening up the rep types. Feel free to put up a vid like me for @belemo, or just reply that you did them since you can do these in your sleep.

O yes :) I will try not use AMP. :)

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