Daily 100+ Rep Fitness Challenge Day 157

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The Challenge:

At least 100 honest reps of your choice of exercise. No excuses. No bullsh*t. Just actions, positivity, results and progress. Only post AFTER your reps are done. Always support each other. Full guidelines and conditions below.

Free workout tip to not do this:

Daily Update:

  • 16 Steemians contributed 4,956 daily reps.

Overall Summary:

  • 580,283 overall by 55 Steemians from 14 countries in 156 workout days.
  • Thanks to everyone for each vote, mention, and resteem.

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Challenge Overview:

  • You choose what types of exercise reps to do.
  • 30 minutes of fitness walking, running, spinning, biking, cross-country skiing, etc., can count as 100 reps if you need to rest or can't use weights.
  • I'll award 1 SBD for every 10,000 rep milestone. (34 SBD paid out)
  • I run the numbers daily which is sometimes harder than my reps.


  • Weights not required.
  • Do real reps, use good form, aiming for 100+.
  • Start your reply with "Challenge Completed".
  • Reply with a list of the exercises and reps you did.
  • Cumulative tallies are appreciated as a separate line.
  • Only submit reps you've done, not ones you're planning to do.
  • Use the tag "fitnesschallenge" on associated posts.
  • Upvoting or resteeming is appreciated to reach more.
  • Try to upvote as many contributors as possible to motive each other.


  • Stretch before and after.
  • Breathe properly on each rep.
  • Quality over quantity.
  • Eat a healthy snack after/stay hydrated.
  • Start with exercises you enjoy to build up for harder ones.
  • Take before pictures to appreciate results over time.
  • Feel good about your accomplishments.

My Daily Challenge Completed - 100 reps:

-25 Shoulder Bar Presses (75 pounds)
-25 Bar Squats (75 pounds)
-50 Bar Calf Raises (75 pound)

My Daily Assessment:

One more week until my next baseball games = fun with weights.

See All Of My Progress Pics After 93 Straight Days & 11,212 Reps

Original Intro Post With My Motivation

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@rmsbodybuilding with attendance of 156/156 days.
@steemmatt with attendance of 155/156 days.

Last Daily Rep Count:
832 - @wa2qr (reduced for cardio)
820 - @thevillan
800 - @abdt
487 - @musclegirlfusion
315 - @cryptoteen
305 - @manolisthan (great attendance)
225 - @lordcarlo297
205 - @mgood
190 - @mudasirfarooq
152 - @izaid
120 - @steemmatt
105 - @notorious562
100 - @rmsbodybuilding
100 - @gruber.muc
100 - @bitfiend (rolling again)
100 - @hefziba

From @musclegirlfusion:

"Since I started posting in this challenge, you've given me a reason to blog on steemit. No matter how discouraged I get when it seems like no one is reading what I write, I know I can write it and post it here and it adds to the challenge. So thank you for giving me the motivation I need to stick with blogging!!"

From @bitfiend:

"After starting 6 days ago I already feel stronger. This is definitely the most consistent exercise I've done in an extremely long time but I am happy to be taking part! While I walk around mostly in pain, I know it's all for a good cause! My health! I am feeling better and I'd say my sickness is mostly gone now. I think that if I had not been exercising, I may have been sick for a bit longer. Persistence pays off!"

From @mightpossibly:

"I find it deeply satisfying to do these reps, which is a big deal. I've always hated the gym and prefer to exercise at home. But I've lacked the discipline to do it. It sort of feels like I have gym buddies now, without the hassle of going to the gym."

From @notorious562:

"I seriously cannot explain how much this group pushes and motivate me to keep working harder. I love this fitness community and the support and encouragement will help us achieve our goals."

From @khufu:

"Your challenge has helped immensely to keep me motivated lately. I've had a lot of... problems going on so your challenge has been a quantum of sanity in an insane world for me."

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Vacation workout day 2 LEG DAY! 350 REPS! and some photos from vacation!!!


Daily Challenge completed - 14.05.2018 - 256 reps

1 hour in my Gym KRABA

Turkish Getup 24, 28, 32 kg
Kettlebell Swing 28 kg - 15, 15, 14, 14 reps
64 reps

4 rounds of
Double Kettlebell Lunges 2x14 kg - 10 left, 10 right
Tucked Sit 8 deep breath
Lie down and get up x 5 - not counted
112 reps

4 rounds of
Deadlift 70 kg x 10
KB Military Press 18 kg x 5/5
I, Y, T (2x1,5 kg) x 8 - not counted
80 reps

Finisher - not counted
Crawling 20 m x 2
Meanwhile, the partner goes on toe, heel, outside and inside

Challenge completed : 140 reps

  • 30 jumping jacks
  • 28 push ups
  • 30 wide arm push ups
  • 20 push up and rotation
  • 22 staggered push ups
  • 10 decline push ups
  • 30 seconds of shoulder stretch
  • 30 seconds of cobra stretch
  • 30 seconds of chest stretch

Daily Challenge Completed - 205 reps
100 reps - Walking/hiking 30 minutes; includes down and up elevation of 300 ft
5 reps - pranayama (yogic breathing exercises) 5 min X 2
1+ hours gardening for fun

100 reps = 1+ hours X 2 Transcendental Meditation and advanced TM-Sidhi (morning and evening)
(All reps from yesterday and night)

Challenge Completed 100 Reps

On Day 54 I still took it easy on my stretched leg and skipped the moring run, tomorrow I will give it another try and see how it goes.

Daily Reps51525354555657585960
Moring Runvvxx------
Plank (sec)10000100------
Rope Skip100000------
Pull Ups12122020------
Push Ups16122030------
Leg Ups25304040------
Tricep Dips00020------

Challenge complete:250 reps
50 each of sit ups, leg lift, bicycle kick, ankle touch and push ups

Daily Challenge Completed- 300 reps
6km swimming

100 push ups
100 sit stand
300 hand exercise
2.5 hr bike ride in jym

Challenge Completed - 240 Reps happy new week to all keep it repping! https://steemit.com/running/@lordcarlo297/challenge-completed-300-day-s-of-pure-madness-day-66

40 leg crunches, kids decided to jump on my legs so those were difficult..
20 tricep exercises on stairs
40 curls of 20lbs
20 tricep curls.
Just counting 100.

Daily Challenge Complete- Monday 5.14.18

Push ups- 50
Total reps- 100

My notes:
Today was a quick little workout. Today I focused on my 2 different challenges and completed both of the with 50 push ups and squats. Each day I focus on knocking out some push ups and squats for my #50pushupchallenge and #50squatchallenge. I am hoping people start to join me on this new challenge. If you are interested hit me up or resteem it get more people on board. I hope that someone out there is inspired and motivated with my daily post. I would love to hear people success stories so please comment them below.

Daily challenge completed: 400 reps
walking in the street.

Challenge Completed

  • 4 hour bike ride (22 miles)
  • 30 min yoga

My Assessment

I went for a 4 hour bike ride as it was so sunny. I took the drone and made a yoga video which I will upload today! I was absolutely shattered after the bike ride by the time I got back :)

Daily Challenge Complete - 150 Reps - Going to up my reps by 50 each day and progress that way this week. Find my "limit" as I go and then back to 100. I'm trying to keep it interesting while finding a way to hit 30 consecutive days. Maybe this will work as opposed to randomly pushing myself etc. A steady rise.

I support you great project will come with your idea I like your blog.