Power-UP Fitness Challenge!

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Week 3 Results and Week 4 Kick-Off

If this is the first time you’ve encountered the Power-Up Fitness Challenge, WELCOME! We invite you to jump right in and join the Team starting NOW! Today is the day to begin making positive changes in your health, fitness and life by increasing your daily activity with the help of our Team and the Power-Up Fitness Challenge. If you put it off until “tomorrow”, tomorrow never comes. NOW is the time for action. Do it NOW!

Image Source: Pexels Editing by: Coach JJ

Best Week Yet!

Th Power-Up Fitness Challenge Team is GROWING FITTER AND STRONGER by the day! This week, ⅔ of participants met their goal of working out at least five days this week!

I’m really PROUD of the Team and excited to see more and more of us taking bold steps toward our fitness and health. Not stopping there, the Team is being persistent and dedicated to the day-to-day work when the excitement of the challenge begins to fade.

Keep the vision of how you want to FEEL and look in front of you to keep your motivation fresh. Plan your daily workouts (when and what) and stick to your plan. You can do this; don’t sell yourself short. You are valuable and worthy of loving yourself through investing in your health and fitness.

The goal of the Power-Up Fitness Challenge is to complete 5 Daily Workouts (You can’t double-up in a day to make them up. We’re looking for five days of activity.)

Week 3 Results (as of this posting)


All fitness levels can participate in the Power-Up Fitness Challenge because you choose your own workouts based on your interests and abilities. The Team includes yogis, hikers, yard-workers, ping pong players, elliptical enthusiasts and Crossfitters! The goal is consistent, daily activity.

Week 3 Power-Up Fitness Challenge Team:

We’d love for YOUR name to be here!

Powering UPwards!

Today kicks off Week 4 of the 6 Week Power-Up Fitness Challenge! Your Week 3 investment will be put into your “bank” if you met the goal or into the “pot”, if not. Your Week 4 investment of 0.5 SBD is due TODAY and will be held for you as incentive to meet your goal. All you need to do is follow-through with YOUR COMMITTMENT to workout 5 days this week.

Image Source: Pexels Editing by: Coach JJ

Complete ANY workout you choose. Now that we’re past the half-way mark in this Challenge, let’s kick it up a notch! I challenge you to add INTENSITY to your workout this week! The transformation you want to see happens through the “magic” of intensity. Get comfortable with being uncomfortable; push outside your comfort zone! It’s in this place where change will happen!

What You Need To Do

This goal IS achievable. The key is PLAN and STICK TO YOUR PLAN. We’re also developing character by committing to a goal and following through with what we say we’ll do.

Action Steps:

  • Send your 0.5 SBD to @coachjj TODAY to claim your spot in the Challenge
  • Comment DAILY on THIS post in your own comment thread stating what # workout you’re completing, to keep a running tally of your workouts for the week. For example, @andysantics did an excellent job of this in her comment thread:
  • Comment on other challengers threads to offer encouragement and support

At the end of the week, if you meet the goal your 0.5 SBD goes into YOUR “bank” to be returned to you at the end of the Challenge. If not, it goes into the “Team Pot” to be used as a prize pool for the Most Inspiring “Results” post at the end of the Challenge (as voted on by me).

Let’s Do This

I’m excited to see what we do this week as a Team. TOGETHER we can achieve our goals. I’m committing to complete three high intensity workouts this week that push me outside my comfort zone. What are YOU planning to achieve?

Hi Friends! Thanks For Reading!


Hi! My name is Coach JJ and I've been coaching and inspiring athletes to better health and fitness for over five years! I'm a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer at CrossFit Edwardsville in Edwardsville, IL, USA. But, my vision is to bring together the Fitness Community on Steemit in order to have a greater impact on improving the health and fitness of our fellow Steemians.

I'm also a mother of two teens and a self-defined “spicy, sassy Christ-follower” who posts about my personal journey, but loves all those on any journey. Feel free to check out my intro post, get inspired on your fitness journey, or ponder on my faith-based posts. If any of this connects with you, follow me and say Hello!

Happy Steeming,
Coach JJ

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WO 1/5 complete. Ran 1mi in 11:20. Yoga session.

WO 2/5 complete. Max set pushups. Accumulated 3:00 plank. 5 rounds of 100m run, 5 Wall Balls 14#, 30 ft Bear Crawl. Later, did 3x10 Push Press at 85# and 2x7 at 95#. Then, 30 Deadlift at 155# and 400m med ball run. This was a high intensity day!!

WO 3/5 complete. Ran 1 mile. Yoga session.

@coachjj!!!! hehehehe i dont see your comments!!!!! :) i hope you did all your workouts this week :)


I hate to say it but I only completed 4/5 (failed to log Completed WO 4/5 mile run and yoga). Not only that, but I failed to get in my goal of three high intensity training sessions. I apologize to the team. I allowed disruptions in my schedule to throw me off track. But, today is a new day!

you know what??? I think this is a good thing!!!! Because sometimes people hold coaches to an unrealistic standard. and it is a GOOD THING when we can see that even they don't reach their goals... but then they get back up on the horse! hehehehe

so - this week is your week, friend!

the past is the past! can't wait to see you make a comeback this week!!! :)

Thank you for doing this and I am in.
I am going to continue to set Yardwork - at least an hour (this is very physical since it involves digging ditches, moving soil onto hugel beds, and moving mulch. I sweat!!!
Some yoga every day. Ideally, a full set of Hormone Yoga, but I am happy if I do even 5 minutes.
For added intensity: 5 min spider

WO sun. Full set of hormone yoga, spider, garden
WO mon. 4 hours heavy garden, some stretches
WO tues: yoga and roller

Wo Wed. 2 mile walk/ yoga
WO Thurs/Fri - light Yoga - was very tired
WO Saturday - long walk

ohhhhh i'm interested now - what is hormone yoga???

it is a sequence of Yoga exercises with kundalini type breathing, visualizations and such. It was put together by a Brazilian woman and is very popular there and in Germany. In the US, there are only 5 of us teaching it... :)

wow... do they have any dvds of this??? or maybe any good youtubes of it?

if not - you should create one! :)

Well, when I took my training, I had to sign something that I wouldn't create my own thing since several people in Germany did and that got Diane angry. But she is not making things readily available - you have to order it from Brazil - and she is in her high 80s. So, I might do something. Don't know. I find it hard to really promote the teaching since people don't know about it and don't have material. but we all should do it :) all women over 35....

Well you could train people.... And then THEY could make.the material! 😄

You just signed something saying that you wouldn't. You could add to the teaching and have people expand on it .... That way it's a version of what she's taught.

I'm all for intellectual property... But sometimes people get way too possessive over things that really don't belong to them.

How the body moves...no one owns that lol

WO1 done - 27.20 mins on xtrainer - 5 mins fast - 3 mins 3 res - 1 min cool down - traveled 1.52 kms burned 105 cals

Get a workout in today?

Yes did exercises yesterday and will do xtrainer later today :)

WO 4 done 27.30mins xtrainer -6 mins fast - 3 mins 3 res 1 min cool down - traveled 1.53 burned 107 cals!

Way to go Andy!!!! you're doing an incredible job!!!!

OK. Welcome to a new week. Again... at least 20 minutes of cardio and stretching 15 minutes. I will keep you updated on my progress.

Sunday - walking in the rain 30 minutes.
Monday morning stretch:)
It is a holiday here and I will do more yoga than normal. Enjoy your week. I am on my way to my wallet.

Got any more workouts in?

Monday - 30 minute power walk - Yoga w Mother-in-law
Tuesday - Ping pong 1 hr - then stretching (should have done the reverse)
Wednesday - oops.. Thanks for reminding me. I missed. Now it is Thursday. At least I began the morning well. I can do it.

Thursday Ping Pong one hour and stretching.
Friday - exhausted and nothing but a walk in the park
Saturday - Lets see.

woo hoo!!!! nice job @mineopoly! :) glad you got back on track! I was working out all week - but not very good on commenting! hehehehe

but at least im all caught up now :)

I am super impressed with this initiative . It is great to see people trying to create positive change through Steemit it.

What a great initiative! I curate for @asapers and am submitting your post to go in our READ me ASAP newsletter. Stay tuned... ;)

Thanks @lynncoyle1. You should join us ;)

You are most welcome! My steemit hands are full, but I do work out regularly ...thank you for the offer though :)

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I have been an awful commenter this week (so sorry @coachjj!!! we launched the @welcomewagon this week and its kept me busy)



I was planning on doing yoga again today - but instead went for a really nice walk with my son and hubby! I must have been pushing - cuz as I was talking, my son said "youre breathing hard! hahaha"

LOLOLOL well - i'm a chatterbox when I walk and he is 6'2", hubby is 6'8" - and i'm 5'2"!!!! i have to run to keep up hehehehe

sending you the SBD for NEXT week @coachjj right now! :)

Wednesday.... hump day!!!! out and about for my morning route!!! yeahhhhhhh

Thuuuuuuuursday - did someone say yoga? yeah - do it!

you have been a good commenter - you visited everyone :)

hahahahaha! well i was a bad commenter early in the week!!! LOL but i DID workout :) got all 5 done!! :)

Sunday - nada. rest day!

MOnday - oops. ok - another rest day?

Tuesday - NO MORE REST! OUTSIDE and got my workout in... do do do do do doooooo (that's a happy dance)

thats 4 workouts by Friday!!!!! yoga again!!!!! so so so so good :) i think i'm doing it again tomorrow - me likey!

Saturday will be 5! :)