Wage Slavery In Finland

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Finnish government has created a new legislative proposal which parliament has approved and president Sauli Niinistö has signed.

This legislative proposal will penalize unemployed by cutting their unemployment benefit if they don't find a job. Employer decides who gets the job in the recruitment process so it is unfair to penalize unemployed who is seeking that job.

Corporations will use this opportunity to push down average salary. They simply offer jobs with low salary to unemployed jobseeker knowing that unemployed have to accept what ever salary they are given or they will get penalized for not accepting that underpaid job.

In Finland we have a petition system. Signatures in these petitions are verified electronically by persons social security number. If a petition receives over 50 000 signatures it must be taken into parliamentary hearing.

This is a screenshot of that petition website. This petition demands immediate cancellation of this new legislative proposal. It has received over 80 000 signatures in a very short time.

Finland will have presidential elections this year and current president Sauli Niinistö wants to get elected again as president but by supporting wage slavery he has severely damaged his own presidential campaign.

Here is that petition against this legislative proposal. https://www.kansalaisaloite.fi/fi/aloite/2730

credits: First image from pinterest. Second image is a screenshot from petition website.


interesting point of view

that's why we should all have a universal basic income.

The cuts will not be large. But as the reasons why unemployment is at a high level are structural, I find this reform harmful and unethical. The labor market is undergoing accelerating changes. The time when structural unemployment will hit 50% is not very far, maybe a couple of decades away. Job destruction by digitalisation and artificial intelligence will only accelerate in the future.

At this stage, the situation could be better remedied by retraining and re-educating at least parts of the work force rather than penalizing those who have hard time finding work.

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Hmm, completely unfair.
Pretty much the same model like we have here, if you don't accept some peeve paid job they take you off the employment center just like that.

This is terrible. We need solutions that will get people out of the rat race, so that people can find meaningful work for a fulfilling life. The problem is, corporations need slaves and they have the resources to influence public policy. Universal Basic Income is a good solution provided that it's done right. Ultimately the Central Banks are the problem. Nations across the world need to host Consitutional Conventions and adopt a crypto currency that benefits that particular nation. Figure out what social services you want and work that into the blockchain. Taxation is obsolete. The government controls the money supply and simply computes in what they need and what the people need. Inflation is controlled, and you still have capitalism bc the currency is used for free trade between people. Universal Basic Income would work bc corruption could be, not eliminated, but highly reduced, and the money supply could be tightly controlled.

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